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Ecstatic Meditation is designed to strengthen, heal and transform your inner dialogue. In fact, meditation has been healing people and transforming lives for over 5,000 years. That is why I have included meditation as part of my therapy program. You can initiate meditation wherever and whenever you want. As the master of your inner world, use them to help you during times of stress and where self-contemplation is needed. Below is a partial list of meditations to use as needed. Additional meditations can be taught during Telephone, Online and Hypnosis sessions.

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Healing Pain and Hurt: Meditation Basics

The Healing Process

Depression and lack of energy plague many people from time to time. For some people, depression becomes a chronic problem. Meditation when combined with emotional release, takes a person from the deepest pits of hopelessness and feelings of failure, to the heights of ecstasy and happiness. And, it can do this in less time and effort than it takes to eat your lunch. As part of a disclaimer, I recommend that you consult with your physician about possible physical causes and medication.


Depression and lack of energy are usually caused by suppression and constriction of your inner vital capacity. Breathing becomes inhibited. Motivation turns to apathy and feelings of hopelessness while failure permeates your mindset. It goes without saying, that this state of being must be altered by some kind of action oriented intervention. You'll have to become fed up with feeling energetically dead and hopeless about your situation and your future. This means that you commit yourself to take action and what better action is there than learning simple and powerful meditation techniques. If it is appropriate, find a qualified teacher preferably one with a therapy background.


 If you want something that works, then this is a strategy that succeeds. Drop your resistance and get on with it!


Find a comfortable place where you can sit down and not be disturbed. Some people prefer to sit on a pillow; others do quite well sitting upright in a chair. Experiment with what feels right to you. I recommend a place where there are no distractions and you will not be disturbed by anything or anyone. Make sure that you use well selected music in order to create a mood and mind altering experience. Some people prefer not to use music. I have found music to be very helpful for moving the mind out of the logical hemisphere and into the deeper, feeling, spiritual spaces.


If you are sitting on a chair, place your feet flat on the floor and allow your arms and hands to rest on the arms of the chair. If you wish, you can decide whether to close or keep your eyes open. Pull your chin closer to your chest and begin to breathe slowly and deeply, filling your belly first and then your chest. Slowly, allow yourself to expel the carbon dioxide from your lungs. At this point, you may wish to commence prayer according to your needs. If feelings begin to burst out, allow that to happen and at some point begin to coordinate your breathing with the chant, "Omm."


You'll probably notice that the sound of the chant will correspond to a particular chakra or body part, arising from lower to upper, similar to the notes of a musical scale. At first, the sound will appear to be coming from a lower part of your body. After a period of time, the sound may switch to a higher chakra or body segment. It is okay to move from one body segment to another. The shape of the chant may change from time to time as you move from lower to upper chakras and back again.


As you continue the chant, you'll notice that each body segment becomes clearer and more purified. As your chakras open up more and more, you'll notice that your sound and your body is opening up and becoming more powerful. Continue the chant for as long as you need to. Regular meditation usually recommends 20 min periods, a couple of times a day. If you are trying to lift yourself out of depression, you will need to meditate until you notice that you are feeling incredibly happy and blissful. This may take more than a half-hour. Don't stop until you feel satisfied.

Crying is Cleansing

The Crying Meditation

Begin breathing very deeply and let your sound reach a very powerful pitch. Make a crying facial expression and let yourself cry. Allow screams to erupt from the deepest part of your being. Allow your lungs to open wider and wider and the good feelings erupt in tidal waves. Keep breathing until it all subsides.


The dialectical process suggests that there are two sides to every issue and every experience. Each side is completely opposite to the other; but each is equally true. For example, linear thinking would suggest that crying, grieving, screaming and mourning is a very painful experience, something to be avoided. But the dialectical process suggests that the screaming/crying meditation leads to happiness and peak experiences. Screaming out your internal experience does not lead to suffering. In fact, it leads to just the opposite, a cure, and a wonderful, peak clearing of my mind and body. Active crying produces joy and wisdom beyond belief. If this is true, then dialectical thinking is something to be considered.


Consider two sides of the same coin. The coin is an integration of two opposite sides. We consider the coin and sometimes forget that it is made up of two opposite sides. When we look at the coin, we are only seeing the upside, while the downside is unseen. When we turn the coin over, the downside changes its status to the upside, while the former upside is now down and invisible. Each one of us contains many different contradictory sides. This paradoxical nature suggests that for every thing that is real, it's opposite is equally true. By grieving and crying out your specific pain, mourning turns to joy and wisdom. Feeling early terror creates the antidote to anxiety and panic.


You have only to consider the physical realm. The vaccinated substance in your body contains the very disease entity that would bring you down into illness. But through the dialectical process, injecting the disease into your body actually creates a paradoxical healthy state. By crying out the vague tensions in your body and soul, you create transcendence and unspeakable happiness. Paradoxically, the more that you hold and inhibit your pain, the more pain you suffer.


You have heard the phrase, "Get it off your chest." By deep breathing, crying and uninhibited expression of your grief, you get "it" out of your chest, your stomach, your life and your soul. So, why don't more people cry out their early and present grief? The answer is that most people probably don't even know that it exists. Grief disguises itself in all types of heartbreaking symptoms and joy reducing difficulties. Paradoxically, when you let yourself cry out from the deepest parts of your very being, you are not only healing yourself, you are lifting yourself to unlimited heights. Behind every depression, there is unspeakable joy! The other side of hopelessness is a universe filled with hope. For every sin committed, there is redemption and salvation. For every family broken of love, there is a sea of love waiting to bind people together. For everyone who waits, there is a time of deliverance. For every disturbed mind, peace and love holds out its hand.

Restful Sleep

Sleep Meditation

This is the perfect meditation for those of you who have had trouble getting to and staying asleep. This meditation can help you eliminate taking sleep medications. You are going to stare at certain kinds of lights that are different than your usual daytime incandescent light sources. Don't use candles! But you can use a moving fiber optic light source or one of those light bulbs that you would put inside a small Christmas House. Just make sure that the light is not too bright. You want a very subdued, nighttime type of feel. A miniature light bulb placed in some type of miniature building or other structure created by your imagination, is a good source for focusing. If you can use two different lights at the same time, that would be sufficient.


About a half hour before your usual bedtime, just begin staring from one point of light to the other. Do this in a very relaxed manner. After a while, you will begin to feel very relaxed. Your eyes will become tired and begin to close automatically. Breathe deeply, focusing simultaneously on your breathing and the two light sources. Your mind will begin to relax and become clearer. Periodically, move your vision from one light source to the other. When you feel naturally tired and comfortable, get up, turn the lights off and go to bed. This pre bedtime ritual will allow you to experience a natural transition to normal sleep and will prevent any disturbing thoughts from breaking up a normal sleep pattern.


This method of meditation works, because it allows the muscles of your eyes to relax and grow tired naturally. Some people usually go to bed, close their eyes and expect sleep to overcome the day’s thoughts and tensions. By relaxing first and staring at a muted and interesting light source, you set up the expectation for calm sleep. You also establish a pre sleep relaxation ritual that sets up the expectation of restful sleep. Sleep meditation also establishes a new sleep habit that replaces your previous sleep habits.

Rise Above It All

Transcendence Meditation

The world is at war and many people are suffering from fear, anxiety and depression. People no longer feel safe and joy and happiness is hard to come by. Do you have a desire to get away from it all? Perhaps, you wish to elevate yourself out of a depression and you do not know how to do it. Dialectical meditations coach you on how to take troublesome emotions, moods and thoughts and turn them into their opposites. Within every depression there is a hidden unspeakable joy. Hidden in every fear is a peaceful strength. Depression takes you down, while creating miserable thoughts. Deep within depression there is a reservoir of love, joy and happiness. Would you like to pull yourself out of such states and elevate to a place of incredible happiness?


Seat yourself in a comfortable chair and begin breathing very deeply. After a certain amount of time, when you feel comfortable, begin to make the universal "AHHHH or OHHHH'' sound. Focus your mind on the outcome that you desire. Some people just focus on emptying the mind. But, you can allow your intuition to reveal to you a word that takes you to the elevated place that you desire. Try focusing on the words "elevate, transcend, happiness, joy." You might picture your mind going off into the universe. Do not be surprised if certain vital images come into your mind. Some people actually picture God sitting on a sacred throne.


Transcendence implies that it is easy to get caught up in the world. If you are going through difficult times, you may be seeking to establish some joy and pleasure in your life. The world is known for worry, struggle and warfare. It is a difficult place for you to feel safe during uncertain and painful times. Through transcendence meditation you can lift yourself out of this world. Transcending the world can be very healthy for your mind and your emotional state. Transcendence meditation is a mental rocket ship that can take you anywhere that you wish to go. This type of meditation should not be confused with a certain spiritual practice that was called transcendental meditation. Transcendence meditation is a psychological tool for changing the very nature of your emotional and mental chemistry. It is not associated with any particular spiritual tradition.

That Which Inspires, Heals

Inspirational Meditation

During the course of a day, you may come across a situation or read something that inspires you. Perhaps it is a person who has a unique healing perspective. During your meditation, this situation or that person may suddenly appear in your field of consciousness. Go with the flow. It might have been something that the person said or wrote that triggers you. One night I was meditating and a healing concept espoused by Dr. Andrew Weil came into my consciousness. It was about deep physical healing. I could actually feel myself go into that deep place and experience the healing center that he wrote about.


The term "inspiration" has its connection to breath inhalation and exhalation. Deep breathing inspires healing and reveals an entire universe of possibilities. You will notice that when you do deep meditative breathing that the exhalation is longer than the inhalation. It is very helpful to fully exhale all of the carbon dioxide out of your lungs when you do meditation.

Meditating with Blacklight

Plenarian Meditation

This particular form of meditation is based on very definite and specific techniques as coached by Dr. Hannig. It is also based on a very specific environment, that he constructed. This environment consists of the use of ultraviolet, black lights, phosphorescent glow in the dark paint and planetary or cosmic images. To the extent that meditation integrates mind/body work, would suggest its usefulness for enhancing signal processing throughout the entire brain. Perhaps, this may explain the extraordinary benefits that result from meditative work.

Morning Energizer

Morning Meditation

In the morning, many people drink coffee in order to energize the reticular activating system, located in the ancient reptilian hind brain. Caffeine and cocaine release torrents of energy and neurochemicals from the hind brain to the other brain areas. This stimulation "wakes up" the mid brain and the higher cortical centers. This wakefulness improves alertness and functioning. The use of caffeine involves the process of using one chemical system to activate other chemical systems, associated with consciousness. A morning meditation does the same thing, without using caffeine. Deep breathing accompanied by sound meditation opens up brain areas while providing knowledge, healing and insight. This type of meditation can also open up powerful feelings stored in the limbic system. Screaming and crying are the results. Of course, any release from lower brain centers requires a cognitive connection for full relief and benefit.


That's where thoughts and language play a very important part. For example, while you are engaging in a morning meditation, intuitive energies from the sub dominant right hemisphere can activate powerful insights, such as, "It's a new day, a new dawning, a new beginning. There is hope. There is uplifting. There is peace and love."

Business Meditation

Business Meditation

If you are looking for a way for increasing your business acumen, I recommend the following business meditation. The preliminary physical set up is the same for all meditations. Find a quiet, secure place where you can sit, recline or lie down fully. Make sure the room is not over lit. You may use atmospheric music as a background and an aide to meditation. Focus on your breathing. Inhale slowly through your nose, filling your belly first with air and then your lungs. Slowly exhale through your mouth. Make sure you fully exhale all of the carbon dioxide. If you wish, on the exhale, you may chant the mantra "OMMMMM!" Gently bring your mind to the business issue that you are desiring to resolve. Wait for the answers to come through you. If you desire, you might write down each idea and suggestion that the wisdom of the universe gives you.

You do not have to belong to any particular religious orientation to practice this meditation and gain insight. Agnostics, atheists and deeply religious individuals can mold this meditation to their own particular styles. One individual may set the meditation based on the anticipation that God will provide the answers to business issues. Another person might focus slowly on the business matter at hand and still receive the required answers to business problems. The popularity of meditation as a major insightful problem solver can be adaptable to anyone. Feel free to experiment; but by all means, record the information that you receive. You will be amazed at the clarity of answers that meditation provides! I recommend that you practice meditation on a regular daily basis, in order to reap the many benefits that it provides. You can practice from 5 to 20 minutes or half an hour, once or twice a day.

Get Happy!

Meditation: From Unhappy to Happy

This meditation is very simple and straightforward. It doesn't require much effort, but it involves the opposites of "happy to unhappy." Just sit upright in a chair or in any other posture or situation that feels comfortable for you. If you are tired, don't breathe too deeply. You can even eliminate the sound method that uses "AHHHH" or "OHHHH." Just sit! If you desire, you may use music accompaniment. Tilt your head upwards and use the word "lift" for concentration and focusing purposes. With your elbows resting on a solid object like armchair rests or your knees, turn your palms upwards in a lifting motion. As a ritual, you might lift your arms to the heavens. Think of it as if you are offering something or someone up to Heaven, similar to Abraham offering up his son Isaac. Be patient and wait for the scene to unfold. Ecstasy and bliss will come.


This is a fairly effortless meditation that can lift you out of the world and into the spiritual plane. If you prefer to think of this in the chakra model, this meditation will lift you out of the worldly, third chakra and put you into the elevated, spiritual fourth chakra and above. Do not do this meditation if you do not possess a solid sense of self. Meditation can open various parts of your mind to energies that require a strong sense of "I" centeredness. This sense of "I" groundedness is usually located in the left dominant hemisphere of the brain. In other words you need a strong sense of self before you can transcend to higher levels of consciousness. The existence of a mental or severe personality disorder could make you vulnerable to fragmentation and serious breakdown. However, stress relief and relaxation exercises could be helpful for fortifying and strengthening the sense of "I" that is necessary for deep inner work.

Focused Meditation

Focused Meditation

Don't know what's going on? Your mind is racing from one thought and project to another? Have too much on your plate and don't know where to start? Can't make a decision on what to focus on? Stymied by what decision to make? Well, welcome to the world! There is an answer and it's called focused meditation. It's nothing fancy or extensive. Just the simple act of sitting alone in a dark room and meditating to your own Sound! Breathe deep through your nostrils or your mouth and slowly exhale, while you chant "OOOOOOMMMmmm." Make sure you expel all of the carbon dioxide out of your lungs. Keep your eyes closed if you are looking for an answer from your subconscious mind. Background meditative, cosmic music can be beneficial. If you keep your eyes open, focused meditation can clear your mind of all distracting and intrusive thoughts. Experiment with variety in mind; eyes closed or eyes open.


Soon, something will begin to emerge into consciousness. What ever it is, it has been hidden and stored in the vast universe of your unconscious mind. This material may have been stored in your sub dominant right hemisphere or your limbic brain. Your left cortical brain stores a lot of information, but it does not sort it out for you. It requires the assistance of your right intuitive/feeling brain and your limbic system. By meditating you activate the neurotransmitter dopamine, which signals various brain areas that release serotonin and norepinephrine. When this chemical process begins, the gating or inhibiting chemicals in your brain are lowered. The result is: your brain operates more holistically. That is to say, unconscious material and organizing forces move information into the higher cortical centers. You now have the information that you were seeking, but could not find by just using your dominant hemisphere.

Using your Inner Energy

The Spirit World

While you are conducting your meditation you may suddenly enter into a spirit world. This world will include the possibility of Remote Healing, whereby you will enter the space of being capable of healing someone from a distance. If your eyes are closed, you may actually be able to see the person targeted for healing and your hands circling around that person's image in a healing ritual.


Some meditators visualize an archetypal figure, such as a shaman with a healing stick and herbal smoke. These images can emerge from your personal unconscious mind or the collective unconscious. It is quite common for universal symbols to emerge in meditation. The deep inner focusing of meditation opens up various areas of the mind/brain and imparts wisdom, healing and transformation.


The use of the hands has been a powerful healing tool for thousands of years. The laying on of hands has been practiced in many different disciplines. It is a principal tool in the Reiki healing method. You can use your own hands for healing, by placing one hand over that part of the body that requires transformation. Remember, to hold the expectation for healing. I have used this method for over 30 years in many different therapeutic contexts and varied purposes. The hands can also be moved over the body without touching it, for clearing a person's energy field.

Ancestral Meditation

Ancestral Meditation

Sometime, during the course of your meditation experiences, you may feel the necessity to call in your deceased relatives and ancestors. There may be a situation in your life that needs healing and you can call in the healing power of your ancestral spirits. Even though they have passed on, they are still capable of passing on to you, their love and their healing energy. This is a very powerful healing experience. Relatives that have passed on are still part of your family and they are deeply invested in your well-being and health. You may even be able to experience powerful love feelings coming from ancestors whom you have never met and may have lived long before you were born.


This can be a very powerful emotional experience, where you are capable of visualizing powerful archetypal, symbolic images. The following is an example: "I am in the midst of drawing in very powerful Reiki spiritual healing energies. God has given permission for my nearest and most distant deceased relatives to come into my presence and share their love. They are placing their hands on my body in order to heal my ailments. They’re also placing their loving hands on my son, who is suffering from disease. I see the powerful primordial light of God coming from behind an army of my distant deceased relatives. They are coming towards me with the light of God behind them. I have seen this image before and I know how healing it can be. I can feel the healing energy entering into my body and I know that this is real."


The question arises as to how do you know when something is real or not. There is the physical, tangible, material universe and you can see, touch, hear and smell it. That's physical reality! It's quite peculiar that different people perceive this external reality in different ways. It makes you believe that physical reality is still subject to individual interpretation and perception. But, there is something down deep inside of you that knows when something is real, even though it falls into a realm outside of material reality. When you first start to let healing energy enter into you, you will need to be patient before it is manifested on the material plane. The healing power of God, Reiki energy and the healing touch of your ancestors enters into you first and then the healing begins. There are very few instant, spiritual cures. It takes time for the healing to manifest itself through lifestyle change and organic rehabilitation.

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