I am sure that you are aware that most marriages take place with someone other than a soulmate. If you look around you and that includes looking at yourself, there seems to be quite a number of mismatches in the game of love. Soulmate marriages occur quite infrequently and divorce is part of the process of growth that is required for attaining soulmate marriage.


Let`s examine soul mating and how relationship decisions influence the process of finding your soul mate. For the complete article, "Soul Mating", go to http://www.nvo.com/psych_help/soulmating/.





Soul Mating

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Before the universe was created there was love. When the Big Bang occurred, the essence of love was spread throughout the cosmos. Within the molecules of love were the makings for two true soul mates to come together and experience the blissful, kingdom of heavenly love.


Two souls -- destined for each other long before the universe was fully created and expanded. In the search for the perfect soul mate, choices and decisions will be made that will hopefully bring you closer to finding your true soulmate. Life`s choices teach you how to observe and interpret the cosmic feedback, rendering you back on course towards finding your other self -- your soul mate.


This union of two souls and two selves has no limitations. The love in this relationship surpasses all ego and body boundaries and fills the entire universe beyond time and space. Therefore, there is no fear of death for both of you will always be together in cosmic time, beyond earthly boundary limitations ... Each other`s one and only true love. This is Soul Mating!





Most of us have been directly or indirectly influenced by society`s stigmatizing attitudes concerning divorce. It seems that our present intellectual and emotional orientation towards marriage and divorce is still being somewhat negatively determined and influenced by archaic belief systems that belong to outmoded periods of history. However, the previous statement is not meant to negate the importance of attempting everything possible in order to correct a marriage that has gone bad.


As a marriage and family Counselor trained in mental health, I have seen many marital relationships that have gone through a spiritual and emotional correction process. I have also been privy to being deeply involved in the personal transformation of individuals who have undergone deep and profound changes in their spiritual, emotional, interpersonal and mental lives. This growth process is intricately bound up with and interwoven with relationship and marital connections. Sometimes divorce is a necessary step to finding your soul mate.





For full spiritual, emotional and mental self-determination to take place it must occur within the context of the American Dream Ideal. That ideal espouses that everyone is guaranteed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To stay in a rotten, unworkable, destructive marriage goes against that ideal. The matter of divorce is a moral right, cosmically attuned to the correction process that is so necessary for attaining soul mating. Free will and self-determination must be a value that is held higher than becoming attached to a stigmatizing divorce guilt process.


Most societies, including our own, reject self-determination, free will and the pursuit of happiness through soul mating in the process of divorce. But, divorce is a developmental point where one is reaching into the next stage of self development and possible soul mating. If guilt and shame are attached to divorce, then why are so many people ecstatically happy when they find themselves freed up from a non-soul mating relationship?


I am suggesting that a new perception, a new paradigm be put on the process of divorce as being a necessary ritual for self development into the world of soul mating. If a marriage fails, it is because the participants have not yet fully risen to their next stage of emotional and spiritual development. The freeing up from a archaic marriage provides an open window into the cosmic realization of the soul mating correction process. It is your right to extricate yourself from a destructive situation in order to proceed to your next level of self development and spiritual realization. If you work on yourself and your relationship developmental potential, you will be actively engaged in a spiritual correction process that leads to soulmate realization. It may also lead you to realizing the mysterious experience of the American Dream.





Many people are afraid and ashamed to openly discuss and admit to marital failure and divorce. Likewise, many are ashamed and embarrassed to acknowlrdge that they are stuck in non-soul mating, non-growthful relationships. Perhaps, each situation provides some kind of opportunity for lesson learning, wisdom and potential growth. Even stagnation has within its DNA structure, the potential for rapid self realization. Does this mean that depression itself is a universal, cosmic class room for self correction, relationship growth and eventual soulmate realization? The answer is: "POSSIBLY!"


And now to the basics: In order to release the guilt and stigma of marital failures and divorce, you must hold the goal of release in your mind. Whatever your mind can behold, it can realize. First, you need to know the words for success: "I am proud, overjoyed and extremely happy that I have completely extricated and freed myself from a non-soul mating relationship. I am proud that I have gone beyond the primitive stages of my past relationship choices and experiences. I am deeply and fully involved and enveloped in the soul mating process. I have realized my soul mating potential and stand ready to fully receive the ecstasy of soul mating. I am soulmated, ecstatic, happy, joyful, blissful and fully reunited with my other half. It is with gratitude, humility and thankfulness that I accept the gift of growth, love and deliverance from God, Himself."


"I stand confident, grounded and centered in my experience and realization of my American Dream."





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