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  4. Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!


Here we are again with Dr. Paul's PsychotherapyHELP Newsletter! Best wishes for a Happy and Joyous New Year. We've got some real goodies for you ... let's start with BOREDOM!

Oh, you know what I mean ... everybody gets bored from time to time and you are probably no exception. Some people become bored more often than others.

Boredom is a feeling and in many cases, there is some kind of pain associated with it. Even though boredom is an internal experience, it's a feeling that usually gets attached to something in the environment. It could be your job ... your living environment ... your love life ... your exercise program ... maybe even your diet!

One thing is sure: Boredom is screaming at you ... "Something has to change"! ... and that something is YOU! Have you ever thought about changing yourself from the inside out??? Well ... that's where you will have to start!

First --- let me tell you that I know what you are going through when you suffer the pangs of boredom. It's a time of annoying discomfort and ... in some cases, boredom really hurts.

So, what do you do about it? I have an answer and I have used it very successfully with my clients, especially those who have been extremely dissatisfied with some aspect of their lives ... a boring job ... a dead standstill in your exercise/health/nutrition program ... the neighborhood that you live in ... the people that you associate with. It doesn't matter -- boredom starts with you and you will have to go deep within yourself to find the answer. It's there ... just waiting to be discovered.

I recommend the deep feeling release method as described on my web site, PsychotherapyHELP.com.

Deep Feeling Therapy 
The Deep Feeling method changes the very nature of your inner experience and clears out the negative energy that stands in the way of making creative changes in your life.

When your pain is released, nothing stands in your way or keeps you from making the kinds of changes that you need to make. When something changes deep within you ... you can expect your external circumstances to undergo life enhancing alterations. After a deep feeling experience, you are a different person than the one who was wallowing in the confines of boredom.

Another benefit to the deep feeling experience is the change in your chemistry ... which eventually changes the way you think and perceive a situation. You can also restructure your cognition (a fancy word for thought processes) ... which in turn changes your neuro-psychology and your feelings.

Good luck!.... and let me hear from you with your own unique solutions to the problem of boredom!

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The Humor Bond 
In a past issue of my PsychotherapyHELP Newsletter, I introduced you to the challenge of examining the spiritual connection between you and your love partner ... and/or future potential soulmate (s).

Guess What? Today, I am going to introduce you to the very important area called "The Humor Bond."

If you and your partner are not laughing with and at each other ... it may be time to call Dr. Paul!

Oh, you've probably never considered the importance of a well integrated/aligned ... synergistic ... compatible ... humor connection between you and your lover!

I am here to tell you, that you better think about it now! If you are not having any real fun with your partner ... the humor muse has left the building. If your partner isn't laughing at your jokes and mischievous pranks ... you are probably not connecting at the humor/soul love level!!!!!

Lovers who laugh together, stay together ... they are having a wonderful time enjoying the sweet juices of mutually shared laughter and humor.

If your partner doesn't make you laugh, then you are not finding her to be very amusing and enjoyable to be with ... (my wife of over 21 years is now telling me my old one-liners and I am splitting my gut, laughing at my own jokes, coming out of her mouth ---- her timing is sensational).

A tip for the ladies: when you laugh at and enjoy his SHTICK ... he feels great ... making you feel good! He loves to hear you laugh and see you smile!

P.S. Keep an eye out for Dr. Paul's HUMOR PROGRAM which will be posted up ... pretty soon!

P.P.S Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters that deal with vital areas for making the love connection: Sexual, Intellectual, Emotional health, Conversational, Physical attraction, Parenting, Cultural Values and Occupational ...

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Don't Wait Until It's Too Late! 
I get a lot of e-mail from people inquiring about relationships that are plagued by anger/rage, obsessions, personality disorders, etc. It is very difficult to adequately answer so many cries for help through e-mail messages. If you're truly serious about changing your life, please go to my web site, PsychotherapyHELP, and browse to your heart's content. There are tons of FREE materials there just volunteering to give you the benefits of strategies that really work.

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Learning new things that can really help you is a great idea and constitutes a win-win situation. Repairing and rebuilding your love connections is ALWAYS a plus ... whether you are seeking, starting or engaging in a long-term relationship.

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