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The Migratory Gene

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Well! The new year is underway and you have probably already mourned the passing ... The loss of a wonderful season of holiday cheer and excitement!

Now it's time to get busy building a new year filled with promise, real hope ... laughter, joy ... and healing old wounds!!!!!

TURN THE NEGATIVE INTO A POSITIVE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Have you ever noticed that when you're feeling good about yourself, you just can't seem to lose? And, have you ever noticed that when you're down - physically or emotionally - or in a rut, you just can't seem to win?

Okay, you have learned to think positive. Your reading, writing, goal setting, visualizations, win/wins, affirmations, etc. are in force and up to date. Everything seems to be in place but something is happening. You feel yourself slipping! Fatigue sets in, your mind goes fuzzy and your speech lacks power. Doubt and impatience fills your mind. The inevitable has happened. You have slipped into the negative. Nothing seems to work. What do you do?

If you have been paying attention to my past newsletters, you are already probably reminding yourself to reinforce the affirmation/mantra/positive statement ... "I choose to be happy ... I choose to be ecstatic .... I choose to feel wonderful ... I choose to make this the happiest year of my life!"

Any one of the above statements or in combination will continually keep reminding you of  WORKING ON YOUR THOUGHTS!

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Has he gone mad? ... what is he TALKING ABOUT? ...

Thousands of years ago, your ancestors migrated out of Africa, across Europe, Asia and finally into the Americas. How many times have you had that deep inner urge to move? Perhaps, you get tired and Board of the same old surroundings ... Maybe, you need some new mental and emotional stimulation ... It could just be that you are looking for something more beautiful ... some new environment ... a new frontier...

Is it genetic? ... Did your early ancestors get bored swinging from tree to tree and decide to get down and look around .. explore that wide expanse just beyond your horizons!???!

Well! I don't know if the geneticists will discover a specific migratory Gene. But, you can be assured that every once in awhile a time clock goes off and tells you ... "I wonder what it would be like to move and be somewhere else!" ... And what happens when you listen to that deep inner voice and pick your butt up and travel to that next exciting, exotic, beautiful paradise? ... Somebody moves into the place that you just vacated ... because they were following their signals from the Migratory Gene.

I have a question for you. Do you recognize a pattern here? Do you notice that after you have lived in a certain place for a given length of time, you start to get thoughts, impulses and feelings that tell you it's time to move?

Think about your answer for a moment. See if you notice a difference between males and females. Record your thoughts, feelings and fantasies about listening to that inner call that it's time to move on ... If you are in a serious ("serious" is not exactly the right word here) relationship, make it a point to discuss these feelings with your partner.

Is there a cure, you ask?........ I don't know if you would call it a cure, but a serious excursion into deep feeling emotional release may/will clear out whatever pain may be lurking in your migratory need.

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Is it bad to have a migratory urge, need, feeling, desire ... Gene? ... NO! But, if you want to get clear of any negativity that is rolling around inside of you, a Deep Feeling Release will set you straight and get you feeling right, again ... That is, if you want to get clear and feel good about yourself and your life!

Also, you might try my book "Feeling People." It's an excellent book on the powerful benefits of the Deep Feeling Process. I'm thinking of offering it to you at a very reduced price ...

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Warning: This section is not for the faint of heart! It will be bawdy, raunchy, tasteless, suggestive and self-effacing ... (not to mention -- politically disasterous!) ... I welcome you to be a contributor ...

The motivation for this section is provided by the following alarming statistics: 400,000 people die each year from smoking related diseases AND ...

35 to 50,000 people die each year from indirect inhalation of cigarette smoke. 300,000 people die each year from eating related behavior and lifestyles ... But, you won't hear about these epidemics, because they are not newsworthy. The good news is ... a health revolution is beginning to arise in this nation!!!!!!!  Would you like to be part of it?

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Thank you for contacting me with all your questions and concerns. I hope that I have been able to help. Please contact me if you need more information about therapy and how to begin the process of healing. Whether it is telephone therapy, face-to-face counseling in my office, or online therapy, the process of therapy is tailor made to best suit YOUR needs.

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Until next time ...


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