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Reinvent Yourself! (April 2003)
Welcome to another issue of PsychotherapyHELP News! In this newsletter, I've outlined certain rules and 
principles that can be applied to all areas of personal growth, relationships, business, and individual lifestyle. 
Change is inevitable, so expand your thinking, set your feet in the right direction, and get going.
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* Dr. Paul
* Set Unreasonable Goals & Expectations
* Stretch the Definition of Who You Are
* Be a Superstar & Don't Compromise
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Dr. Paul
"In our fast paced and ever changing world, certain rules and principles that made sense in the past may seem questionable now. To facilitate change, we need to create the right set of conditions that can provoke the emergence of higher order possibilities through revolutionary concepts."
"Look around you. Open your eyes ... ears ... and heart to all the possibilities available. Choose to do things differently. Nothing is impossible ... only your thinking can hold you back. Expand your thinking, set unlimited goals, and believe in yourself. Remember, each day begins anew and so can you."
"How have you planned to achieve your wildest dreams?"
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Set Unreasonable Goals & Expectations
In my psychotherapy profession, I was told to set reasonable expectations and goals for my clients and myself. I tried to follow those rules as best as I could and for all intents and purposes I complied very well. Now, that sounds wonderful, logical and even reasonable. But there was a catch. My greatest discoveries about myself, my life and my growth, came about through extremely expansive thinking and unlimited goals. I was too ignorant to believe that I had limitations. Therefore, I accomplished things beyond my wildest dreams. I did this because I did not accept any ceiling for that which is possible. I passionately embraced the principal that there were infinite possibilities and that my mind did not entertain or possess any limitations.
In this day and age, models change overnight. Thus, innovation is imperative. I believe that people, in whatever area of their lives that they choose, can build new lives, relationships, and business concepts based on deep innovation and revolution; thus, reinventing themselves and their businesses over and over again. In order for this aspiration to become credible, people must outperform the average. So what does this mean? It means never accepting someone else's definition of who you are and what is possible in your life. If you recognize that there are unlimited possibilities, you will not be seduced into taking shortcuts or doing anything that would sabotage reaching for your stars!
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Stretch the Definition of Who You Are
Defining who you are is a very personal question. So, I will leave that for you to do. I want to take this question to another direction that will help you define yourself in a business and professional sense. You, and probably the organizations that you work for and with, may define yourself by what you do rather than by what you know and what you own. To describe what you know will require that you pinpoint and explain your core competencies. When I say define yourself by what you own, I mean defining your strategic assets. A strategic asset could be defined by the brand name of your equipment, etc.
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Be a Superstar & Don't Compromise!
A superstar is someone who excels at some particular endeavor or a quality or trait. A superstar is one who rises to the top of a particular endeavor, activity or realm of personal accomplishment. A superstar is a winner; one who masters a particular skill or quality. It does not matter what that activity, skill or trait may be. Through extensive effort, experimentation and practice, a superstar achieves a level of competence that far exceeds the general criteria for average performance. A superstar stands out and rises to the pinnacle of achievement and excellence.
It also stands to reason that the attainment of superstar status provides a person with enormous tangible and internal rewards. Thus, there is something great and gratifying to be attained by investing enormous effort into an activity or skill. It also does not matter what that activity or endeavor may be. It could be the attainment of the highest level in business, sports, the arts, a profession, vocation, relationships or something internal; like personal growth, spiritual attainment, emotional clarity, cognitive wisdom, parenthood, family life, marital bliss or even a very fulfilling and successful single life.
Superstars invest and expend all of their energies, resources, intellect, soul and money into achieving their goals. Other people invest somewhat less of these things and achieve substantial outcomes. The average person invests a lot less and achieves an average outcome. There are also those who hold back and do not invest all of their energies, hard work, passion and financial resources. These people usually end up failing and wonder why success in some endeavor has never come their way. But the truth of the matter is that they don't have the right stuff when it comes to putting everything into the fulfillment of a dream.
Winners put everything on the line and don't hold back anything when it comes to fulfilling their dreams and goals. They are usually willing to fail and pick themselves up and try again in order to reach the pinnacle of their superstar ambitions. Nothing seems to stop these winners. Losers usually make excuses and unconsciously refuse to put in the extra effort and energy that it takes to achieve success. The superstar is willing to pay any price in order to reach the top of the mountain. Less successful people will only invest just so much and their accomplishments and failures reflect a certain level of drive, motivation and passion. You too can invest yourself to such an extent, in your own particular area of desire and achieve unique and marvelous results. You get only what you are willing to pay for...
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Thanks from PsychotherapyHELP News
I want to personally thank you for contacting me with your questions, issues and concerns. I hope that I have responded with information that was helpful to your situation, and included therapy information for future use. Feel free to contact us concerning what topics you'd like to see in future issues of PsychotherapyHELP News. Email your suggestions to Dr. Paul for inclusion in one of our upcoming issues. We'd love to hear from you.
The purpose of PsychotherapyHELP News is to provide you, the reader, the best information in the field of self 
work, relationships, psychology, and therapy treatment. Knowledge is power and with it, you have the opportunity to change your life for the better.
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