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There are times when our darkest moments are upon us with no relief in sight. Perhaps, these experiences signal a time for change ... a harkening that something deep inside of you must be transformed. I call this time the "dark night of the soul". But as the dark night descends, so does daylight follow thereafter. This newsletter is dedicated to those of you who are going through and have been through the "dark night of the soul".





Many people, families, groups, cities, states and nations go through an archetypal experience called The Dark Night of the Soul. On an individual level, this experience can occur through a series of events that are characterized by breakup of a marriage, relationship, death, loss, abandonment or other such events that resemble a personal experience of being in hell. Betrayal, wickedness, evil, demonic possession, and sinfulness may also play a part in the breakdown into the dark night experience. The onset of mental illness, severe personality regression/disintegration or the many forms of depression may signal the breakdown of all structures within an individual or group's experience.


The dark night of the soul is amply described in most spiritual literatures and suggests a spiritual crisis or emergency. The going through of this hell-like experience in the breakdown of all previous social, emotional and interpersonal structures seems to be a necessary prerequisite path to a higher state of spiritual consciousness. For many, it opens the upper chakras and mystical sefirot energy centers for the evolution of advanced levels of being. It can ultimately lead to mystical union with the Divine, God, cosmos, universe etc. etc.





In many instances the passage through the dark night of the soul opens up higher levels of consciousness that eventually lead to the seventh chakra/Crown sefirot. This elevation experience may actually open the portals to the Kingdom of Heaven and subject the person to ecstatic, blissful states of cosmic consciousness, awareness and knowledge. It seems to fit the metaphor that there is a bright light at the end of the long dark tunnel. The attainment of the Kingdom of Heaven consciousness also magnifies the experience of the triumph of one's goodness over their evil dark side. As such it represents the sefirot of the internal victory over one's own self, especially the self-centered, capricious and sometimes destructive ego.


A prerequisite for attaining a well disciplined journey through the various chakra/sefirot levels requires some sort of personal growth and spiritual practice. A mentor, guide, or teacher can be very helpful for teaching the methods and the parameters of the path. A healthful guide may be found in the CD programs at PsychotherapyHELP.





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In respect of your precious time and energy, I've done all the work for you. There's no information overload ... just sit back, take in the meditations, and let the spirit of God work wonders in your life.


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