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Detroit Blues From No Cover Productions : No Cover News

No Cover   
23200 Kenosha  
Oak Park, MI 48237  

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Another productive year!

1. January's Release: The Sax Maniacs  have joined the roster of artists here at No Cover. Titled "Will The Last One Out Of Detroit Please Turn Out The Lights" (NCP089) this one has 10 original tunes and no covers.

2. January's Other Release: Christy & Jeff Howard have a new CD titled "Deep In Blues Country" (NCP094)this one has 14 original tunes and no covers.

3. Febuary's Release: Robert Noll continues his Retospect series with the release of "Live Retrospect Vol. 2" (NCP093)

4. March's Release: The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine has finished recording "It Ain't Easy" (NCP091)their fourth Cd on the no cover label.

5. April's Release: Sweet Claudette is releasing her first live CD with No Cover. This one is titled "Live and Kickin'" (NCP092) The new CD was recorded on the 30th of November 2006 at Max Duggan's on 10 mile between John R. And Dequindre roads. her first release"Linament & Collared Greens"(NCPR63) is also available in our "No Cover CD's You Can Buy" section.

6. April's other release: 6X14 Blues (NCP095) This disc chronicles another 14 releases from No Cover.
1. This Guitar 5:03
2. I Got The Blues 6:35
(Robert Noll Blues Mission)
3. Nightly Things 5:14
(Travelin' Blues)
4. Goodbye Little Girl 2:45
5. Bring It On Up 4:57
(Kenny Miller)
6. Everything's Gonna Be O.K. 4:14
(The Chris Canas Blues Revolution)
7. Fade My Blues 7:36
(Robert Noll Blues Mission)
8. Gasoline Blues 3:30
("Lonesome" Dave Paul)
9. Summa Dizz 4:27
(Cooley Pope)
10. Come On In 8:04
(Charles "Buddy" Smith)
11. Let's Spend Christmas Together 7:09
(Billy Davis)
12. Woman You Don't Mean A Thing To Me 3:25
(The Sax Maniacs)
13. Easy Target  6:16
(Robbie Lee Noll)
14. Soul Shaker 5:05
(The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine)

7. Junes Release: It was a great deal of fun doing these recordings, with Neil Sever at the board all I had to do was enjoy the show for the most part. I did have to bring down the Hammond B-3 from the studio for one show, which was a back breaker, but the sound it produced was well worth the effort. After the release of "Live & Lowdown!" (NCP023) from Bobby Murray these tapes went into the No Cover archives for a few years. Now it's time to re-visit them for the release of Lenny Watkins' first ever solo CD "Live At Memphis Smoke" (NCP098). Lenny's dynamic vocals and stage presence exite the crowd which only serves to energize him even more. I am glad to have had the chance to work with all the great musicians who back Lenny on this Cd. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it

8. July's Release: The Best Of Heatstock 2006 (NCP099)is another great CD with 16 cuts (One from each band which played at the 2006 show) 79+ minutes of Heatstock action, which is all we could cram onto the disc.

FEATURES: Travelin Blues, Erich Goebel, Luther "Badman" Keith, Kenny Miller, Robert Noll, The Curtis Sumter Project, Jazz,Junk & The Booty,"Lonesome" Dave Paul,Wailin' Dale & The D.T.'s, Little Jr. Cannaday, The Alley Katz, Charles "Buddy" Smith, Odell Blues Boy"D" & the Delta 5, The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine, Miss Cathy Davis & The Soul Searchers, and Motor City Josh & The Big 3 

9. July's other Release: Gary Winslow has released a CD for No Cover. "...The Adventures Of" (NCP097) Gary is a solo artist that blends new styles of music like hard rock with the Piedmont style blues he was taught by his father, who was taught by Reverend Gary Davis, and became close friends with him - even naming Gary after the Reverend. this artist is going to be one to watch! 14 original songs and only 1 cover song

10. September's Release: Ain't Gonna Wash Your Dirty Clothes (NCPR96) this CD was first released by Sweet Claudette on her Bee4 Reel Label back in 2001 and now we are re-issuing it on No Cover. 10 tracks all written by Claudette make this CD a must have disc for her many fans.

11. November's Release: Detroit Blues Challenge Finals 2006 (NCP101)This is the third disc in this series, all recorded at the annual finals of the Detroit Blues Challenge. This one covers the 2006 finals with 2 songs each from: The Sax Maniacs, Mick 'N Honey, The Front Street Blues Band, Christy & Jeff Howard (The Solo-Duo Winners!), The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine, and Rusty Wright Blues. (The Full-Band Winners!) Previous CD's in this series cover the 2005 and 2004 finals

Copyright 2017 No Cover

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