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What Type of Relationship Do You Have?


There are several types of male-female relationships. They usually proceed in the following order: passionate, compassionate and companionate. If your relationship is stable and capable of growing, you and your partner will proceed and evolve through the three stages. That doesn't mean that there will be smooth sailing all the way. But, stable relationships usually evolve in this order and integrate each stage into the other. Couples that have been together for a long time maintain their passion, consistently express compassion for one another and provide need fulfilling companionship.


Tip #1: Avoiding the Power Play


The power play is a common strategy that most humans employ in their interactions with one another. It goes largely unnoticed and is energized on an unconscious level. A person will employ a destructive power play whenever they are feeling threatened or in danger. You can see many different species of animals employing the power play whenever they sense danger and need to find a way to eliminate a real or perceived threat. Anger, rage and aggression are usually associated with a loss of power and an urgent need to gain control of power.


One way of neutralizing a power play is to initiate an empathic strategic response. It diffuses the power play and the powerlessness of the power player, and usually changes the interaction (although, feelings of distress may remain).




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