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We go along way back as one would assume from our years of IFR experience. Our heritage started with Fred Hunt and Harold Selim. Fred, a visionary. Harold, a brilliant designer capable of fulfilling dreams. The attributes and determination of these individuals were the paramount influences in building a world class organization, IFR Systems. It was a pleasure for us to have had the opportunity to mentor and developed from each of them. Their outlook, attitude and ethic will long be remembered..........

In Nov. of 1999 ProCal Laboratories was established by Ken Showalter and Jim Reece to continue a commitment to provide cost-effective services and exceptional value to the avionics community. Ken was the former “Director of Marketing and Sales" at IFR and also managed the company’s engineering department. During his 23 year tenure he was a key contributor to the company’s avionics and communications product lines and growth of the overall organization.

Jim, as well is an IFR alumni of over 6 years as a factory service engineer and one of the most knowledgeable on IFR products in the industry. He has over 20 years experience with both IFR and factory distribution. Jim has long since attained the skills and abilities to provide the utmost in quality service and support.

We at Procal Laboratories are dedicated to continuing the initial IFR traditions. We will strive to keep your IFR test instruments in excellent operating condition. This is our objective even though some units may be aged over the 30 year mark and no longer supported by the factory. We have made efforts to acquire inventories to help us achieve this goal. Your satisfaction and confidence are our primary concerns. Our special thanks to each of our customers for there continued patronage and support.

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