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1.  2003 Resolutions - It’s Never Too Early To Start!

2.  New Articles featuring “The Mate Selection Process” and “To Be: Valued and Devalued”.

3.  Announcement of “Sizzling Relationships”

4.  Online Psychotherapy Has Arrived!

5.  To Combat Holiday Stress - “Managing Stress and Anxiety” audiocassette.



1.  2003 Resolutions -- It's Never Too Early To Start! Try these 29 great self-growth and relationship enhancing resolutions for the New Year. Feel free to write more of your own. Email us some of your resolutions and I will feature them on our web site.

Click on: www.nvo.com/psych_help/2003resolutions. Also, I found an excellent web site that will help you keep your resolutions and email reminders to you.

The web site is "Resolutions Reminders" at http://www.hiaspire.com/newyear/index.htm.


2.  New Articles from PsychotherapyHELP:

Click on this link http://www.nvo.com/psych_help/nss-folder/articles/ to activate your resolutions and enjoy some excellent new articles from PsychotherapyHELP:

The Mate Selections Process: Why Do We Pick The People That We Do And Why Do We Make Them Our Mates? These questions were designed to make you think about your relationships and how you relate to others. Answer them as honestly as you can and see what self-knowledge occurs.

To Be: Valued or DeValued -- the need for valuing your self and being valued by others is important. Find out how to increase your own self-value and learn how to nurture value from others that you deserve.


3.  NEW -- The definitive manual on relationships - "Sizzling Relationships" - is now available from PsychotherapyHELP. "Sizzling Relationships" is over seven chapters of relationship enhancing techniques, questionnaires, and soul searching advice to help you reach the heights of ecstasy, happiness, and love in your relationship. Follow these very powerful and specific guidelines and make these marriage fundamentals the foundation of your relationship. If you are looking for that special "soul mate" or want to deepen the intimacy levels in your current relationship, this manual is for you. Get back to basics!

Click on http://www.nvo.com/psych_help/services/and order "Sizzling Relationships" today.




4.  Online Psychotherapy HAS ARRIVED:  A truly remarkable online therapy -- Email Therapy -- is now available through PsychotherapyHELP with Dr. Paul Hannig. Practiced for years, email therapy has proven its success as a highly effective, creative, and powerful form of healing. Online psychotherapy is the most convenient therapy available. In the privacy of your home and office, you can communicate with your therapist at any time, day or night. Email therapy allows time to compose and reflect on your messages and responses, plus you have a record of communication to review and process whenever needed. For those who prefer the comforting sound of a therapist’s voice, then Telephone Therapy is for you. No longer do you have to get in your car and travel a considerable distance for a therapy appointment. Gone are the days of waiting to pour your heart out in some office that has questionable safeguards for confidentiality and privacy. With Telephone Therapy, you can feel more comfortable and relaxed working through your emotional issues in the privacy of your own home or office. Email Therapy and Telephone Therapy have proven to be highly successful methods of therapy that can bring my expertise to the comfort of your surroundings, not matter where you live. It's easy, affordable, confidential, very effective, and works with any type of schedule. Learn more about it here:






5.  To combat holiday stress - try my “managing stress & Anxiety” audiotape. Produced by Dr. Paul Hannig, "Managing Stress and Anxiety" is the most incredible relaxation and de-stress audiotape available today. Listen as soothing music and audible suggestions relax your body and mind. The tape is sixty minutes, with thirty minutes of suggestions on each side. This is not a subliminal tape. Do not listen to this tape while driving. Click on <http://www.nvo.com/psych_help/services> and order “Managing Stress and Anxiety” today. Our PayPal shopping cart system will automatically calculate cost and shipping for you.



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