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SOULMATES FROM HELL ... Sound Familiar?




Is your relationship a "Match made in Heaven" ... or are you "Soulmates from Hell"?  Soulmate hell is similar to having your feet glued to the floor ... no matter how much you want to move, leap, fly, or run ... you can't because you're stuck.


Read my newsletter slowly and in a meditative space ... if possible, accompany the reading with some higher consciousness music in the background. Allow yourself to experience the information on a deeper level ... let the words tap into your inner wisdom and heart to provide a therapeutic, profound, mystical experience ... taking you out of soulmate hell to finding your "Match made in Heaven".


In this issue:

Preparation, Effort and Working at "It"

Love Your Neighbor

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Some of you may have or have had the experience of being extensively overinvolved with someone who has had the privilege of introducing you to the experience of being in Hell.


Forsake not!


This type of relationship is absolutely necessary for you to experience, as it prepares you to enter into the next stage of soulmate transcendence. I know and understand how much pain and suffering you're going through just trying to survive and make a soulmate from Hell relationship work.


But, remember there is a Spirit inside of you that is desperately trying to lift you up and out to the next higher level of your spiritual journey. Pain is the catapult and the springboard to help you reach higher into the heavens and open the door to finding your true heavenly soulmate.


Relationships (including marriage) are intended to take you through different levels of spiritual growth and elevation. Your descent down into relationship Hell teaches you to fully appreciate your need to ascend to a higher level of your spiritual potential. The person in your life that is or has introduced you to Hell, is really there to instrumentally propel you to your eventual highest spiritual potential.


Thank that person and thank God for allowing you to go through the experience in order to elevate you to union with Him! If being in soulmate Hell has been something from your past, at this moment express gratitude to God for sending you that person who sprung you to a higher level of spiritual consciousness.


Let me give you an example. King David was a very unhappy man until he went through the fires of Hell, damnation and then eventual resurrection and elevation into soulmate heaven through the vessel instrument sent by God, called Bathsheba. All that David knew and lived before that moment became shattered, only to be repaired through redemption and salvation, leading to his soulmate marriage to Bathsheba and the heavenly gift of his son Solomon.


Is it YOUR time?





What is the recurring relationship theme in your own life? Recognizing it can point you in the direction of realizing what redemptive preparation process you must go through in order to realize your cosmic soulmate potential. You may not realize this in this lifetime. But, if you understand the cosmic pattern and map that leads to higher spiritual development, you will pass through the fires of redemption and receive the soulmate bounty that God has particularly reserved just for you.


Are you ready and prepared to face the spiritual challenge to work on yourself, in order to elevate your spiritual consciousness to higher levels ... to the point where you are worthy to receive the heavenly gift of your soulmate? If you do not accept this challenge to work on yourself, you will be destined to remain locked into a soulmate from Hell relationship. If this is your fate, destiny, or Karma, then waiting for something to happen will only occur when the sparks and fires within your soul are ignited. Even if you have encased your Spirit in cement, you can still pray, chant, cry and meditate yourself out of your prison and into a higher state of cosmic heavenly connection.


Your eventual union with the Holy One will give you that magnificent glance into soulmate heaven, where the stars and the planets come together in order to blend and merge you into your perfect soulmate match. In the meantime, your current time in soulmate Hell is preparing you in its most rugged and rough way, to receive God's release of your soulmate into your heart and Spirit. If you are one of the lucky few who have completely realized your cosmic union with the Divine and your true soulmate, you can give thanks that you have reached that level of consciousness where you are capable of receiving what God wishes to impart to you.





Since you are the vessel for receiving God's beneficence and gifts, it now becomes your duty to open your heart in order to give and impart what God wants you to give to his other creatures. This is the essence of the gift of "Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself."

In the mystical Chassidic tradition, the giving of "Tzedakah" (Charity), is the required response to "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself," since you are the recipient of God's Desire to Impart. Relationships from Hell have come about because of the sins accumulated through the excessive need to receive. Soulmates from Hell have fallen into the sins of not being able to give and impart God's bounty to one another. Hell like relationships are characterized by excessive unfulfilled need and the desire not to impart. Love has gone out the window and hate penetrates the souls of Hell mates.


Soulmates from heaven are able to impart God's love to one another. Self-hatred is replaced by self love which overflows and fills the universe. Soulmate relationships are characterized by an environment where the very particles in the air are saturated by the energies of soul love. If someone who possesses Hell-like self-hatred enters into the environment of a heavenly soulmate relationship, there is a repulsion of this Hell like Tsouris (trouble). The purity of heavenly soulmate relationships needs to be maintained and sustained by the heavenly Spirit in the primordial light of God (ein sof).


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