Is Lust a Demon?     by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D.




Sometimes I receive the most incredible questions! "Is Lust a Demon?" is exactly one of those. I will attempt to shed some light on that question and answer it in my usual manner ... with as many variations as possible. So let's continue ...





That's a great question. It has many answers from different directions. Metaphorically, you could say that there are demonic aspects to lust. But, first we must acknowledge that most living creatures possess some aspect of intense sexual desire based on deep longing and craving for sexual experience. Lust is a basic instinctive drive and is deeply rooted in the genital energy centers of the body as well as having corollates in the reptilian and old mammalian brain systems. The neurochemicals of lust may consist of oxytocin for females and vasopressin for males. Dopamine pleasure centers may also play a part in the brain chemistry of lust.


The regulation of these chemical centers may depend on the chemistry of the neocortex control and channeling centers. Now, what does that mean? We humans have a very complex cerebral symbolic, metaphorical emotional/cognitive system that helps us to survive and exist in complex societies. Spiritually, we live within a context of civilization and tribal socialization. Survival and thriving depend on building and creating higher value systems based on honoring and loving one another. These latter energy systems are much more recent in our evolutionary history and have been very responsible for our success as a species.


Boiling it down to basics, lust is good when it is channeled and directed towards socially accepted and approved objects and people. When I use the term "good," in terms of judgments based on good and bad, evil and righteous, I am applying universal principles and archetypes based in second and third chakra judgments.





Forgive me! I tend not to give simple answers to complex phenomena. But, metaphorically and archetypally speaking, deviation from consensus rules and norms takes us into the realm of the spiritual. And that includes the demonic. I'll give you an example. You need lust and genital energy to seek out communion and connection to possible mates. This is usually a first step to securing a sexual love match. On the lower second chakra genital energy system, you are driven by sexual desire. Eventually, your fourth chakra heart energy system kicks in and you feel love towards a particular person. None of this could happen unless you were energized by the attraction/repulsion energy processes of the second chakra, yesod/communion system. The dichotomy of the yesod sefirot consists of spiritual divisions of good and evil. When you direct your communion sexual energies through the right channels, you are favoring the godly course. When you direct your lustful power outside of the realm of your conscience, you have entered the demonic or evil inclination.


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