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----------------------------Embroidered Tallitot----------------------------
Please call 847-732-4716 or email for inquiries or to place your order

Embroidered Tallit With Blessing 

 A twist on a classic look!   This sophisticated narrow tallit, 8" x 72" features a black attarah with gold embroidery for the Hebrew blessing and edging.   The "stripes" below are embroidered in matching accent colors of black and gold.  Lightweight, beautiful and comfortable to wear, for Bat Mitzvah girls of all ages!    
Matching foldover tallit bag included.

 Buy this item   $265.00 

        Embroidered Tallit                       Close-up of Attarah                          Embroidered Stripes

tallit%20embBLKGD.JPG       attarah%20emb%20bl%20gold.JPG       tallit%20emb%20blk%20gold%20close%20up%20st.JPG

 Multi-color Embroidered Tallit 

This tallit features embroidered dots and swiggles to create a unique and soft look both on the attarah and on the lower edges of the tallit.  This tallit is embroidered in a variegated thread displaying all of the colors of the rainbow! 18" x 73".  A foldover style tallit bag completes the set.            


Pictures coming soon............



Embroidered Tallit with Hand Painting

Another tallit embellished with the embroidered squiggly dot design is the one below in  pink.  The lower edges of this silky polyester tallit are hand painted, and an iridescent line of pink paint tops this area and features 
an embroidery of the squiggly dot design.  
Includes matching tallit bag. 
(This tallit can also be ordered in other colors).  

 tallit%20hp%20pink%20squiggle%20embroidery.JPG  tallit%20pink%20hp%20embroidery%20squiggle%20close-up.JPGatt%20hp%20pink%20embroidered%20squiggles.JPG

Embroidered Narrow Tallit

This squiggly dot embroidered tallit is the narrowest of narrows.  At 6 1/2" wide and 72" long, for those of you who are not comfortable with a lot of fabric around your shoulders, this tallit is for you!   It is a rich looking, sophisticated tallis.  Matching tallit bag included. 

 Tallit - Full View                Embroidered Attarah                       Stripes and Corners

tallit%20embr%20white%20royal%20goldbr.JPG           attarah%20emb%20white%20royagold%20gold.JPG          tallit%20embr%20white%20stripes%20royal%20gold%20br.JPG


Periwinkle Embroidered Tallit

This tallit is a lovely color combination and a wonderful embellishment for your Shabbos outfit!   The soft colors and feel of this tallit will make you look forward to wearing it.  This tallit is comfortably sized at 9" in width and 72" in length.   Matching foldover tallit bag included.


 tallit%20emb%20periwinkle%20white.JPG         attarah%20embr%20peri%20white.JPG         tallit%20embr%20peri%20white%20strip%20corner.JPG

White, Gold and Periwinkle Embroidered Tallit

Here is another embroidered tallit featuring the popular squiggly dot design on a white, silky fabric.  This tallit features a contrasting attarah of embroidered periwinkle embroidered in metallic gold and white threads with matching corners.     Coordinating foldover tallit bag included.          18" wide and 73" long


        Tallit Full View                               Embroidered Attarah                  Embroidered Stripes

 tallit%20embr%20white%20peri%20gold.JPG                attarah%20embr%20white%20peri%20good.JPG            tallit%20embr%20white%20peri%20gold%20stricl.JPG


Embroidered Silk Tallit With Hand Painted Attarah

This tallit features an attarah and corners with an interesting hand painted swirl design in turquoise blue.  There are embroidered "stripes" of turquoise embellishing the lower section of the tallit.   The tallit is made of jacquard silk and is as light as air to wear!  18"x72"   Matching foldover tallit bag.  

tallit%20silk%20emb%20hp%20bl%20at%20cr.JPG      attarah%20silk%20emb%20hp%20bl%20at%20cr.JPG   tallit%20silk%20emb%20stripes%20hp%20bl%20at%20cr.JPG

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