April 2005 - "Cosmic Consciousness"




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What is Cosmic Consciousness? 

Where Will It Take Me? 

Have You Been There? 

What Was It Like and How Did You Get There? 

Can Anybody Achieve Cosmic Consciousness?





What is Cosmic Consciousness? I've been asked this so many times that I feel this question needs an answer. Please read on and don't forget to explore the many web links to PsychotherapyHELP below.





There are two parts to this question. Cosmic Consciousness is a higher form of consciousness than that possessed by ordinary humans. There is another state of consciousness possessed by most humans, called Consciousness of Self. This is likened to an awareness of a unique self, something that most lower order animals do not experience.

Some people lose their sense of self and regress into disorder. This state seems to resemble elements of lower worlds, sometimes referred to as hell. There is another state of higher consciousness called cosmic consciousness which makes you conscious of the cosmos, of life and order in the universe. It is a plain of existence which suggests that certain people who achieve this consciousness are almost a member of a new species.

Cosmic consciousness is recognized by a state of moral exaltation, indescribable feelings of elevation, elation, ecstasy, bliss, joyousness and a quickening of a moral sense. With it comes enhanced understanding, wisdom, immortality and a sense of eternal life.

The door to cosmic consciousness is in the mind. Certain music will open that door to the super-conscious mind. It usually occurs when you are in a well focused, contemplative, meditative context.





It will take you to a place that is way out there in the universe. It's a place of enormous cosmic peace, light and freedom from the struggles of the earth (Heled) world. Archetype wise, the original earth world (Heled) was created early in Genesis. But, it changed to a new earth world at Genesis 3: 16 to 19. That's when struggle, consequence, pain and hard labor were introduced.


Cosmic Consciousness can take you to the seventh Heaven, a place that is completely good and beautiful. Everything is right and righteous in the seventh Heaven along with complete justice and mercy, the store houses of life, peace and blessings. It also contains the souls of the pious, the souls and spirits of unborn generations and the dew with which God will revive the dead on resurrection day. Above all, it contains the Divine Throne, surrounded by the seraphim, ofanim, the Holy Hayot and the ministering angels.





Yes ... Several times, too numerous to mention here. I must confess that when I first saw the heavenly dew, I didn't know exactly what it was or it's purpose. I do now. You can gain access to this experience through a CD program that should be available by the time of publication of this newsletter.





I listened to angelic atmospheric music containing certain cosmic frequencies, harmonies and tones. As I opened up, I cried very loudly and was immediately transported out of this world and into what I came to learn was the Seventh Heaven. The struggles and curses described in Genesis 3: 16 to 19, were lifted and I was centered in enormous peace, love and gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon me and my family.





Perhaps! You would stand a better chance if you mastered the methods and technology for achieving Spiritual Transcendence. It does require commitment, dedication, purpose, concentrated work on the self, study, prayer, meditation, deep feeling methods and many other techniques, including Creative Visualization, Guided Imagery and any healthy system that achieves ASC's (Altered States of Consciousness).





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