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Guess who's back to bug you? Yes, you're right ... Old Dr. Paul is going to hit you with new goodies!

Remember in my last newsletter, I talked to you about the Problem of Boredom? In this newsletter, I am going to talk to you about Your Need to Change ... or your need not to change ... whichever way you want it. 

Whenever somebody else is bugging you or driving you crazy, don't you just want to bust them in the mouth and get that person to change?!! Of course you do!

Did you also notice how much the other person resists any attempts to change? That goes hand-in-hand. But you're fed up with that same old crap and you want changes like ... Right Now!

The same is true about other aspects of your life -- you notice that you need some kind of change ... and everybody has to listen to your complaints about how everything seems to be the S-A-M-E. Well ... welcome to the club! You are perfectly normal. You are a human being who desperately needs something to change in your life. You are an evolving human being who needs to move into a different and better experience of your existence.

OHHH ... this could be a dangerous time ... You need something different to happen and other people and circumstances external to yourself just don't seem to be changing in accordance with your needs, wishes and desires. What's even more frustrating, is how heavily invested other people and circumstances in your environment, seem to work very hard at keeping things exactly as they are --- the infamous Status QUO --- OUCH!

In my profession, this is known as maintaining homeostasis or preserving the present equilibrium.

Well, that's just not good enough for you. Why is that? -- You ask. Because you don't like what's happening in your life and the very things that sustain the status quo. You need ... want ... insist ... and demand that things change immediately.

Let me say this to you right now: I feel your pain and I have felt the same thing over and over again. The advantage that I have over most people is that I diligently practice the deep feeling method in order to alter the very core of my being and the thoughts that keep me mired in NON-CHANGE ... When I get clear, I am in a much better position to move into that place where I can make massive changes in my very existence.

I fervently suggest that you go to my web site, PsychotherapyHELP, and click on the Deep Feeling Therapy section. Browse to your heart's content!!!!! Feelings are an integral part and the essence and substance of your very being ... If you are not Taking Good Care of your deep emotional life, you will experience all manner of difficulties ... You could even go spiritually and emotionally DEAD!

Combine and integrate the deep feeling method with other powerful techniques and you have a recipe for Total Change!

For more information on Deep Feeling Therapy, click here ...


It's time for a change ... and if a significant other person doesn't Get IT, they will get left behind. Why? Because you have a right to the best existence that you can give your self and if other people do not get that, you will move on while dropping the guilt, enabling, and the caretaking that is destroying the very essence of your being. You have a right to take time for yourself ...to live the best life that you can ... to do those things that nourish and sustain you ... while dropping the toxins in your life.

When you stop your unintentional and inadvertent reinforcement of other people's status quo behavior (your own, also) ... and start making decisions that benefit your self growth, others will respect you and eventually climb on board (maybe) ... You are a person on the move ... You need change and the change starts with you on your self.

Remember, the status quo cannot be maintained if you refuse to take the bait that pulls you into a system that no longer works for you ... if you don't play your part ... the games cannot continue!

If you cannot discover effective strategies for change on your own, you need to contact Dr. Paul at PsychotherapyHELP.com.

Click here to go to PsychotherapyHELP.com for more information about Dr. Paul ...


Help is at hand through effective counseling and therapy, based on a total integration of some of the most powerful and strategic approaches to massive beneficial change.

Write this phone number down right now -- 818 882 7404 -- and carry it with you, wherever you go. When it hits you, make that phone call that will eventually catapult you out of your RUT / STUCK PLACE ...

P.S.  No one technique, method or approach works wonders by itself. It's when the most powerful methods are combined and integrated into an extremely effective system, that you will get the benefits that you seek.

P.P.S.  Not everyone is ready to utilize a particular method or technique. Dr. Paul's integrated approach starts you on the method that is just right for where you are in your life.


Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC


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