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Are you tired of life circumstances dragging you down?


Did you know that ecstasy is in your genes, your brain, your chemistry, your mind, body, soul and heart? Is it there ... just waiting to be released.


Do you want to gain access to that wellspring universe of ecstasy and release its powerful energy in order to change your life?


Why go on suffering and bitching about how life, people and situations are so unfair and frustrating!


The Ecstasy Project offers a simple and easy way to climb out of the depths and pits of despair.


The question is, “Are you ready to take that leap out of fear, depression, anger, disturbance and negativity?”


The Ecstasy Project is not just sympathy. It is a cure … a real healing.


Are you ready to stop blaming others for your unhappiness and maybe start turning things around so that you can achieve ecstasy and finally feel fantastic, incredible sustainable highs?


If you are willing to work at it and do not want to go on complaining, whining and playing one up games with others, then the Ecstasy Project is for you.



"Instant Relief: Eight Minutes to Freedom" CD


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This breakthrough CD program contains two relaxation inductions: one for at home use and one for use in the car while you are driving. Take eight minutes out of your lunchtime and feel absolutely great at work! Why drive feeling frustrated, stressed, and negative when you can arrive at your destination feeling fabulously relaxed and positive. Instantly melt tension, anxiety, anger, fear, or any other negative emotions that you're experiencing at the moment.


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NEW - "Back to the Source" Spiritual Meditation CD


This CD program is unbelievable and will change the very nature of your being and consciousness. "Back to the Source" contains four tracks of intense discourse, meditations, and prayer - Ein Sof, Raising the Spirit, Illuminating the World, and Pslams 91 & 121 - that will sanctify, purify, and elevate the energy and the physics in your environment. It will also consecrate and infuse holiness into your daily routine, whether at home or anywhere else, and move you to that sacred space inside of yourself.


For more info, go to http://www.nvo.com/psych_help/services/item.nhtml?profile=services&UID=117




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