By Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC


What a great question! This one has many answers from different directions. Metaphorically, you could say that there are demonic aspects to lust. But, first we must acknowledge that most living creatures possess some aspect of intense sexual desire based on deep longing and craving for sexual experience. Lust is a basic instinctive drive and is deeply rooted in the genital energy centers of the body as well as having correlates in the reptilian and old mammalian brain systems. The neurochemicals of lust may consist of oxytocin for females and vasopressin for males. Dopamine pleasure centers may also play a part in the brain chemistry of lust.


The regulation of these chemical centers may depend on the chemistry of the neocortex control and channeling centers. Now, what does that mean? We humans have a very complex cerebral symbolic, metaphorical emotional/cognitive system that helps us to survive and exist in complex societies. Spiritually, we live within a context of civilization and tribal socialization. Survival and thriving depend on building and creating higher value systems based on honoring and loving one another. These latter energy systems are much more recent in our evolutionary history and have been very responsible for our success as a species.


Boiling it down to basics, lust is good when it is channeled and directed towards socially accepted and approved objects and people. When I use the term "good," in terms of judgments based on good and bad, evil and righteous, I am applying universal principles and archetypes based in second and third chakra judgments.


Question: But, that doesn't answer the question about a demon of lust.


Answer: Forgive me! I tend not to give simple answers to complex phenomena. But, metaphorically and archetypally speaking, deviation from consensus rules and norms takes us into the realm of the spiritual. And that includes the demonic. I'll give you an example. You need lust and genital energy to seek out communion and connection to possible mates. This is usually a first step to securing a sexual love match. On the lower second chakra genital energy system, you are driven by sexual desire. Eventually, your fourth chakra heart energy system kicks in and you feel love towards a particular person. None of this could happen unless you were energized by the attraction/repulsion energy processes of the second chakra/yesod/communion system. The dichotomy of the yesod sefirot consists of spiritual divisions of good and evil. When you direct your communion sexual energies through the right channels, you are favoring the godly course. When you direct your lustful power outside of the realm of your conscience, you have entered the demonic or evil inclination.


It is at that point, that you would be engaging the metaphors, archetypes, symbols, images and beliefs of what we call the spiritual or super natural realm of consciousness. Your tribal system (first chakra) will determine the content and structure of your demonic/dark side and your transcendent eternal light side. If your tribal system explains the misdirection of your lust in demonic terms, you'll categorize sexual straying as belonging to the demon realm. When such a conflict arises, you are faced with a crisis of conscience. Here you are, driven by sexual lust to a forbidden or taboo activity, situation, object or person and the pangs of conscience literally torment you with guilt and depression mixed with powerful sexual tensions and drives. The end result could be a mental breakdown, a personality regressive disorder or, at least, an imbalancing of your critical energy centers. The antidote is to engage yourself in a moral and cosmic correction process that would bring you back to your center. This can be explained in religious terms as returning to the paths of righteousness.


This internal war is fought on many levels of internal consciousness. The choices that you make, will determine your ultimate fate and consequences. Seduction is a universal, collective phenomenon and is used in all aspects of human interaction. How you use your second chakra seductive inclinations will determine your psychological, emotional and spiritual destiny and fate. A case in point would be the biblical story of the mutual seduction of King David and Bathsheba. In my opinion, they were both driven to sexually lust after one another based on second chakra instinctual, unconscious mental maps driven by mystical archetypes. Hebrew civilization condemned their actions and demanded reparations for their so-called sins. After a period of redemption, salvation and forgiveness, a price and a sacrifice had been offered to the God of Israel for payment due on the unbalanced second chakra/yesod/communion energy centers. What followed would be considered a classic love match based on redemption, reconnection and soul mating. The prize for redemption, of course, is reward through the birth of Solomon.


Question: Are you saying that there was a possible demon of lust involved in the mutually seductive actions of David and Bathsheba?


Answer: It certainly looks that way. But, there is a higher power involved in what is called a cosmic (tikune) correction process. For David and Bathsheba, the door to soulmate transcendence proceeded through the sin of lust. In that context, a demon Spirit may have been instrumental in the inevitable struggle for these two individuals to reunite their souls in soulmate destiny. Pain and backsliding may be important elements in helping anyone learn what is necessary in order to elevate to higher levels of spiritual consciousness. The ultimate truth depends upon what choice you make when you are faced with the activation of your second chakra lustful sexual inclinations. Your instincts require a spiritual and chemical governor in order to help you direct or redirect your genital energies in the right direction. That action seems to require some sort of emotional and spiritual intercourse and interaction with the higher spiritual power, which we call God.


When powerful sexual inclinations reach sinful levels, I believe that suppression of the urges is not helpful. I suggest that when the demon of lust begins to lead you in a very dangerous direction, that you sink into the experience and work through it spiritually. Examples of individuals who consciously struggled through their sinful leanings would include St. Augustine, Martin Luther and more recently, Jimmy Swaggert. These people openly confessed their transgressions and supposedly elevated themselves to higher moral planes. The sacrament of confession seems particularly helpful in this area.


Question: But, what do you do when a woman or man displays himself in a sexually seductive and available manner?


Answer: Yesod, communion and the second chakra all contain the energies of sexual display and seduction. Consider the fascination that males have towards female buttocks and breasts. And that's not just any buttocks and breasts. Your second chakra mental sexual mapping may contain very specific types of facial structures and expressions that have very powerful attraction elements. The same mapping process also contains repulsion factors. Remember, yesod and the second chakra deals with attraction and repulsion. I must also warn you, that the magnetic aspects of the sexual energies can change and be modified by many different mental circumstances. In other words, what may appear to you to be very sexy and beautiful at one point could turn completely in the opposite direction at another point. That is to say, sexual object attraction, given the right painful circumstances, could turn to obnoxious repulsion.


But, if you are in a situation where you feel your sexual energies are being pulled away from your principal love partner towards someone else: this could be quite dissonant for you. You still have a choice to redirect your sexual and heart chakra love energies back to your original partner. If that is what you desire. It all depends on your choice of what you wish to gain or lose. The ultimate choice is where and upon whom you wish to bestow your desire. As I have mentioned, you have the choice to direct your libidinal, erotic sexual energies on whomever you wish. Sometimes, your choices will be destructive and sometimes they will lead to greater joy, pleasure and happiness - which are also important aspects of second chakra energies.


   Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil, for thine name's sake!


Question: What is Yesod?


Answer: Yesod is the kaballah equivalent to the second chakra/phallic, genital subtle energy systems. It is also related to the Christian concept of communion, which promotes the code of Honor One Another. It deals with our relationships to one another. It eventually leads to the fourth chakra principle of Love One Another. Disordered yesod functioning could lead to excessive or fixated energies based on hedonism and the exclusive pursuit of pleasure. Symbolically, Hugh Hefner's Playboy empire typifies the high energy pursuit of joyful sexual behavior, seductiveness and display. Isolated yesod energies may not tune into higher order emotional and spiritual faculties of a physically attractive person. If you are drawn sexually and physically to someone else and you base your communion needs solely on that area, you are probably at a more primitive level of soulmate preparation.


A more sophisticated and spiritually mature person would not only be attracted to a person's physicality and sexuality, they would also be highly tuned in to the emotional and spiritual development of that individual. It seems that physical and sexual magnetic attraction occurs first in our evolutionary interactions with one another. It is only later on, when more intimacy develops, that you may become acutely aware of the level of spiritual and emotional evolution of a potential partner. However, for any kind of mating to take place, there has to be that early powerful yesod/second chakra energy attraction. In and of itself, sexual magnetism is not enough to cement and meld a long-lasting powerful love relation communion. Long-lasting, permanent relationships do require a replenishment and consistent activation of sexual passion and attraction in order to sustain and build soulmating connections. Combine that with higher order and levels of spiritual/energy infusions of consciousness and you have soulmate stability. That also requires the second chakra capability for protecting and maintaining the boundaries and integrity of that relationship.


If you can't attain and sustain those activities, you will activate negative second chakra warfare/demolition energies. If you have any doubts about your ability to work through and transcend your yesod inclinations, you can always meditate and pray to God for deliverance, wisdom and understanding. If you believe that you are ready for true soul mating, praying to the divine power to send you your soulmate, is absolutely appropriate and recommended. Don't try to do this all on your own, based on your limited powers of judgment. Trust in God to hook you up with your better/other half. At the same time, don't be afraid to ask for heavy infusions of wisdom and understanding.