It’s Never Too Late To Start!

By Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D.


The New Year will be upon us soon, bringing hope and anticipation for new beginnings. What better way to start the New Year than with some New Year’s resolutions? Below are 29 blockbuster resolutions that have been contributed by our readers. These resolutions may change your life … and, like the ripple effect, those changes will spread to all other areas of your life as well. Feel free to add more resolutions to fit your “life” style. If you like, email them to us and we’ll add them to our next newsletter!



1.           I resolve to be more empathic and become a better listener.

2.           I resolve to discover my spouse’s most important needs and to satisfy them.

3.           I resolve to give up drinking, smoking, and drugs.

4.           I resolve to stop yelling and being so reactive and argumentative.

5.           I resolve to be more honest.

6.           I resolve to make mutual gratifying decisions

7.           I resolve to learn negotiation skills.

8.           I resolve to give my partner uninterrupted attention.

9.           I resolve to hold daily conferences with my partner and family members.

10.      I resolve to spend time meditating, working on myself and getting in touch with my feelings.

11.      I resolve to get rid of my self-destructive, neurotic behavior traits.

12.      I resolve to find out what annoys my partner about me.

13.      I resolve to stop justifying my behavior.

14.      I resolve to stop disrespectful judgments.

15.      I resolve to enhance my own self-worth, self-estimation and my partner’s.

16.      I resolve to learn money control.

17.      I resolve to teach my children about how to judge character and improve their own.

18.      I resolve to become a better person.

19.      I resolve to take responsibility for my bad behavior in the past.

20.      I resolve to seek therapy, get telephone counseling, and read Dr. Hannig’s books.

21.      I resolve to stop being so self-centered.

22.      I resolve to learn healing methods.

23.      I resolve to become more spiritual.

24.      I resolve to get out of my head and into my heart.

25.      I resolve to learn about permanent commitment.

26.      I resolve to learn how to pick the right partner.

27.      I resolve to avoid destructive relationships.

28.      I resolve to take responsibility for my feelings.

29.      I resolve to be a better lover.


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