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RITUAL THREADS is an exciting artistic venture featuring the fabulous talents of Leah Sosewitz,
a well-known Ketubah and paper-cut artist, and (me)Marsha Kasanov, a fabric artist and owner/operator
of this website.  Together, we are exploring new ways to create extraordinary textiles for the synagogue
and home.  On the following pages you can view pieces we have previously created which are in use currently
in private collections or institutional (synagogue and schools) settings. 

This is a great RITUAL THREADS project, a tallit set designed by Leah and her son for his Bar Mitzvah!


Below are two corners refelecting his Torah portion.


Two more corners reflecting themes of Israel, a dove for peace, and a bee illustrating
a land flowing with milk and honey!


The matching tallit bag, a miniature version of the tallit itself, featuring the
Bar Mitzvah boy's name in the stones.


The following two pieces were created for the Sager Solomon Schechter Day School
in Northbrook,
Illinois Pictured below is an ark curtain, parochet, created for the
primary Makom T'filah.  The lively and colorful design illustrates creation, Braisheet.


Below is a shulchan cover for the middle grade Makom T'filah -
Sager Solomon Schechter Day School.  The piece is an explosion of color and texture,
featuring musical instruments.  


                                CREATION TALLIT

A special tallit we created for a very special lady to wear on her Bat Mitzvah day and
many, many times after.   Made entirely of silks, appliqued and embroidered, with
hand tied silk fringes, this was a particuliarly rewarding design project. 


                                       Floral Chuppah

Below is a very special chuppah for a very special family.   The body of this chuppah was sewn 
using a semi-sheer fabric which allowed the center medallion to "float" in the center.    The
center medallion is elaborately embellished with vines, leaves, flowers, butterflies and 
pomegranates, all hand beaded, which made this gorgeous chuppah twinkle and shine,
reflecting the glowing faces of the couple standing beneath it.

r%20chupah%20brred.JPG   r%20chuppah%20flowers.JPG

Parochet and Torah Cover for Keshet - Northbrook, Illinois

The word Keshet means rainbow.  This fabulous school school for special needs children
features a logo which incorporates a rainbow.   This parochet and Torah cover were
created using the rainbow theme. 

rb%20parochet%20red.JPG         rb%20parochet%20torah%20cover%20cr%20red%20cr.JPG

                       Tree of Life Tallit

The following tallit is a true work of art.  Leah's vision of the cascading branches of the Tree of Life
and the layered attarah featuring the verse from the Torah service, "It's  a tree of life to those who
hold fast to it," work in perfect harmony in meaning and design.  This tallit has custom made self fringes
of black silk crepe, and is lined with the same black silk crepe as well.  Hand beading and sequins add
further embellishment, yet, this tallit is light and soft to wear. 


  tallit%20mindy%20applique%20stitching%20close-up2.JPG  mindy%20tallit%20attarah%20cropped%20brite.JPG


                          Torah Covers

Featured next are sixTorah covers commissioned as part of a series illustrating the Seven Species.  
Torah covers, are appliqued and embroidered in a variety of sumptuous textiles. 
The Torot are
currently in use at the Sager Solomon Schechter Day Schools and Middle School
in Skokie and Northbrook, Illinois and the Chicagoland Jewish High School in Deerfield, IL.  

  Fig%20Torah%20Cover%20sm%20br.JPG     torah%20wheat%20copy%20brite.JPG    torah%20cover%20dates%20cr%20red%20fr.JPG

  torah%20grapes%20copy%20brite.JPG     torah%20olives%20copy%20brite.JPG     torah%20pomegranete%20copy%20brite.JPG                                                              



This Torah Cover is in use at the Olin Sang Ruby Camp in
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  Leah designed this cover using a
papercut motif featuring the designated verse.  It is a beautiful
and textural Torah mantle, crafted of a heavy weight gold
uphostery fabric with the design cut of sueded silk charmeuse.







Seven Species Chuppah   

This lovely chupah was used for two weddings in one summer for the same family.  It was created and
presented to the children with the hope that this special work of art would become an  heirloom and
future generations would be married under this chupah, too.  Both weddings ceremonies were held outside. 
What a lovely and serene setting. 


Take a closer look at this unusually elaborate piece.  
There is extensive decorative stitching and hand beading embellishment.

  IMG_0016%20cropped.JPG     IMG_0022%20cropped.JPG           


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