Psychospiritual Healing and Severe Disorders





Dr. Paul Answers your Questions …



Question: “How do you deal with psychospiritual problems that include psychiatric, personality and medical disorders?”


Answer: That's a big question! First, it is important for me and the affected person to recognize and acknowledge what those problems and disorders are. Then, I have to be in agreement with the sufferer as to what are the psychospiritual issues and how to deal with them. Serious psychiatric problems that include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, anxiety disorders need to be approached in artistic, merciful medical ways. However, we should not ignore the spiritual aspects of these disorders of consciousness.


Question: "How do cosmic forces, whether higher God like or lower level demonic ones, influence and intervene in our lives?”


Answer: Consider medical and psychospiritual intervention as a function of angels of mercy. Higher cosmic forces, spiritual divinity, and God Almighty use people, such as doctors, as channels for healing to come through the natural. In the spiritual world, it is God who provides healing through the natural.


Medical intervention alone may be insufficient. Psychological counseling is advisable and where applicable, train psychospiritual healers and their methods should also be considered.


Certain disorders are regressive in nature. If someone is unable to attain higher levels of consciousness, they are in danger of slipping back to lower order mental and spiritual evolutionary realms. It is at that time that intervention is required. In instances of first and second chakra regressions, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and borderline states become manifest. A young adult between the ages of 18 and 25 is the most vulnerable, since the brain is trying to move the center of self-consciousness from the limbic system to the neocortex. It is also at this time that many young adults are beginning to explore the potentially demonic worlds of alcoholism, sexual acting out, and drug addiction. In a spiritual context, these are malignant strategies that are used by dark side demons who are hellbent on attacking the vulnerable minds, souls and hearts of young people.


Question: “Can you explain some of the more pervasive demonic forces?"


Answer: Below is a list of some of the more virulent attacking demons. These spirits operate within packs, troops and groupings with specific nefarious functions. Fortunately, there are very effective tools that many psychospiritual healers use in the fight against these dark demonic forces. These methods include prayer, meditation, exorcism, deliverance technologies, healing rituals, energy altering techniques, creative visualization, altered states of consciousness approaches and many other modalities.


1. Financial Demons: These supernatural critters are very clever in their ability to render you unable to make money and support yourself. As a troop, these spiritual forces operate within the first chakra survival centering energy system.


2. Sexual abuse demons: These demons can actually set loose sexual abuse or the appearance of sexual abuse in someone's life. They are also responsible for the false illusion/delusion of sexual abuse. They create a blurring of reality in order to deceive and hide their true destructive purposes. They create intense chaos and pain. It is also possible that these unseen forces actually perpetrate sexual abuse and make it appear that certain humans did the abusing. This latter situation may be responsible for many of the false accusations of sexual abuse. The sexual abuse victim in such cases is made to believe that specific people were responsible for the abuse. As I have mentioned, these sexual demons are very clever at creating enormous pain and destruction in people's lives.


3. False Accusation demons: These demons create the illusion and delusion that something is or has happened, when it has not. Therefore, they are delighted when people get caught up in warfare that includes accusation and defensiveness. Our courts are loaded with cases with people suffering from delusional disorder who fervently believe that they have been harmed or abused by someone in particular.


4. False Victimization/villainy: These demons firmly fix in the victim mentality in some people. A victim role requires a complementary villain through whom demons attack others., in order to victimize everyone through confusion. This pattern of demonic influence, requires a savior, hero who rushes in to provide empathic support and encouragement. Eventually, the demons, through the victim, attack the hero/savior and brings him/her down into death, martyrdom and hell. Victory in this situation requires resurrection into heaven.


5. Mental illness demons: These demons look for openings and transition phases in the development of the human brain. Then they attack with ferocious determination, hatred and anger. If they can destroy the spiritual connections of the human victim, then they can chalk up a victory for the devil in his war against the Holy One.


6. Suicidal Demons: These demons inculcate and penetrate the self esteem, mood structures and self-worth of a person. They, then convince the individual that they should kill, self injure or be destructive in various ways. These demons are murderers and by getting a person to attempt suicide, they violate the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." The destruction of God's holy law is a target of these vicious spirits. At the same time, the commandments are very powerful tools for neutralizing and combating dark forces.


7. Self mutilation demons: These demons silently and nefariously convince the individual that they can take away real emotional pain through self cutting and mutilation. All that they really do is distract the person away from the real spiritual issues of allegiance to God and steers one towards evil. These demons usually work in consort with repression spirits, that attack memory, judgment and the accomplishment of real spiritual peace.


8. Dissociation demons: These demons are extremely deceptive and hide very well. They use out of body experiences in the service of malignant regression disguised as self survival. Their purpose is not to achieve spiritual transcendence. Their goal is deterioration. They can get you to have defensive out of body experiences that exist in lower order first chakra consciousness. They temporarily promise you survival from a traumatic experience. But, they do not provide everlasting, solid higher-order heavenly stability and peace.


9. Insomnia demons: This troop of spirits works in conjunction with other troops. Their main function is to disrupt your sleep. They know that without proper rest, your soul, spirit, mind cannot be restored and recuperated. Their principal goal is to drive you insane, where you will eventually want to kill yourself, in order to escape the pain.


10. Convincing Lies demons: These demons occupy a central place in certain disorders, such as paranoid personality and delusional disorder. Consider the archetypal story of the serpent convincingly and successfully persuading Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This suggests that the evil serpent has spent a considerable amount of time and energy plotting his persuasive and convincing strategy for getting the primal couple to believe something different than what God told them. Many paranoid and delusional people spend an enormous amount of time, energy and thought, convincing themselves of the evil intentions of others.


This is how the devil uses self-assertion capabilities for influencing people to commit evil acts. The original, primal quality of human self assertiveness was intended for creative purposes. Demonic forces take the same assertiveness qualities and use them to twist and distort the mind of God's principal creation. The goal of the devil in this instance, is to destroy. The courts can be used by evil spirits in order to persecute the innocent and prop up the guilty. That is why God placed particularly strong emphasis on imparting the quality of justice, through judgment into the world.


Conclusion: I realize that within this article, I may have taken a particular spiritual bent. I must reiterate that psychospiritual healing must take place within a person's spiritual, tribal culture. This first chakra tribal culture orientation should include the tribal culture that one is born into and also those occupational, ideational, philosophical, political tribal affiliations that one joins throughout a lifetime. Flexibility requires understanding and integrating the various cultural and tribal mentalities that exist upon this planet.


P. S: The stronger that you get, the more you will be attacked. You represent a spiritual threat to demonic forces. Is it any wonder that they wish to destroy you and take away all of your potential power!?