CHOICE:  There are good/positive thoughts and negative distressing thoughts. Which would you chose if you believe that you had the power to choose?


The Sixth Chakra is Mind Power and activates the Sefirah energy of the Chochmah (Supernal Wisdom) and Binah (Supernal Understanding) ... choose to see and hear the cosmic sound of creation in ordinary auto traffic and the Earth Mother in green living plants. It's all spiritual ... soand it's your choice ...





Below are some incredibly beautiful, music recommendations for your meditation, spiritual, and self-reflection work:


"Avinu Malkenu" from Barbara Streisand's "Higher Ground" album.

"A New Day Has Come" from Celine Dion's "A New Day Has Come" album.

"When You Believe" from Mariah Carey's "#1's" album.

All the music on John Serrie's "Planetary Chronicles" album.



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