"Psychospiritual Healing and the Treatment of Disorders"






Recently, I've been asked how I deal with psychospiritual problems ... particularly those that include psychiatric, personality, and medical disorders.


What an excellent question! ... and one that I wish to explore in this newsletter. There has been quite an evolution of therapeutic expertise integrated with spirituality, that has created a more dynamic, soul searching, self connecting, and transformative therapy approach. So, let's continue ...


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QUESTION: "How do you deal with psychospiritual problems that include psychiatric, personality, and medical disorders?"


That's a big question! First, it is important for me and the affected person to recognize and acknowledge what those problems and disorders are. Then, I have to be in agreement with the sufferer as to what are the psychospiritual issues and how to deal with them. Serious psychiatric problems that include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, anxiety disorders need to be approached in artistic, merciful medical ways. However, we should not ignore the spiritual aspects of these disorders of consciousness.



QUESTION: "How do cosmic forces, whether higher God like or lower level demonic ones, influence and intervene in our lives? Can you explain some of the more pervasive demonic forces?"


Consider medical and psychospiritual intervention as a function of angels of mercy. Higher cosmic forces, spiritual divinity, and God Almighty use people, such as doctors, as channels for healing to come through the natural. In the spiritual world, it is God who provides healing through the natural. Medical intervention alone may be insufficient. Psychological counseling is advisable and where applicable, train psychospiritual healers and their methods should also be considered.


Certain disorders are regressive in nature. If someone is unable to attain higher levels of consciousness, they are in danger of slipping back to lower order mental and spiritual evolutionary realms. It is at that time that intervention is required. In instances of first and second chakra regressions, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and borderline states become manifest. A young adult between the ages of 18 and 25 is the most vulnerable, since the brain is trying to move the center of self-consciousness from the limbic system to the neocortex. It is also at this time that many young adults are beginning to explore the potentially demonic worlds of alcoholism, sexual acting out, and drug addiction. In a spiritual context, these are malignant strategies that are used by dark side demons who are hellbent on attacking the vulnerable minds, souls and hearts of young people.


These spirits operate within packs, troops and groupings with specific nefarious functions. Fortunately, there are very effective tools that many psychospiritual healers use in the fight against these dark demonic forces. These methods include prayer, meditation, exorcism, deliverance technologies, healing rituals, energy altering techniques, creative visualization, altered states of consciousness approaches and many other modalities.


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