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The Psychology of Vitamin C

What to Do at the First Signs of Illness

Dr. Paul`s Personal Vitamin C Regime




I wonder why there seems to be so much resistance to people taking vitamin C.


I believe that most people resist taking this vitamin because they do not understand how it works and how to use it. Wouldn`t you like to find an easy and effective way of preventing, stopping or fighting off certain illnesses (especially colds, sore throats, flus and other misery causing disorders)?


Of course...You would like to use a surefire "MIRACLE CURE," if you could find one. Well! It does exist and it`s called vitamin C. But, like any other magical alchemy, it has to be applied in a certain way. "That`s OK for you to say; but, I have tried vitamin C many times and it has not stopped a miserable cough, when I`ve had one."


I understand your confusion and your consternation. Nobody likes to try something that doesn`t work! Failure is not much of a reward.


Let me enlighten you and educate your mind to the wonders and functions of vitamin C ... that is, if you really want to succeed at killing off those microbes that kick the hell out of your body. You cannot succeed with vitamin C unless you understand and apply the exact directions on how to administer this extremely important element into your body`s illness fighting capacities.





The secret to using vitamin C lies in the mysteries and alchemy of the body. I wouldn`t even begin to discuss that important element of health that I call "The Repression of the Body`s Signals, Needs and Messages." Body repression does exist and one-way of opening your awareness to your body`s real needs is through psycho education. LET"S BEGIN.......


You cannot create energy in any cell, muscle or brain tissue without abundant vitamin C. Having said this, you are now aware that your life`s energy emphatically demands and requires vitamin C for YOUR very functioning.


Vitamin C is your primary body defense against foreign invaders of every shape and design. It is also the chief ingredient of collagen.... so vital in the construction of hair, teeth, nails and skin. So, you can see; that you do not exist without vitamin C.


Don`t forget that viruses and bacteria are enormously threatened and destroyed by vitamin C, which also neutralizes toxins while it feeds white blood cells/antibodies that kills viruses.


A Word Of Warning:  In the process of destroying pollutants, viruses and destructive bacteria, vitamin C is also destroyed. The adrenal gland needs one molecule of vitamin C in order to make one molecule of adrenaline. Depletion of vitamin C in the adrenal gland requires restoration ... especially after the detrimental effects of drinking alcohol, stress, smoking and every other element that depletes vitamin C. If you kill off your VITAMIN C stores, you won`t have much left to fight illness.


(If you suffer from any kind of psychological, emotional or personality disorder, you are at much higher risk of burning out your stress fighting stores of vitamin C. Therefore, it is necessary that you consider daily megadoses of vitamin C in your battle with the psychophysiological effects of your disorder).


When you are ill, you will need 20-- 40 times more vitamin C. "Why is that?" Viruses and bacteria multiply exponentially when you are sick... So you will need multiple inputs of vitamin C in order to fight off disorder.


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"What do I do at the first signs of an illness?" ... Within one hour of noticing a sign of illness, take 1000 mg of vitamin C ... don`t wait until the infection has incubated and multiplied. At that point, you will not be able to get enough vitamin C into your system, fast enough to kill foreign invaders. Go to the next step:


Take 1000 mg (1grm) to 2000 mg (2grm) every hour while under attack. You can use the non-acidic form ... Ester C or Ultra C with bioflavonoids, if you are concerned with diarrhea (and who isn`t?).


The illness will not overwhelm and dominate you ... It disappears from overt expression and recedes dormantly into your system. You now have mastery over the disease and you must now engage in a full blitzkrieg for the next seven days. That means that you will have to continue taking the megadoses every hour, every day for a full seven days ... (Don`t make the mistake of stopping the vitamin C bombardment [prematurely] or the disorder will come back and you will go return to your old belief that vitamin C does not work).





Every year, I get my usual two to three colds ... and some of them are real nasty. This year I dedicated myself to correcting all of my past bad habits. I changed my eating behavior and my exercise régime (I`ll go into detail at some future point). While everyone around me was getting sick, I did a few things to nourish my immune system. At the first sign of a sore throat, in the morning I gargled extensively with germ killing mouthwash ... until my throat got the message that all disease causing bacteria would be destroyed ... I then made sure that my body would be protected from losing too much body heat. I noticed that my hands started getting cold before the rest of me. (I actually put on gloves to keep the heat from escaping through my hands). I made sure that my house was kept warm and toasty through space heaters ... Warm clothes applied at strategic moments kept me aware of body chilling and body heat loss.


My exercise program was combined with muscle building/protein enhancing/immune building WHEY PROTEIN supplements. L-Glutamine (immune builder) tablets were added to my vitamin régime and I added extra C when my body`s signals informed me that my dormant cold and flu bacteria/ viruses were trying to multiply and overwhelm me.




Body repression is a poor substitute for healthy decisions to commit yourself to the hard work of repairing your body.




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P.S.S.  Remember; You cannot not have time to exercise, eat right and live healthy! Denial is death in disguise....


P.S.S.S.  Try saying this to yourself, several times a day over the next 30 days, "I choose to be Happy... Healthy ..."(writing it down also helps).


Until the next time ...




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