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Detroit Blues From No Cover Productions : No Cover News

No Cover   
23200 Kenosha  
Oak Park, MI 48237  

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Another Productive Year For No Cover

January's Release: Yakity Yak & The Mike Espy Band have signed with No Cover. They have recorded a new CD at Straight Ahead Studios titled "Born in the Country" (NCP102) which was released in January, before the guys went down to Memphis to compete in the International Blues Competition there. This CD has that real-deal blues feel that you must have.

January's Other Release: "The Flatrock Riverfest" (NCP031)this Festival happened for a couple years in a park outside Michaels On The River, a downriver blues club which still exists today. These recordings were done at the 2001 Riverfest and they took a few years to see the light of day, but it was worth the wait. With songs from a diverse selection of Detroit blues acts, some of which are still playing today, some of which have since broken up. This CD serves as a reminder of the great times had at those festivals. bands include: The Playboys, Lucas, Buck & The System, The Amazing Boneheads, Stoney Mazar & The Westsiders, Blue Rose, Mystery Train, and the band that helped put this festival together, the Diamond Dukes. 8 bands/12 songs.

Febuary's Release: "The Best Of Heatstock Vol. Seven" (NCP104) features songs from the many bands which performed at the 2007 Heatstock festival including: Lester's Blues, The Erich Goebel Band, The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine, Robert Noll Blues Mission, Jazz Junk & The Booty, Gary Winslow,The Boogie Chillens, "Lonesome" Dave Paul, Sweet Claudette & Friends, Cathy Davis & The Soul Searchers, The Curtis Sumter Project and Motor City Josh & The Big 3

March's Release: Joe Neely & The Suburban Legends "Live at the Cadieux Cafe" (NCP103) We have done a limited edition release of Joe's new CD. With 11 songs and only 2 covers this new band is bursting onto the scene! Recorded live at the Cadieux Cafe, a venerable Detroit music club. This CD marks a fresh start for Joe, and his first time as the bandleader, so look out the Suburban Legend has been started! 

May's Release: Christopher Leigh & The Boogie Chillens Have finished working on a new project titled "Gotta Boogie" (NCP105). Christopher has been featured on the Alley Katz CD "Goin' Alley On Your Mind" (NCP058) and the Boogie Chillens CD "I Don't Know" (NCPR67). The new project features all-original tunes, most penned by Christopher.

June's Release: Dale Robertson has finished with his latest release "Withchcraft" (NCP109) the new CD features the Alley Katz band on many of the 14 tracks all of which were written by Dale. The title cut was a rare musical moment- the thunderstorm you hear was recorded live as the band played - with a extra mic out on the back porch of the Studio! (don't forget to check out Dales first release which is in the "Other Peoples CDs you can buy" section of this website)

June's Other Release: No Cover Sampler #7 "7x14 Blues" (NCP107) features cuts from 14 of the latest releases from no Cover. We start off with the release of two live CD's - one from Sweet Claudette and then Volume 2 of Robert Noll's "Live Retrospect" Series. This is followed by Christy & Jeff Howard doing a CD as a dou after winning the Detroit Blues Challenge. Next we reissued Sweet Claudette's second CD "Aint Gonna Wash your Dirty Clothes". Then we released  Gary T. Winslow's Solo debut titled  "...The Adventures Of". Next the Bobby Murray Band is Back with a release featuring Lenny Watkins recorded live at Memphis Smoke. Odell Blues Boy "D" follows with "These Kind Of Blues" from "The Best Of Heatstock '06" CD.  Next up a special project commemorating Catalogue # 100 - No Cover invited all the artists from the first 100 projects to record a track for this milestone. Then we are on to a third Blues Challenge Sampler, again released in cooperation with the Detroit Blues Society, this time featuring the Sax Maniacs from 2006. This is followed by Yakity Yak and the Mike Espy Band doing a CD after winning the Detroit Blues Challenge in 2007. Next we have a brand new act, which was formed by Joe Neely, who has played keyboards in several No Cover bands. Joe Neely & The Suburban Legends Recorded their Debut Cd "Live at the Cadieux Cafe" a well known East side club. "Lonesome" Dave Paul follows with "Hurricane Blues" from "The Best Of Heatstock '07" CD. Which is followed by the New Release from Christopher Leigh and the Boogie Chillens "Gotta Boogie"  Then we close out this sampler with a cut from the fourth Blues Challenge Finals Sampler, again released in cooperation with the Detroit Blues Society, this time featuring Al Lukas doing "She's My Caddilac" from 2007.This series is a great way to get introduced to the Deep stable of talent at No Cover. A total of 7 CD's with nearly 100 songs!

July's Release: "Feudal, Brutal, and the American Dream" (NCP110) This Cd might not be called a blues disc but there are some great songs and it does fall under the "Roots" music header. Spencer Bell passed from this world before this CD was released, but his father William Bell and good friend Ben Johnson, along with Denny Baran and Mike Boulan of No Cover, finished the project and it is being released as a tribute to Spencer.

August's Release: these challengers are all top shelf with great songs and licks to spare. check it out! The finals of "The Detroit Blues Challenge" (NCP106) decides who will represent the Motor City at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis each year. the DBS has a series of competitions to get to the finals so all the bands here are top notch. this is the fourth in a series of CD's with each one representing a year's show.
inclues performances by: Sweet Claudette, Yakity Yak and Mike Espy, The Justine Blazer Band, Michael May and the Messarounds, Reverend Robert Sexton's All-Star Blues Revue, Al Lukas, and the Front Street Blues Band.

Septembers release: CeeCee Collins & the RJ Spangler Trio celebrated the release of their new CD "Don't Mess Around" (NCP111) on Friday & Saturday, September 12 & 13   "Don't Mess Around" was recorded in July for No Cover label, the home of the blues here in Detroit.  It contains orginals by CeeCee, including the title cut as well as three great covers by true Detroit blues legends: Mr. Bo, Willy D. Warren and Eddie "Guitar" Burns !  "Don't Mess Around" is a soulful package of real urban Detroit style blues.  The RJ Spangler Trio features the strong guitar work of Paul Carey (Alberta Adams, Thornetta Davis, Sir Mack Rice, etc.) and the soulful Hammond organ of Phil Hale (also w/ Thornetta Davis as well as the Milton Show and his own Philharmonic Trio) as well as the leader, on drums.  Over the years RJ has behind the careers of such artists as Alberta Adams, Johnnie Bassett, Joe Weaver, the Motor City R&B Pioneers, Odessa Harris and many others, taking them all over the world to perform. 
The real story though is CeeCee Collins, an under-rated Detroit gem! CeeCee has worked in Europe with the New Supreme's and around Detroit with the Detroit Underground, the Witch Doctors and Soul Purpose.  She is an incredible blues & soul singer who sings with conviction and great emotion and has become known for her ability to really connect with an audience.

October's Release:  Christy & Jeff Howard have finished work on "I Crossed The Tracks" (NCP113). This is their second CD for the No Cover Label. this is the follow up to the CD "Deep In Blues Country" (NCP094) which has had several songs in the top 10 on the Broadjam website for over Four months straight! (This is the third CD for Christy & Jeff - They also have a self-released Country music CD)

November's Release: Broken arrow is ready to release their new CD "Baby's Gone" . 12 songs (all original) with a rockin' blues feel should make people quickly aware of this new band (with a few familiar faces in it) including Big Al Grebovic, Dale Robertson who also has "Witchcraft" (NCP109) and Shadowhawk who is playing the drums on the Boogie Chillens CD "Gotta Boogie" (NCP106)


Copyright 2017 No Cover

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