As the manager of your life, you will be called upon to set priorities, put plans into action, adopt new principles and discard old unworkable strategies. What worked for you in the past, may not work any longer. Don`t be afraid to look deep inside, get real with yourself, and be perfectly honest about what works and what doesn`t. When you know your "SELF", you will live your life by design and not by accident or fate. This issue of PsychotherapyHELP will point you in the right direction ...



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Realization is the Key

The Destructive Power of Emotional Quicksand

The Power of Deep Feeling Therapy 

THE Book: Feeling People 






Where ever you are in your life, at this moment, may indicate a stuck point. It`s okay to stop for a moment and acknowledge that it is perfectly natural and human to be stuck at certain points in your life. It could be your weight-loss program, marriage building, relationships skills enhancement, emotional and mental health development; it does not matter.


Being stuck requires the bullet sending, lightning striking power of the injection of realization potential. Without realization of what you are doing will keep you stuck and mentally mulling over and over again all of the elements of your stuckness, you will stay stuck!


When the thunderstorm and lightning of realization hits you, say, "Hello," to the realization of what change you have to initiate, in order to move on, up and out.

I know that it is easy to get lost and caught up in present life circumstances. But, when you least expect it Realization will hit you like a bolt from the blue. It is then, that you will know what effective behavior changes must take place in order for you to keep rolling on to your optimum goal and destination.






I guarantee you, that whenever and wherever you are stuck in emotional quicksand, you are still repeating and perpetuating old and worn out, destructive behavioral habits and patterns. These habits are hard to break because they are so comfortable and pleasure giving. But, in the long run they have to be sacrificed to the gods of self-indulgence and eliminated as elements that keep you stuck.


Try an experiment! Eliminate the destructive element that keeps you in quicksand and put something constructive and growthful in its place. I guarantee that you will pull yourself out of quicksand and pull yourself closer to your ideal destination.






Some people are frightened of the Total Feeling therapy process. They will say, "This is all in the past and why should I dredge all that up?", or "What good will it do to go back—I`m only interested in the present and the future". What they do not understand is that their fear of the past exists right now and that fear is real, even if not felt. Those pains are here and now because they are being dragged around in the present and preventing people from living fully and making contact. You may not be aware of it or feel it, but the past is exerting its insidious in­fluence right at this very moment ...


If you are somewhere in between now and then, you will not be able to cope with the problems of existence with full, clear energy. Therefore, most of us are not ready for the emotional demands of life. Work, love, parenthood, and creative productivity all require an emotional preparedness that few possess. Most of us try to tackle these responsibilities before we are emotionally capable or sufficiently up to date with ourselves. Society pressures us to work, succeed and be in­timately involved in sustaining love relationships. We look, act and perhaps perform like mature, responsible adults, but inside, we are children. Once we go back and feel those old feelings, we will be better able to maintain a grounded contact with ourselves in the present. Intimacy with self and others takes on a whole new meaning. "Getting your SELF back" is the first and foremost goal of deep feeling therapy. After that ... the possibilities are endless.






FEELING PEOPLE by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. is an exciting and powerful excursion into the way deep core feeling can profoundly change and transform your life. The message in the book is clear: it is absolutely possible, through Deep Feeling Therapy, to reverse the effects of original pain and lead a fully integrated, successful and happy life with yourself and others. Click here for more information and how to order Feeling People ...






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