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M. Kaz Designs, Inc.  
Arlington Hts., IL   

 -----------------------------------Hand Painted Tallitot-------------------------------------------
Please call 847-732-4716 or email for inquiries or to place your order.

  NEW!!!!   Cut Velvet Hand Painted Tallit 

This richly hand painted tallit is a floral delight!   Lightweight and flowy, with 4" fringes
at the bottom, the tallit will
enhance any outfit.  The raised velvet pattern against the
sheer background makes this tallit a textural treasure.  The attarah features
gold metallic embroidered letters for the blessing for the wearing of the tallit, and a frame
of variegated embroidery accents the colors of the tallit body. 
Includes  tallit bag.     $290.00

  attarah%20rainbow%20flowers%20br.JPG  tallit%20corner%20rainbow%20flower%20sm.JPG

Hand  Painted  Rainbow Tallit

 This tallit is a beautiful explosion of color!   Vibrant colors are handpainted on the lower edges
of the tallit.   The matching attarah is embroidered in white with the blessing for the wearing of
the tallit and is edged in white embroidery as well.   This silky polyester tallit is lightweight to wear!
17" x 72 "      $310.00

tallit%20rnbo%20sqdot.JPG               attarah%20rnbo%20sq%20dot.JPG

Handpainted Tallitot in Purples, Blue, Pink and Aqua
Choose your favorite color!

These tallitot are popular with Bat Mitzvah girls of all ages.   The 18" x72" or 9" x 72 " silky fabric is
and a pleasure to wear!  The attarah is painted to match the lower area of the tallit and is 
in gold, silver or white stitching along the edge.   Matching foldover tallit bag is included.  




Choose from these colors for your tallit:

Purples, Aqua, Pink, Blue


att%20hp%20aquatw.JPG          att%20hp%20pink%20embroidered%20squiggles.JPG            att%20blue%20hp.JPG           

Hand Painted Rainbow Confetti Tallit

This silk charmeuse tallit is beautiful in appearance and a dream to wear.  
The shimmery fabric is accented with a uniquely designed attarah.  
Small pieces of handpainted fabric, "confetti," are stitched in gold metallic thread in a
meandering pattern on the attarah, 
framing the blessing for wearing the tallit,
as well as on the corners.    
Matching tallit bag is included.  18" x 73" 

tallit%20ranbow%20con.JPG                       attarah%20confetti%20pinkbr.JPG      

      tallit%20rnbo%20conf%20corner.JPG     attarah%20rnbow%20conf%20clos.JPG

Cut Velvet Hand Painted Rose Pattern Tallit  NEW!!!!

This tallit shimmers with the texture of the hand painted velvet of the fabric. 
The attarah features the blessing for the wearing of the tallit and is edged in 
an embroidered border.  The lower edges of the 15" x 72" tallit features
4" fringe and embroidered corners.  Tallit bag included.  The tallitot are
available in a variety of colors.  Pictured below is the tallit in turquoise.    
Tallit and bag $290.00
     tallit%20turquoise%20cut%20velvet%20red.JPG   attarah%20turquoise%20cr%20reduced.JPG  

tallit%20back%20turquoise%20br%20red.JPG    tallit%20corner%20turquoise%20ct%20velvet%20cr%20red%20fx.JPG

Cut Velvet Hand Painted Rose Pattern Tallit  NEW!!!!

The same lovely tallit as featured above, hand painted in pinks.  What is
your favorite color?  I can hand paint this tallit for you in your choice of
Tallit (15" x 72") and bag.     $290.00

              tallit%20pinks%20velvet%20cr%20reduced.JPG                         attarah%20pinks%20cr%20red.JPG 

 tallit%20back%20pinks%20velvet%20cr%20red.JPG      tallit%20corner%20pinks%20cut%20velvet%20red.JPG


Hand Painted Silk Charmeuse Tallit with Blessing

This flowing, shimmery tallit is a  beauty.   Combining deep blues with lush olive and
deep greens, this tallit features an eye catching attarah embroidered with the blessing
for the wearing of the tallit.   22" x 72"  Tallit bag included.


tallit%20hp%20ts%20grn%20blue.JPG    attarah%20hp%20ts%20grn%20blue.JPG    tallit%20hp%20ts%20grn%20blu%20back.JPG  


Hand Painted Tallit in Dusty Lavender, Mauve and Blue 

Another silk charmeuse beauty!   The shimmering lavender attarah frames your face and tops
this stunning tallit which is as light as air to wear.    Tallit bag included.     15"x72"


 tallit%20hp%20ts%20blpuperi.JPG   attarah%20hp%20ts%20bl%20pur.JPG   tallit%20hp%20ts%20blupur%20back.JPG

Hand Painted Earthtone Tallit

This lovely tallit has the colors of a painted desert at sunset.   The double layered attarah is
painted in these
earthone colors and features the blessing for wearing a tallit and embroidered
edging in gold.   
Matching foldover tallit bag included.   18" x 73"           

 tallit%20earthtone.JPG attarah%20earthtones%202%20cr.JPG tallit%20earthtone%20corners.JPG


Hand Painted Pink, Purple and Turquoise "Pebbles" Silk Tallit

Hand painting on various textures results in unusual patterns.  The tallit featured
below is an excellent example
of this phenoemena.   The paint "pools" around the "pebbles"
of this jacquard silk fabric, and it looks almost three dimensional.   The attarah and corners
are accented in gold embroidered scallops.  Tallit bag included.    14"x 72".
tallit%20hp%20peb%20purpink%20blue.JPG              attarah%20hp%20pebble%20purpinkblu.JPG 

Hand Painted Light Blue Tallit    

This tallit is made of silky polyester tallit and features the blessing for the wearing of the tallit.  
Both the attarah and the corners have silver embroidered accents.   This softly colored tallit is
lightweight to wear and will always be in stlye!     
18" x 73"          

tallit%20lt%20blue.JPG  attarah%20lt%20blue.JPG  attarah%20lt%20blue%20close%20upcr.JPG      







 Handpainted Tallit with Blessing and Embroidered Corners

A wash of purple, pink and turquoise are painted on the tallit and attarah.  Gold accents letters
nd the embroidered
stars featured on the corners.  This design can be customized for personal
expression. Click on custom tallitot at left to see some samples.  Sizes: 18"x73"
Matching tallit bag included.        $350.00   

tallit%20hp%20blu%20pink%20lav%20cr.JPG  attarah%20hp%20blue%20pink%20lav%20cr.JPG  tatllit%20hp%20blue%20pink%20lav%20corners%20%202cr.JPG


Handpainted Tallit with Lace

Here's a tallit with a feminine twist!  In addition to the handpainted wash of purple, blue and pink, 
handpainted lace in the same colors 
is used to edge the attarah and to add "stripes" to the body
of the tallit.   Another silky polyester tallit with matching bag.   17" x 73"      


 attarah%20lace%20hp%20purples.JPG tallit%20lace%20hp%20pur%20close-up.JPG



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