Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC

April 2005




I'm pleased to introduce my new breakthrough CD entitled "Getting to the Top and A Lifetime of Forgiveness". As the title states, this CD contains two programs plus a special bonus track "May Forgiveness Rain (Reign)", a short meditative prayer designed to put you into the spirit of forgiveness and to feel how it clears out the negative remains of non-forgiveness. Packed with vital information, "Getting to the Top and A Lifetime of Forgiveness" addresses the skills necessary for mastering success in the world and in your heart and soul.


So, please read on ...





In these magnificent CD programs, I take you on a transcendent journey through the field of advanced consciousness where you will have the advantage of being able to absorb the most pertinent and powerful emotional and social skills for rocketing you to the top of your success journey. You will not be able to walk away from this CD program without coming back time and time again to extract the many insights that will be gleaned in your desire to fulfill your quest.


I recommend that you ingest the information on these combined lecture/experiential CD programs, a little at a time. Don't rush through the material! The programs are constructed in such away as to provide you with short breaks in between topics, so that you will have enough time to absorb and integrate these secrets for attaining your optimum potential.





The first CD program, "Getting to the Top", is more lecture oriented and packed with information. Divided into two tracks, it deals with and helps facilitate the acquisition of success skills for operating in the world. Mastery of the important skills that I pinpoint are the keys to achieving success on all levels. After all, you cannot achieve higher states of consciousness until you have mastered the most fundamental success skills for achieving excellence in the physical world.


Areas covered in "Getting to the Top" are: Discouragement ... Commitment and Project Status ... Perseverance/Patience ... Self-discipline ... Opportunity Seeking Attitude ... Reactivity and Proactivity ... Systems Orientation ... Constant Self Marketing ... Acknowledge Problems and Find Solutions ... Data and Information Gathering ... Communication Skills: Stories, Listening ... Need Fulfillment ... Time Management ... Working with Resistances ... Deviancy and Problem People ...Skills Maintenance ... Relapse Consciousness ... Creative Visualization and Visionary Skills ... Mutually Satisfying Solutions ... Successful Negotiation = Win/Win ... Study, Learning and Wisdom ... Expert Affection Giver: Hugging ... Mutual Need Satisfaction ... Value of Change ... Emotional Warmth and Affection Exchanges ... Power of Choice ... Sexuality and Sensuality (Second Chakra) ... Good Habits ... Parasuicide ... Self Assessment/Self Improvement ... Self Ethics - Modeling ... Indefatigability/Endurance ... Goal Setting/Attainment ... Creativity ... Blockages - Immersion ... From Disaster to Victory.

It is written that the meek shall inherit the earth. That may be true. But, the meek will still have to learn how to successfully manage the challenges of life. And ... rising to the top of life's challenges is what I teach in "Getting to the Top".





In the second program, "A Time for Forgiveness", learning how to forgive introduces you to the world of compassion and the fourth chakra healing of the heart. Suffering, pain and hurt are part of life. But, there is a solution that moves you into the Divine while transcending the world. Forgiveness may be the door to transcendence. This remarkable two part CD program introduces you to the world of the experiential and gives you firsthhand exposure to the deeper realm of soul/spirit healing.


Remarkably, you will learn the problems, difficulties and the benefits when confronted with the issues of forgiveness. It may also help you in your spiritual quest to move beyond ordinary consensual reality into the world of higher spiritual consciousness. You will also learn how non-forgiveness can hold you back and keep you stuck in the lower levels of spiritual and cultural de-evolution.


Areas covered in "A Lifetime of Forgiveness" are: Mixed Reactions ... Dealing with Resistances and Respecting Them ... Self Forgiveness/Forgiving Others ... Self Protection and Forgiveness ... Forgiveness and Self Healing ... 7x70 (490 times0 New Testament Forgiveness Formula ... Contingent Forgiveness - On Probation ... Non-Forgiveness as Punishment ... Pardons from Psychological Prison ... Devaluation and Name Calling ... The Soul Doesn't Need Fixing? ... Announce the Intention to Forgive ... Praying, Affirmation ... Removal of Devaluations ... You Cannot Stop Love No Matter How Hard You Try ... Living from Love ... Remove "Shoulds" ... Living from Intention and Purpose ... Release from the Dog House ... Forgiveness Ritual/Probation ... Creative Writing ... Forgiveness Over a Lifetime ... Intimacy, Inury and Forgiveness ... Talk about Thoughts of Forgiveness to Someone ... Attitude Adjustment ... Program Yourself for Happiness ... Importance of Unidvided Attention Time ... Look for the Goodness ... Personality Vs. Soul ... Mutually Satisfying Solutions.


This remarkable program not only deals with serious hurts and profound pain, it also deals with the less serious insults and injuries that you have incurred and internalized over a lifetime. With this experiential approach, you'll discover how to root out every insult and injury that has impacted you and has held you back from full cosmic unity, connection to the Divine, and internal purity.


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