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Detroit Blues From No Cover Productions : No Cover News

No Cover   
23200 Kenosha  
Oak Park, MI 48237  

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The No Cover News:

January 2012

The Latest No Cover News:

Heatstock Update:

Heatstock 2012 will be sponsored by the Detroit Blues Society.
It will be held at the Hastings Street Ballroom on July 28th from 2 pm until 2 am. Tickets will be $15 in advance and $20 at the gate. Proceeds will benefit the Mike Boulan Legal Defense fund and the Detroit Blues Society Education fund. Go to the No Cover Facebook page for more info, Or the Detroit Blues Society website to get advance tickets at Hope to see you there!

P.S. go to the Heatstock 2009 thru 2003 section of this website to see some posters for this year!

It looks like No Cover will be releasing a new studio CD from the Flying Crowbars featuring Erich Goebel and James Cloyd! Details to follow soon!

New Label Started: No Cover Has released well over 100 CD's all featuring Detroit area Blues. Now we are starting a brand new label called
Mo' Sound to record some of the other great music of Detroit. Looking Up At Down has started sessions on a CD that may be the first release for the Mo' Sound label. Look for more updates as the label takes shape.

Other news items:

Recording: we have nearly finished the sessions for catalouge #100, a special 2 disc set, featuring many of the artists from the first 99 projects. We felt that a special disc was in order to celebrate this major milestone and this project is going to be just that, a special disc indeed! with a who's who of Detroit blues men (and Women) we will have a great collection representing 14 years of No Cover recordings....thanks and keep the blues alive....Mike

Signed: Jimmy Baker will be recording a CD for No Cover. Jimmy will be using Billy Davis on guitar along with James Cloyd on Bass and some other well known Detroit blues artists to make this record. Look for more details soon.

Recording: Johnny Norwood is working on a few more songs to finish his CD "Somebody Got My Love" Johnny will use the Billy Davis Rhythm Machine for these tracks.  

Started Recording: Jeff Grand & The Grandmasters have started recording a second CD for No Cover.  Jeff's first disc for No Cover titled
"Therapy" (NCP037) was a musical masterpiece and we will be looking forward eagerly to this new release. Jeff will be using Chris Rumel on Bass, and Martin Gross on Drums to make this record. His good friend, Eddie Harsh will add some keyboards, along with other special guests.

Started Recording: Caleb Ford & The American Ramblers have started recording a CD for No Cover.  Caleb will be using T-Bone on Bass, and Spliff on Drums to make this record. His Brother, Motor City Josh will add some Guitar, along with other special guests.

Mixing: Monster Chuck & The BBQ'D Blues Band have finished recording a CD for No Cover.  Chuck used his son Alex on Bass, Johnny Rhoades & Motor City Josh on Guitar, and Justin on Drums to make this recording.  Motor City Josh Fans will recognize Chuck as the co-writer of many of Josh's songs.  When you see his act live, you never know who will be cooking in the band with him - but you can be sure they all will be top-notch artists!  Update: the CD is finished we just need to do the cover art!

Other projects lurking around in the archives include, A new studio release from Bobby Murray, a studio CD re-issue from Wailin' Inc., and Mystery Train live with Motor City Josh. But that's not all....                                                            

Check the Detroit Blues Society Website for a great list of blues shows:

July 29th & 30th 2011



I Hope you did not miss THE festival of the summer - HEATSTOCK! July 29th and 30th 2011 We had all the usual stuff-- smoked turkeys-- roaster hog--chicken--sausage--hotdogs--hamburgers--beer--pop--plenty of blues bands--camping--door prizes (we skipped door prizes for more music this year!)---All included with your ticket!!. The Detroit Blues Society Came out this year to put up a table at Heatstock for the 12th time. The West Michigan Blues Society was unable to make it but will hopefully come out for their 8th visit in 2012. We here at No Cover welcome the WMBS, and the DBS and we ask all the Heatstock regulars to join these groups and also support the bands who play at Heatstock every year by purchasing their CD's and/or attending their live shows.--Mike.

Tom the Detroit videoman came out to Heatstock for the first time in 2002 and made a video featuring two songs from each band that played. Copies are available through Tom, you can get them through his website at Over 2 hours for just $10 What a deal! He made a 2003 Version from his second visit which is a 2 tape set with 3 hours of music. The '04 version is also excellent.  The recordings from '05 are super-fantastic! and he was back again in '06 too! (he also taped the '07 thru '11 shows, of course)

We also have 10  Cd's available from the Best of Heatstock series in our No Cover Cd's You Can Buy section of this website

2011  Schedule:

Friday, July 29th:

 6:30 - 7:40 Looking Up At Down  8:00- 9:20 The Flying Crowbars.... 9:40 - 11:00 The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine.... 11:20 - 1:00 Psychild

Saturday, July 30th: 
12:00 - 1:00 "Lonesome" Dave Paul....1:20 -
2:20 Big Al & Friends....2:40 - 3:40  Jeff Grand & The Grandmasters.... 4:00 - 5:00 The Dale Robertson Band .... 5:20 - 6:20 Luther "Badman" Keith....6:40 - 7:40 The Alligators.... 8:00 - 9:00 Mike Espy Band with Yakity Yak.... ....9:20 - 1:00  Motor City Josh & The Big Three & an All Star Jam Session

To get to Heatstock: Take the Palace exit off 1-75 and go north until you get to Lapeer.  (or take I-69 to the Lapeer exit) continue north on Lapeer road for another 15 miles to Otter Lake road.  turn left on Otter Lake road and go 4 miles to Fostoria Road.  turn right and go approximately 3 miles to town.  turn left on Saginaw St. (at the Fire Escape Bar) and follow the curves/signs for 1 mile to the site.  There will always be a map included with all advance tickets or you can call the Hotline at 248-398-6877 for more info

Mapquest address: 915 Garfield Road Fostoria MI 48435

to get tickets: go to this website's homepage and scroll down or write to:
No Cover
23200 Kenosha
Oak Park MI 48237

1 day pass $40 advance or $50 at the gate

2 day pass $50 advance or $60 at the gate

New for 2011: Thursday set-up
Come out and set up your site on thursday after 6 PM
(there will be a $10 charge per vehicle for Thursday)

P.S. Don't forget to send us your e-mail address to be on the mail list for this and other No Cover Productions!!


A Long Overdue Project!!


We are offering a great way to check out the variety of artists on the label with these sampler discs. An 8 CD set with one song from each release in cronological order. "The first 14"  (NCP029) features 14 songs from the first 5 years of No Cover. "The Next 14" (NCP039) has 14 more songs from the next 14 cd's which we released. Vol. #3 "Another 14"  (NCP047), Vol.#4 "Not Another 14" (NCP069),  Vol.#5 "14 More!" (NCP081),and  Vol. #6 "6x14 Blues" (NCP095)   Vol. #7"7x14 Blues" (NCP107) are also available.

And last but not least: Vol. #8"8x14 Blues"(NCP122)

A great set of party discs and a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the stable of artists here at No Cover.

Price is only $10.00 per CD (includes shipping) to get yourself a few copies today click on the "No Cover CD's You Can Buy" tab on the left above

2010 release list

No Cover slows release rate as Mo' Sound comes on!

2010's No Cover Releases:

April's Release: The Alligators have been a staple of the Detroit blues scene for over two and a half decades! They have several rockin' CD's out. Now they are ready for their first release on the No Cover label. There are 13 songs on the new CD  "Down at Big Kadie's" (NCP125)

May's Release: Billy Davis and the Rhythm Machine have released another No Cover CD. "Blackballed" (NCP129) Billy has used Mike Davis on Bass and Jeff Howard on Bass and guitar - Pete Berg on Drums and a host of great Detroit players to make what may be his best No cover release to date. The release party was at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak Saturday June 26th

June's Release: "Blues Challenge Finals 2008" (NCP126) with tracks from: John Latini, Count Bracey & The Pleasure Tones, The Paul Miles Band, Crossroads Blues Band, and The Out Of Favor Boys, this was quite the competition! Our hats are off to winners John Latini and Count Bracey & The Pleasure Tones!

June's Other Release: "Best Of Heatstock 2009" (NCP127) with tracks by, Broken Arrow Blues Band, John Latini, Sweet Claudette & Friends, Laith Al Saadi, Robert Noll Blues Mission, "Lonesome" Dave Paul, Yakkity Yak and the Mike Espy Band, Christopher Leigh Band, The Christy Howard Band, The Alligators, The Bobby Murray Band, Motor City Josh & The Big 3 it was a great show, a must for all heatstockers blues collections!!

July's Release: "Blues Challenge Finals 2009" (NCP130) with tracks from: Carl Henry, John Latini, Broken Arrow Blues Band, Big "B" And The Magic Bullets, Christopher Leigh Band, Crossroads Blues Band, and Josh Boyd, this was quite the competition! Our hats are off to winners John Latini and Crossroads Blues Band!

July's Other Release: Viper Madness (NCP128) Features the legendary John Sinclair doing 10 pieces on the period before Marijuana was illegal. Featuring stories and comments from Louie Armstrong and Mezz Mezzrow. John is backed up by the big horn sounds of RJ Spangler's Planet D Nonet, a big band and swing ensemble from Detroit!

December's Release: The Detroit Blues Society has a project, chaired by Wolfgang Spider, which strives to put headstones on the unmarked graves of our blues legends who have passed on. We recorded a fundraising event held April 18th 2010 at Callahan's in Auburn Hills MI which is being released as the Detroit Blues Society Headstone Project (NCP131) with all funds going to help fund the Headstone Project. The Carl Henery Band, The Alligators, Little Sonny, and Roni Collins all played their hearts out for their lost brothers in arms. R.I.P. Blues brothers.

2009 release list

Another good year

September's Release: The Chris Canas Blues Revolution has released "Live At The Attic Bar" (NCP108) the attic may be gone, but several No Cover CD's were recorded there, which leaves us with some great memories. This offering from Chris Canas features recordings from two different nights at the Attic. There were some personel changes, which makes for a different sound. On one night Chris has Tampa Ted on second guitar while on the other he has  the Modfather on keyboards. there are two versions of the song "Unforgiven" here which feature the different lineups.

August's Release: Psychild (Robert Noll) has released "Retrospect Vol. 4" (NCP124) These are early recordings done straight to two track, during the early 90's, and pre-dating the start of the No Cover label. This one again shows Robert's penchant for longer tracks during this time with one song clocking in at over 30 minutes!

August's Other Release: Billy Davis has released "Mr. Rock & Roll" (NCP121) his 5th release for the No Cover Label. As usual this one features all-original songs from Billy, who may be the most prolific songwriter in Detroit today! Billy used the Christy Howard band on some of these tracks, and they are doing shows together as well. Look for Billy to appear on the next Christy Howard Band CD too.

July's Release: Psychild (Robert Noll) has released "Retrospect Vol. 3" (NCP123) These are early recordings done straight to two track, during the early 90's, and pre-dating the start of the No Cover label. This one shows Robert's penchant for longer tracks during this time with one song clocking in at over 22 minutes!

June's Release: 8x14 blues (NCP122) No Cover's 8th CD in our sampler series, This disc chronicles another 14 releases from the Detroit blues label No Cover Productions.
This is the 8th sampler in the series with each one containing 14 tracks.  with one song off each Cd No Cover has released, these samplers are a great way to get to know the many artists who have recorded for this prolific label. 8x14 = 112 songs if you have the whole set!

We start this one off with a song by Chris Canas a young singer- guitarist who is keeping the blues alive, while mixing in newer styles to come up with a unique sound. Then Dale Robertson adds a touch of "Witchcraft" to the mix with the title track from his first No Cover release. Spencer Bell, who passed at the young age of 27 left us a great musical legacy. Featured here is Spencer's song "Tourist" from the CD Feudal Brutal and the American Dream. Next CeeCee Collins tells us "Don't Mess Around" from her CD with RJ's Rhythm Rockers. "That's All" is the final cut from John Sinclair's second No Cover release titled Detroit Life" which is Followed by a track from The Christy Howard Band. Then Broken Arrow gives us "Leavin'" a blues-rock ballad. Al Lukas came down from Toronto to be No Cover's first Canadian act. Al is a great writer and this track "Mainstream Blues" is a great example of that. Front Street Blues Band is next with - 15 original songs on their CD it is equal to a double album! Holice P. Wood has been putting on his 4:20 show for 5 years now and we have recorded them all. This cut is from the 3rd year. Finally we close out another great sampler with a cut from The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine written by Billy who really is "Mr. Rock N Roll"! that's all for now, but don't worry we are hard at work on the next 14 releases, which will be featured on 9x14 Blues when it comes!

May's Release: No Cover has released Fall & Flight (NCP118) by Al Lukas (From Toronto). Al was a Solo finalist in last years Detroit Blues Challenge, and while he did not win, he did turn in a fine set. No Cover president Mike Boulan was recording the finals and after listening to those tapes he thought Al would be a fine addition to the label's roster. At the CD release party for the CD "Detroit Blues Challenge Finals 2007" (NCP106) Mike asked Al to record for No Cover and he accepted. Update: we have released the CD and are getting ready to have a release party.

May's Second Release: Front Street Blues Band's has released "Blues Promised Land" (NCP119). The band won the Detroit leg of the International Blues Challenge, and as a result, they also won a recording contract with No Cover. that led us to record this fine disc with 15 original songs on it. The band has a great live show which translates well to studio recordings. They have tried for a "Live" sound on this their second release.

April's Release: John Sinclair John has finished his second CD for No Cover "Detroit Life" (NCP112). This time he is pulling out all the stops! John is using a who's who of Detroit artists to make the most amazing poetry record ever! includes performances from:Johnny Evans Tenor Saxophone James O’Donnell Trumpet Phil Hale Keyboards Chris Rumel Bass
Martin "Tino" Gross Drums Johnnie Bassett Guitar
Jeff "Baby" Grand Guitar Lyman Woodard Hammond B-3 Organ Duncan McMillan Hammond B-3 Organ Ibrahim Jones Bass RJ Spangler Drums Milton Hale Drums John "T-Bone" Paxton
Trombone Rick Steiger Baritone Saxophone Thornetta Davis
Backing Vocal The Lyman Woodard Organization
With Special Guest Marcus Belgrave.
You must hear this one to believe it!

April's Second Release: Hollywood of Detroit Life puts on a show every year on 4-20, and now we have co-released "The 3rd Annual John Sinclair Music & Art Festival" (NCP120) with Detroit Life from the 2007 show, which was off the hook! with Bobby East on Guitar, Chris Codish on Keyboards, Paul Randolph on Bass, and Terry Thunder on Drums we had an all star lineup. Special Guests include Jeff "Baby" Grand, Larry and Steve McCray, Shawn McDonald, Eddie Harsh and others.

February's Release: The Broken Arrow Blues Band has released their second CD "Given Right" (NCP116). This one has 11 songs (all original) with a rockin' blues feel that should make people quickly aware of this new band. (With a few familiar faces in it) Including Big Al Grebovic, Rudy Acala, Shadowhawk who is also playing the Drums on the Boogie Chillens CD "Gotta Boogie" (NCP106) and Billy Furman who has just joined the band on Sax, Harmonica, Flute and Vocals.

January's Release: Sweet Claudette is releasing her new CD "That Man's Got To Go" (NCP115) with 9 originals and 1 cover the CD clocks in at just over 60 minutes. Claudette has used an awesome lineup including Howard Glazer and Dan DeKuyper on Guitars, Alonzo "Big Al" Haralson on Trumpet, Marty Montgomery on Sax Greg Manning on Drums and Todd MacIntosh on Bass. This is the fifth release for the "Sweet One" and this time she cut the whole thing "Live" in the studio!

January's Second Release: Yakity Yak & Mike Espy won the Detroit Blues Challenge in 2006 and as a result they cut a great CD titled "Born In The Country" (NCP116). now the Mike Espy Blues Group has returned and recorded a tribute to Mike's Father titled "Son To Father" which features all instrumental songs with 5 from the pen of Mike and 5 covers.

2008 Release list

Another Productive Year For No Cover

January's Release: Yakity Yak & The Mike Espy Band have signed with No Cover. They have recorded a new CD at Straight Ahead Studios titled "Born in the Country" (NCP102) which was released in January, before the guys went down to Memphis to compete in the International Blues Competition there. This CD has that real-deal blues feel that you must have.

January's Other Release: "The Flatrock Riverfest" (NCP031)this Festival happened for a couple years in a park outside Michaels On The River, a downriver blues club which still exists today. These recordings were done at the 2001 Riverfest and they took a few years to see the light of day, but it was worth the wait. With songs from a diverse selection of Detroit blues acts, some of which are still playing today, some of which have since broken up. This CD serves as a reminder of the great times had at those festivals. bands include: The Playboys, Lucas, Buck & The System, The Amazing Boneheads, Stoney Mazar & The Westsiders, Blue Rose, Mystery Train, and the band that helped put this festival together, the Diamond Dukes. 8 bands/12 songs.

Febuary's Release: "The Best Of Heatstock Vol. Seven" (NCP104) features songs from the many bands which performed at the 2007 Heatstock festival including: Lester's Blues, The Erich Goebel Band, The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine, Robert Noll Blues Mission, Jazz Junk & The Booty, Gary Winslow,The Boogie Chillens, "Lonesome" Dave Paul, Sweet Claudette & Friends, Cathy Davis & The Soul Searchers, The Curtis Sumter Project and Motor City Josh & The Big 3

March's Release: Joe Neely & The Suburban Legends "Live at the Cadieux Cafe" (NCP103) We have done a limited edition release of Joe's new CD. With 11 songs and only 2 covers this new band is bursting onto the scene! Recorded live at the Cadieux Cafe, a venerable Detroit music club. This CD marks a fresh start for Joe, and his first time as the bandleader, so look out the Suburban Legend has been started! 

May's Release: Christopher Leigh & The Boogie Chillens Have finished working on a new project titled "Gotta Boogie" (NCP105). Christopher has been featured on the Alley Katz CD "Goin' Alley On Your Mind" (NCP058) and the Boogie Chillens CD "I Don't Know" (NCPR67). The new project features all-original tunes, most penned by Christopher.

June's Release: Dale Robertson has finished with his latest release "Withchcraft" (NCP109) the new CD features the Alley Katz band on many of the 14 tracks all of which were written by Dale. The title cut was a rare musical moment- the thunderstorm you hear was recorded live as the band played - with a extra mic out on the back porch of the Studio! (don't forget to check out Dales first release which is in the "Other Peoples CDs you can buy" section of this website)

June's Other Release: No Cover Sampler #7 "7x14 Blues" (NCP107) features cuts from 14 of the latest releases from no Cover. We start off with the release of two live CD's - one from Sweet Claudette and then Volume 2 of Robert Noll's "Live Retrospect" Series. This is followed by Christy & Jeff Howard doing a CD as a dou after winning the Detroit Blues Challenge. Next we reissued Sweet Claudette's second CD "Aint Gonna Wash your Dirty Clothes". Then we released  Gary T. Winslow's Solo debut titled  "...The Adventures Of". Next the Bobby Murray Band is Back with a release featuring Lenny Watkins recorded live at Memphis Smoke. Odell Blues Boy "D" follows with "These Kind Of Blues" from "The Best Of Heatstock '06" CD.  Next up a special project commemorating Catalogue # 100 - No Cover invited all the artists from the first 100 projects to record a track for this milestone. Then we are on to a third Blues Challenge Sampler, again released in cooperation with the Detroit Blues Society, this time featuring the Sax Maniacs from 2006. This is followed by Yakity Yak and the Mike Espy Band doing a CD after winning the Detroit Blues Challenge in 2007. Next we have a brand new act, which was formed by Joe Neely, who has played keyboards in several No Cover bands. Joe Neely & The Suburban Legends Recorded their Debut Cd "Live at the Cadieux Cafe" a well known East side club. "Lonesome" Dave Paul follows with "Hurricane Blues" from "The Best Of Heatstock '07" CD. Which is followed by the New Release from Christopher Leigh and the Boogie Chillens "Gotta Boogie"  Then we close out this sampler with a cut from the fourth Blues Challenge Finals Sampler, again released in cooperation with the Detroit Blues Society, this time featuring Al Lukas doing "She's My Caddilac" from 2007.This series is a great way to get introduced to the Deep stable of talent at No Cover. A total of 7 CD's with nearly 100 songs!

July's Release: "Feudal, Brutal, and the American Dream" (NCP110) This Cd might not be called a blues disc but there are some great songs and it does fall under the "Roots" music header. Spencer Bell passed from this world before this CD was released, but his father William Bell and good friend Ben Johnson, along with Denny Baran and Mike Boulan of No Cover, finished the project and it is being released as a tribute to Spencer.

August's Release: these challengers are all top shelf with great songs and licks to spare. check it out! The finals of "The Detroit Blues Challenge" (NCP106) decides who will represent the Motor City at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis each year. the DBS has a series of competitions to get to the finals so all the bands here are top notch. this is the fourth in a series of CD's with each one representing a year's show.
inclues performances by: Sweet Claudette, Yakity Yak and Mike Espy, The Justine Blazer Band, Michael May and the Messarounds, Reverend Robert Sexton's All-Star Blues Revue, Al Lukas, and the Front Street Blues Band.

Septembers release: CeeCee Collins & the RJ Spangler Trio celebrated the release of their new CD "Don't Mess Around" (NCP111) on Friday & Saturday, September 12 & 13   "Don't Mess Around" was recorded in July for No Cover label, the home of the blues here in Detroit.  It contains orginals by CeeCee, including the title cut as well as three great covers by true Detroit blues legends: Mr. Bo, Willy D. Warren and Eddie "Guitar" Burns !  "Don't Mess Around" is a soulful package of real urban Detroit style blues.  The RJ Spangler Trio features the strong guitar work of Paul Carey (Alberta Adams, Thornetta Davis, Sir Mack Rice, etc.) and the soulful Hammond organ of Phil Hale (also w/ Thornetta Davis as well as the Milton Show and his own Philharmonic Trio) as well as the leader, on drums.  Over the years RJ has behind the careers of such artists as Alberta Adams, Johnnie Bassett, Joe Weaver, the Motor City R&B Pioneers, Odessa Harris and many others, taking them all over the world to perform. 
The real story though is CeeCee Collins, an under-rated Detroit gem! CeeCee has worked in Europe with the New Supreme's and around Detroit with the Detroit Underground, the Witch Doctors and Soul Purpose.  She is an incredible blues & soul singer who sings with conviction and great emotion and has become known for her ability to really connect with an audience.

October's Release:  Christy & Jeff Howard have finished work on "I Crossed The Tracks" (NCP113). This is their second CD for the No Cover Label. this is the follow up to the CD "Deep In Blues Country" (NCP094) which has had several songs in the top 10 on the Broadjam website for over Four months straight! (This is the third CD for Christy & Jeff - They also have a self-released Country music CD)

November's Release: Broken arrow is ready to release their new CD "Baby's Gone" . 12 songs (all original) with a rockin' blues feel should make people quickly aware of this new band (with a few familiar faces in it) including Big Al Grebovic, Dale Robertson who also has "Witchcraft" (NCP109) and Shadowhawk who is playing the drums on the Boogie Chillens CD "Gotta Boogie" (NCP106)


2007 release list

Another productive year!

1. January's Release: The Sax Maniacs  have joined the roster of artists here at No Cover. Titled "Will The Last One Out Of Detroit Please Turn Out The Lights" (NCP089) this one has 10 original tunes and no covers.

2. January's Other Release: Christy & Jeff Howard have a new CD titled "Deep In Blues Country" (NCP094)this one has 14 original tunes and no covers.

3. Febuary's Release: Robert Noll continues his Retospect series with the release of "Live Retrospect Vol. 2" (NCP093)

4. March's Release: The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine has finished recording "It Ain't Easy" (NCP091)their fourth Cd on the no cover label.

5. April's Release: Sweet Claudette is releasing her first live CD with No Cover. This one is titled "Live and Kickin'" (NCP092) The new CD was recorded on the 30th of November 2006 at Max Duggan's on 10 mile between John R. And Dequindre roads. her first release"Linament & Collared Greens"(NCPR63) is also available in our "No Cover CD's You Can Buy" section.

6. April's other release: 6X14 Blues (NCP095) This disc chronicles another 14 releases from No Cover.
1. This Guitar 5:03
2. I Got The Blues 6:35
(Robert Noll Blues Mission)
3. Nightly Things 5:14
(Travelin' Blues)
4. Goodbye Little Girl 2:45
5. Bring It On Up 4:57
(Kenny Miller)
6. Everything's Gonna Be O.K. 4:14
(The Chris Canas Blues Revolution)
7. Fade My Blues 7:36
(Robert Noll Blues Mission)
8. Gasoline Blues 3:30
("Lonesome" Dave Paul)
9. Summa Dizz 4:27
(Cooley Pope)
10. Come On In 8:04
(Charles "Buddy" Smith)
11. Let's Spend Christmas Together 7:09
(Billy Davis)
12. Woman You Don't Mean A Thing To Me 3:25
(The Sax Maniacs)
13. Easy Target  6:16
(Robbie Lee Noll)
14. Soul Shaker 5:05
(The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine)

7. Junes Release: It was a great deal of fun doing these recordings, with Neil Sever at the board all I had to do was enjoy the show for the most part. I did have to bring down the Hammond B-3 from the studio for one show, which was a back breaker, but the sound it produced was well worth the effort. After the release of "Live & Lowdown!" (NCP023) from Bobby Murray these tapes went into the No Cover archives for a few years. Now it's time to re-visit them for the release of Lenny Watkins' first ever solo CD "Live At Memphis Smoke" (NCP098). Lenny's dynamic vocals and stage presence exite the crowd which only serves to energize him even more. I am glad to have had the chance to work with all the great musicians who back Lenny on this Cd. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it

8. July's Release: The Best Of Heatstock 2006 (NCP099)is another great CD with 16 cuts (One from each band which played at the 2006 show) 79+ minutes of Heatstock action, which is all we could cram onto the disc.

FEATURES: Travelin Blues, Erich Goebel, Luther "Badman" Keith, Kenny Miller, Robert Noll, The Curtis Sumter Project, Jazz,Junk & The Booty,"Lonesome" Dave Paul,Wailin' Dale & The D.T.'s, Little Jr. Cannaday, The Alley Katz, Charles "Buddy" Smith, Odell Blues Boy"D" & the Delta 5, The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine, Miss Cathy Davis & The Soul Searchers, and Motor City Josh & The Big 3 

9. July's other Release: Gary Winslow has released a CD for No Cover. "...The Adventures Of" (NCP097) Gary is a solo artist that blends new styles of music like hard rock with the Piedmont style blues he was taught by his father, who was taught by Reverend Gary Davis, and became close friends with him - even naming Gary after the Reverend. this artist is going to be one to watch! 14 original songs and only 1 cover song

10. September's Release: Ain't Gonna Wash Your Dirty Clothes (NCPR96) this CD was first released by Sweet Claudette on her Bee4 Reel Label back in 2001 and now we are re-issuing it on No Cover. 10 tracks all written by Claudette make this CD a must have disc for her many fans.

11. November's Release: Detroit Blues Challenge Finals 2006 (NCP101)This is the third disc in this series, all recorded at the annual finals of the Detroit Blues Challenge. This one covers the 2006 finals with 2 songs each from: The Sax Maniacs, Mick 'N Honey, The Front Street Blues Band, Christy & Jeff Howard (The Solo-Duo Winners!), The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine, and Rusty Wright Blues. (The Full-Band Winners!) Previous CD's in this series cover the 2005 and 2004 finals

2006 release list


With 20 releases this year looks like another "Most Productive" one here at No Cover!!

1. January's Release: The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine is finished with the follow-up to their "Blue Teardrops" Cd (NCP053) The new Cd "Coming For You" (NCP064) again features all original songs written by Billy who is a very prolific songwriter. 

2. March's Release: Wailin' Dale & The D.T.'s have issued Their debut Cd titled "Drunkards Dream" (NCP076) on the No Cover Label. Now don't get the impression that these are new kids on the block. Dale had 25 years in with the Alligators, releasing several CD's. While bandmate Emmanuel X. Garza spent 25 years with the Detroit Blues Band. (Check out the DBB's 3 releases on this site) Later Emmanuel formed the Motor City Sheiks with Mark Robinson releasing the "Sensational Rhythms" CD (NCP013) which you can buy here also. Now these two have teamed up to form a great new band. Check it out.

3. April's Release: Travelin' Blues has released a new Cd  titled "Nightly Things" (NCP079) which was recorded at No Covers Straight Ahead Studios. The new lineup features Steve and Tony, With Buck holding down the bottom with his "Gutbucket" Bass. Features 13 songs - all of which were recorded in one night!

4. April's other release: The Kenny Miller Blues Band, Kenny is a great guitar player who has been hiding out here in Detroit for many years. We have reissued a CD Kenny recorded back in 1996 called "Kenny Blues"  (NCPR80)

5. 6. & 7. May's Releases: Robert has reissued two discs with No Cover - these two CDs are Robert's past releases "Happy Bluesday" and "Blues Mission" We have also released some other things previously unheard!! The first volume of The Retrospect series, "Retrospect Vol 1"  features Live recordings made in the early 90's, prior to the formation of No Cover, by President Mike Boulan while he was doing live sound for Robert. 

8. June's Release: The Kenny Miller Blues Band. Kenny is a great guitar player who has been hiding out here in Detroit for many years. We have reissued a CD Kenny recorded back in 1990 titled "Midnight Groove" (NCPR82)

9.10. & 11. More June Releases! : We have issued more 3 CD's making this a 5 disc set of samplers!! The first 2 No Cover Samplers "The First 14"- 14 songs from the first 14 cds and "The Next 14" - 14 songs from the next 14 cds, have been out for a while. Now we are adding "Another 14" - 14 songs from another 14 Cd's, "Not Another 14"15 songs from another 15 Cd's, and "14 More!" - 14 songs from 14 more Cd's (we now have over 70 cds to choose from!) 

12. July's Release: "Lonesome" Dave Paul has released a new CD titled  "Live at the Attic Bar" (NCP085) recorded at the Attic on 6-3-06 the disc features 8 originals and 4 covers.

13. July's Other Release: "The Best Of Heatstock Vol. 5" (NCP072) This one is the 10th anniversary of Heatstock. With many of the favorites from the first 10 years like Cathy Davis, Motor City Josh, Curtis Sumter, Little Jr. Cannaday, "Lonesome" Dave Paul, and Billy Davis playing. This is a must have Heatstock CD. Special guest Larry McCray adds the icing on the cake, and even does an instrumental number with Motor City Josh. Also features tracks by Odell Blues Boy "D" and The Alley Katz

14. August's Release: "The Detroit Blues Challenge 2005 Finals"  (NCP083) This year's finals was recorded on November 27th for release as a compilation CD which will help raise funds for the Detroit Blues Society.  (apologies to the Martindales who are not included due to technical difficulties).  Last year was the first finals to be recorded and the resulting compilation cd "Detroit Blues Challenge Finals 2004" (NCP060) was released last June.

16. Octobers Release: Buddy Smith Has released his all original project titled "Resurrection" (NCP087) a mix of blues and old-school R&B.

17. November's Release: Odell Blues Boy "D"  - We have issued a Cd Odell mainly recorded back in 1993 with the Louisiana Heat Blues Band that also features some recent live tracks. The title is "When Midnight Comes" (NCP074) Odell will be recording a brand new CD for release on the No Cover label. Look for more information on that project soon.

18. November's other Release:  No Cover has issued some songs Cooley Pope recorded with the band Idlewild Blue a few years back. The Cd is called "Detroit Attitude"  (NCPR86) the band is no longer together, but Cooley is planning to start a new band, and this disc is still a must have for their many fans.

19. December's Release: Billy Davis  has recorded a Christmas Blues Cd titled "Merry Christmas To The World" (NCP088) for the no cover label. There are eight songs covering a slightly different view of the holidays. As usual with Billy's recordings this one also features all original songs written by Billy who is a very prolific songwriter. 

20. Another December Release: (Last Release of 2006!) Robert Noll has recorded a live Accoustic CD at Lenny's Coffee Galley which will also feature some studio tracks recorded at Straight Ahead.

2005 release list

Another Productive Year's Release List

2005 has been a very productive year with 17 Cd's released and many more started!  The following is a list of this years releases:

17. December's Release: Motor City Josh & The Big 3  released their new Cd Made In Detroit this October 15th, in Atlanta Georgia, while on the road doing the current tour. 

15. & 16. December's Releases: Benefit CD for New Orleans & others affected by the Hurricane No Cover opened up our studio in September for a 2 Cd Project.   Many Bands who wanted to help the victims came by and cut a song for the 2 Cd's we are planning.  Blues For Katrina (NCP070) will benefit all the victims through the Red Cross while Blues for Katrina & the McDowell Family (NCP071) will benefit the familys of the three sisters of local bluesman Odell "Bluesboy "D" who lost everything in the Hurricane. 

14. November's Release: The Erich Goebel Band is releasing East Side Soul (NCP073) Featuring Erich Goebel on Guitar, Percussion,and Vocals with No Cover recording artists RJ Spangler on Drums, Chris Rummel on Bass, and Shawn MacDonald on Piano.  Also appearing on this recording: Phil Hale (Hammond B-3), Cheeze (Drums) and Jerome Spearman (Drums)

13. October's Release: Motor City Josh & The Big 3  released their new Cd Made In Detroit this October 15th, in Atlanta Georgia, while on the road doing the current tour. Detroit is once again Josh's home base starting next year  This will also keep him in close contact with the recording studio so look for more from the band next year. (We are also looking into a "Best of CD" for Josh, long overdue, considering he has just released his 9th Cd!

11. & 12. September's Releases:  Bassist James Cloyd has done his first recording with his band The Alley Katz.  Titled Goin' Alley On Your Mind (NCP058).  James has appeared on four No Cover compilations Live at Lou's (NCP017), Blues From The Heart Vol. #1 (NCP018), Blues From The Heart Vol. #3 (NCP020) and The Coldstock 2005 Sampler (NCP059). James is well known aroud Detroit as a interesting and unpredictable frontman.  See what he has done on his first full-length No Cover release!  Alley Katz  Guitarist Christopher Leigh has also reissued his 2003 Boogie Chillens release tilted I Dont Know (NCPR67) Christopher has also previously recorded with No Cover on the Blues at Midnight compilation cd (NCP011), and The Coldstock 2005 Sampler (NCP059).      

10. August's Release: We have finished the sessions to record the great John Sinclair - Poet & Writer!  The resulting CD titled Country Blues -  Fattening Frogs For Snakes Vol. #2 (NCP066)is a collection of pieces from John's Book "Fattening Frogs For Snakes" John is a legend in Detroit, among many accomplishments, he was the manager of the MC5, founder of the White Panther Party, organizer of the first Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz festivals and he also wrote the book, "Guitar Army", which spawned 2 great concerts of the same name in the 80's.  No Cover President Mike Boulan attended both shows and thought they were incredible.  We are honored to work with such a great activist.

8. & 9. July's Releases: Lonesome Dave Paul Has released his first Cd ever! At the 10th annual Heatstock Sit Down Bluesman (NCP068)became available for the first time. also released at Heatstock: The Best Of Heatstock 04 (NCP061)  compilation Cd. This is the 4th Cd in the best of Heatstock series. This one features the best of the 2004 heatstock show.

6. & 7. Junes Releases: Bobby Murray has two releases coming out, the long awaited live Cd Live & Lowdown!, recorded here in Detroit, and we are re-issuing Bobby's first Cd previously issued on the Viceroots label The Blues Is Now  Bobby also plans on starting a new studio project in the near future.  Also The Detroit Blues Challenge 2004 Finals cd (NCP060) is here!  The Detroit Blues Society & No Cover Productions have released a cd featuring two songs from each band who played at the finals of the Blues Challenge, November 28th, 2004 at Tenny Street in Dearborn Mi. The list of bands includes:  The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine...The Crossroads Blues Band...The Bob Halverson Blues Band...Crossing X...Lady Sunshine & The X Band...Mojo & The Boogieman...Leonard Moon...and Travelin' Blues                            

5. Mays Release: Little Jr. Cannaday!  I Been Misused (NCP054) Jr. is closely tied to Ben Moore & The Blues Express.  Ben and his band are backing up Little Jr. on this recording.  They are also the band he uses for his live performances.  In fact Jr. appears on the Blues Express reissue Funky Blues (NCPR46)  We have finished mixing all the tracks for Little Jr.'s Cd and we are pressing copies.  Look for a release party soon or order yours today from our Cd's you can buy section of this website

4. April's Release: Sweet Claudette has re-issued her earliest works on the No Cover label. This Cd is Claudette's recording debut titled Linament & Collard Greens (NCPR63) which was recorded at No Cover's Straight Ahead Studios in 1997

3. March's Release: We have released the Coldstock 05 Sampler Compilation (NCP059) which was included with admission to Coldstock 05.  Due to light attendance we have extra copies that need a home. when we run out this cd will not be re-pressed!  Get youself a copy before they are gone by visiting the Cd's You Can Buy section.

2. February's Release: Jeff Grand has released his new Cd Therapy (NCP037) Friday February 18th. get yourself some "Therapy"  today from the Cd's You Can Buy section of this website.

1. January's Release: Guitarist, Singer, and Keyboard player, Rick Stel has a solo project out. Straight From The Soul is an all-original project with 10 songs all written by Rick. Only two of these songs have ever been released before. This project was recorded at No Cover's own Straight Ahead Studios Rick is on the No Cover label's first release with the Detroit Blues Band (NCP000) and He also is playing on Mystery Train & Willie "D" Warren Live (NCP007)   Look for a release party Soon.  Or get your copy today from our release section. 

2004 Release List

No Cover's Most Productive Year Ever (Through 2004)

2004 releases available from No Cover:

This list covers the 16 CD's we released in 2004 our most productive year ever! (for a complete list of No Cover CD's go to the CD'S YOU CAN BUY section of this website)

16. September's Release: After a 3 year search we have located one of the Detroit Bluesmen that we have always wanted to capture on tape (Living only 3 miles from No Cover's Straight Ahead Studios)....Billy Davis has finished recording Blue Teardrops (NCP053) for the No Cover label. We are honored to work with Billy who played and recorded with the great Hank Ballard & The Midnighters for 25 years and also gave guitar lessons to the greatest guitarist of all time...none other than Jimi Hendrix!

13. 14. & 15. August's Three New Releases: Motor City Josh has a new No Cover release titled "Blue Collar Bluesman" this is the new band from Chicago backing up Josh on a 14 song effort with 11 of the songs never having been released before! We are also re-issuing Josh's "Stringer Full Of Blues" And "Live From The Road" CD's. This means All of Josh's CD's are once again available on the No Cover Label!! 

12. July's Release: The Bonzai Bob's Blues Bash recording went very well. The Compilation we have released from the 2 day event includes 1 track from each of the following bands: Buck 'N The System, Chris Canas, Paul Miles, Jonathan Lane's Detroit Blues Conspiracy, "Monster" Chucks BBQ'D Blues Band, Motor City Josh & The Big Three, Wall Of Denial, The Whoodoo Band, Little Leon & The Detroit Gang, The Groove Kings, and Miss Cathy Davis & The Soul Searchers                                           

11. July's Second Release: The Best of Heatstock '03 CD is now available! The Compilation we have released from the 2 day event includes 1 track from each of the following bands: R.J.'s Rhythm Rockers, 32:20 Blues Band, Lucas, The Kooler Kings, and Long Black Sedan, and 2 songs each from Motor City Josh & The Big Three, and Miss Cathy Davis & The Soul Searchers 

10. June's Release: After being a sideman on countless projects Jeff Grand has released his first solo CD Therapy (NCP037). This  is available now but due to the fact that Jeff is performing with Uncle Kracker the release party date is not set. check back here for info on the party.

8. & 9. May's Releases: Ben Moore & The Blues Express have signed on with No Cover. We have re-issued the band's first two releases "Live Blues" and "Funky Blues"  Ben's association with No Cover pre-dates the start of the company to when president Mike Boulan used to do live sound for the band in the early 90's. The Express is starting a brand new project too - so look for it here!

7. April's Release: Jeff Maylin has a new CD available on No Cover Titled "Satori In Blue" with 12 songs 11 of which are originals

6. March's release: A new CD from the Heatstock Festival titled "Best of Heatstock Vol. #2"

5. February's Release: The Whoodoo Band has released "Bringin' Home The Blues"  A  12 song project that features all original songs penned by 3 different band members.

4. January's Release: The first CD in the compilation series "Blues All Over Michigan" ......"The East" is here! With 15 tracks, Each representing a self-released CD from each band, this CD covers bands from eastern Mi (there are 3 more CD's planned in this series, West, North, and The Capitol area)

3. We have also re-issued the live CD from Wailin' Inc. (which has been out of print for 4 or 5 years)

1. & 2. And we have issued the first two No Cover Samplers  "The First 14"- 14 songs from the first 14 CD's and "The Next 14" - 14 songs from the next 14 CD's

A No Cover Party


Saturday November 13th Thanks for coming out to help us celebrate 10 years of No Cover Productions putting out cd's by some of the best blues bands around. We are moving along with 50 cd's out and many more in various stages of completion. (In fact this night also celebrated the release of the Billy Davis Rhythm Machine's new release "Blue Teardrops" on the No Cover Label) The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine & Motor City Josh & The Big Three  hosted the show with special guests from the roster stopping by all night long. of course this was recorded for possible release as the 10th anniversary cd.

Host bands:

 The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine and  Motor City Josh & The Big Three

 guests included:

Cathy Davis, Curtis Sumter, James Cloyd, Eric from Buck "N The System, Jeff Grand, Monster Chuck, Sweet Claudette, Steve Somers & Valerie Barrymore, And Jerry Mac.

Coming Soon From No Cover


Coming soon, this disc was recorded in late 1998, documenting a special one-time performance by these two guitar greats. When Motor City Josh walked into No Cover's Straight Ahead Studio and told me Jimmy McCarty had asked him to fill in as second guitarist for one weekend in the Fall of '98, I knew this had to be recorded for a CD. The show was excellent, the recording came out great; but we had to wait for Mystery Train as well as Motor City Josh, to release their current projects before we could put the time into this CD. Well, their projects are done, and now this CD's time is near. This was indeed a special moment, you can actually hear the torch being passed!!

LATEST NEWS !! the CD will not be coming out until later than planned because we need some photographs to do the cover artwork but we promise the c.d.will be out someday!! ---Thanks, Mike

Special Rates For Resellers


Record Stores We invite you to E-mail us noting the CD's you might want to carry, and the quantity of each. (A minimum of 3 units of a title is required to qualify for resale pricing, and payment must come in the form of a check,credit card,or money order.) A quote will be generated, and your order can be placed at that point.

"A New No Cover Production"


We are now offering the capability of doing short-run duplications. If your band needs copies of your cd feel free to e-mail us. The price for 100 cd's starts at $3.00 per cd for cd's packaged in jewel cases with inserts and $1.00 per cd for cd's packaged on a spindle. For a quote on your job e-mail us at or call 248-398-6877

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