It would be a mistake to think that depression is only a disorder of mood. In my program you will be made aware of the somatic, physical and interpersonal aspects of this disorder. One third of the manifestations of depression are physical ... two thirds fall into the emotional, mental and interpersonal realms. It is your body, your mind, spirit, mood, feelings and relationships that are deeply involved in depression ... Let`s not forget Your Brain....





The Scenario

Understanding The Illness 

The Ideal Scenario 

THE Book: Feeling People 




Many people apply for therapy believing that they have a relationship or a marriage problem, when in fact the cause of the problem lies in the brain itself!  Learning relationship and marriage building skills will eventually run into a brick wall if the brain chemistry misfirings and incompatibilities are not addressed and corrected.


Many depressed people will seek out their primary care physician with somatic complaints, while not recognizing what role the body and the brain plays in depression and other physical problems. The same mistake occurs with marriage, relationship and work problems. Usually there are complaints about fatigue, lack of energy, low motivation, sleep disorders, backaches, headaches and gastrointestinal problems. There may be a host of other physical ailments that are directly related to depression, but the connections are not recognized. Some of these ailments can be quite serious, even life-threatening.


There are many different facets of depression that make it difficult for treating some individuals. The defensive structure that surrounds the depression nucleus may make it very difficult for some people to gain access to those deeper parts of the self that could overthrow the depressive façade and superstructure.


For some individuals, pain and trauma can be so overwhelming that medication is required in order to function and journey through the treacherous periods of debilitating depression and anxiety.


Many general practitioners prescribe very effective antidepressant medications for the very rough periods. Unfortunately, some of these same practitioners fall under the influence of the individual who wishes to discontinue the medication, after the crisis has supposedly passed.


It is so important to keep a long-term view of full remission accompanied by a very effective maintenance program.  If this is not accomplished, you can expect BIG problems!




Chronically depressed people may not even recognize their own depression, since they have been depressed since earliest childhood. These people may construct elaborate cognitive defenses such as rationalization, justification and distancing from core body and emotional issues.


The clinical picture is further complicated when a person presents for treatment of depression and doesn`t want to touch their alcohol, drug, smoking, eating, sexual and relationship issues. It`s like having a patient with a broken leg and he only wants you to trim his toenails.


       Expand your view of depression to include all possible contributing factors!




The Ideal Scenario occurs when a very cooperative (somewhat rare) depressed individual enters therapy and has immediate access to Limbic System Feelings, thoughts and memories. This scenario is also enhanced when the same individual is able to activate the basal ganglia system for the integration of deeply felt and expressed, emotionally loaded limbic feelings and thoughts. Such an individual can gain full access and express deeply contained pain filled feelings. This results in a thorough cleansing of the mind, body and emotional centers.


When a deep feeling experience occurs for a depressed individual, pleasure is restored, negative thoughts are eliminated, physical ailments subside and the body resets its idling speed (anxiety levels).


A lifetime devoted to a conscientious practice and maintenance of deep feeling release will give you the wonderful experience of joy and ecstasy. It will also help you to monitor and patrol your moods, negative thoughts and bodily symptoms. You will become familiar with the precursor / antecedent signals that pain and negativity needs to be removed from your body, brain and interpersonal life.


    ADVICE: Devise a plan for maintenance beyond your cure!




Feeling People by Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. is an exciting and powerful excursion into the way deep core feeling can profoundly change and transform your life. The message in the book is clear: it is absolutely possible, through Deep Feeling Therapy, to reverse the effects of original pain and lead a fully integrated, successful and happy life with yourself and others.


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