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Depression, like many other disorders, does not operate in an isolated context. All human behaviors exist within the parameters of a certain system. Once the system is examined and defined, effective strategic interventions can be applied in order to disrupt dysfunctional behavior and interpersonal patterns.


Let's examine how depression can be ignited by the accumulation of toxic emotional pain and how deep feeling therapy can help.


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Depression and Emotional Pain Discharge

Anger, Rage and Depression

Signs to Look Out For

The Book: Feeling People  

Depression and Emotional Pain Discharge.

Every day your body collects, accumulates and stores pain and tension. Experiences outside of yourself move through and penetrate your sensory organs. For example, you could be in a situation where you are sitting quietly and have to listen to the toxic negativity of other people. Through your eyes and your ears you are internalizing all of the negativity coming from other people. Like a warehouse, you are storing that negativity. It starts to deeply wear at you and may even stress you to the point where it depletes critical stress fighters and eventually puts you into the early stages of Depression.


If you are aware enough, you'll recognize these stressful incoming negative vibrations. At that point, you may make the decision to enter into a therapeutic, self cleansing emotional discharge and clearing process. By going to your safe sanctuary, you can cry and scream out all of the thoughts and feelings that are locked inside of you based on what was triggered during your original stress inducing event.


If you decide to do nothing, you will expose yourself to the continuous accumulation of negative inputs and eventually important parts of your brain will be deeply affected. Your limbic system will become over activated and heated up. The result will be Depression. Your amygdala, which surrounds part of your limbic system will create negative, self perpetuating depressive thoughts. Other higher cortical areas will also be affected. Your relationships, moods, motivation, goal seeking and judgments may become quite impaired. Eventually, these negative exposures can help shape your brain into negatively affecting your personality. You will then be vulnerable to borderline, obsessive-compulsive, narcissistic, self-defeating, histrionic (etc., etc.,) personality disorders. (I also include in these categories the medical classification called Type A Personality).


Remember: The development of Depression, personality disorders and other malfunctions are your body's compromising mechanism for adjusting to and coping with the accumulation of toxic pain. The antidote is a full and complete emotional discharge of your pain.


Anger, Rage and Depression.

At some point, you will recognize the role that repressed rage and anger plays in your Depression. You will probably discover that certain dreams, goals and expectations have not been realized. This will be the feeding grounds for your depressed mood. You might also find that you are acting out your depressive rage and anger onto loved ones; especially those people who are the closest to you.

You could find yourself mistakenly and inadvertently attacking those closest to you. When you become aware that anger is beginning to penetrate your most precious relationships, you will need to do anger/rage work on a punching bag.


Remember: Depression requires that you fight against it! To not recognize the battle elements involved in fighting Depression, is to ignore your conquest of this disorder. By expressing your rage, physically and verbally, on to a punching bag and then "Hitting The Floor," to verbally express your rage and pain, is to overthrow and defeat Depression.


While you are on the floor, you can express your anger through the deep breathing initiated by punching the bag and saying, "I am pissed ... enraged ... angry etc. etc." You might discover that you are angry with life itself for the way things have turned out. This does not mean that you are playing the "Victim." It just indicates that you have finally connected your Depression to that part of your life that you feel is not working.


Signs to Look Out For.

There are a few signs that you can look out for: Feelings and sensations of Deflation or Depletion. This physical sign of Depression may indicate that your adrenal glands are exhausted. Your voice may be very weak and soft, lacking in power and appropriate volume. In some circles, this may be referred to as a deflation of the ego or third chakra/solar plexus, worldly, secular disorder. The loss of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental power certainly indicates that you are about to become depressed. When you monitor yourself, every single day, you can check for these telltale signs.


Another important sign to watch out for is feelings of sameness, repetition, negativity and reduced joy and pleasure in your everyday surroundings. Feelings of wanting to escape to new environments, greater opportunities, new challenges, more stimulation may foretell Depression. Seeing only negativity in many things around you could indicate the beginning of Depression; especially if those things were previously experienced as pleasurable to you. The absence of the appreciation of beauty may signal the onset of Depression. Irritability and loss of humor may also be signs that Depression is coming.


Stay aware of your feelings. Remember, a vigilant, watchful patrol of your thoughts and physical symptoms must be a hallmark for your personal care and optimum well-being. If your depression does not pass, seek professional help.


THE Book:  Feeling People.

Feeling People by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. is an exciting and powerful excursion into the way deep core feeling can profoundly change and transform your life. The message in the book is clear: it is absolutely possible, through Deep Feeling Therapy, to reverse the effects of original pain and lead a fully integrated, successful and happy life with yourself and others.

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It may seem odd to think and believe that a system can and does support pathogenesis, but it does! Depression cannot exist unless there are environmental, genetic and emotional transmission processes in operation. Since most systems exist on unconscious levels, it is important to fully expose and delineate how the system is structured and the way that it functions...


 I have already stated and emphasized the reoccuring nature of Depression. The return of Depression after a normal period of functioning varies according to the individual. You could be feeling wonderful for two weeks, only to have the slow and insidious return of depressive feelings, sensations and thoughts. As an observer, you can monitor your own pattern and possibly anticipate the return of depressive feelings. As you become more adept and familiar with the upwelling of Depression, you will be in a better position to treat it and cut it off before it does too much damage.


Medication alone does not constitute a cure. It regulates the brain's neurotransmitter functioning and chemistry, but by itself does not cure anything. The real problems lie deeply embedded in the brain, heart, soul and spirit of the person. Deep Feeling Emotional Release Therapy significantly penetrates and gets at those significant thoughts, feelings and patterns that make up the disease process.


As such, medication is an adjunct for aiding in increasing your functioning, but does not constitute a cure for the underlying disease. Deep feeling emotional release completely transforms and resolves the underlying causes, repressed feelings and disordered thought processes that make up depressive illness and many other disorders.


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