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M. Kaz Designs, Inc.  
Arlington Hts., IL   


---------------------------------- Pieced Tallitot ---------------------------------
Please call 847-732-4716 or email for inquiries or to place your order.

An original M. Kaz design!    Haute Couture technique pairs with the beautiful custom of wearing a tallit. 
In these tallitot, silk fabric sections of various colors are joined by embroidery to create a sophisticated
and reversible design.  

"Confetti" Pieced and Handpainted Tallit

This tallit is made of silk charmeuse, a soft, fluid, gleaming fabric.  The top section is white and the lower
are pieced alternately with a handpainted lavenders and periwinkle silk charmeuse.  The hand
painted fabric is cut into small pieces ("confetti") and then applied to the white silk background and
stitched in a random and meandering manner in metallic silver.  This confetti technique embellishes the
corners and the attarah.  The verse on the attarah is the blessing of the daughters .....
"May G-d make you like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah."   
A matching tallit bag is included.   17" x 73"      



   tallit%20hp%20pieced%20lav%20corners.JPG   tallit%20hp%20lavs%20detail%20stripes.JPG


  att%20hp%20lavs%20conf.JPG           Close-up of attarah 
















Click on the tallit picture below to enjoy a video of this Rainbow Pieced Silk Jacquard Tallit.  Click the "back" arrow on your browser when the video is completed to return to M. Kaz Designs.


Pieced  White Silk Tallit

A sophisticated jacquard silk tallit with an unusually pieced fabric arrangement.  At first
glance, the tallit is very traditional........white with a royal blue and gold attarah featuring
the blessing for wearing the tallit.   But the design is most contemporary and artsy!   The
sections are cut and finished lengthwise, and then connected with embroidered "dots."  
This design results in "chunky" fringe at the lower edges of the tallit.    14"x72" 
Matching tallit bag included.

You can see the details in the pictures below.                

Tallit Full View                               Tallit Back View - Horizontal  Piecing w/ Emboidered  "Dots"


  attarah%20pieced%20wh.JPG    tallit%20wh%20pieced%20chunky%20fringe.JPG       

Paisley Cream Silk Pieced Tallit

This beautiful tallit combines a cream paisley patterned jacquard silk and a shimmery
taupe fabric for a rich look. The last two words of the blessing for wearing a tallit
"L'hitatef Batzitzit" are cut from the paisley silk fabric and appliqued on the attarah. 
The scallop edging on the attarah is a perfect frame for these meaningful words.  
Matching foldover tallit bag included.   20" x 74" 


        Tallit Full View                    Attarah with Appliqued Letters      Close up of embroidered sections

 tallit%20pais%20piec.JPG   attarah%20pais%20piec%20smbr.JPG   tallit%20pais%20pieced%20close%20uppsm.JPG

Hand Painted Purple/Blue Pieced Tallit

This tallit is a dream to wear.   Elegant and sophisticated, the silk jacquard pattern
comes alive with the hand painted colors.   The matching hand painted attarah is
embroidered with the blessing for wearing the tallit, and is framed in a beautiful
embroidery pattern.  You will receive many compliments on this one!  
Matching tallit bag included.    
18" x 73"       


             Tallit Full View                 Attarah with Blessing         Close-up of Embroidered Joining "Dots" 

tallit%20pieced%20lavs%20bl%20cr.JPG   attarah%20piec%20hp%20lavs.JPG   tallit%20piec%20lavs%20join%20cl.JPG


An original created by M. Kaz Designs.  This tallit is high coutoure.  Made of five panels individually
handpainted and then stitched together, this tallit is striking.  The fringes are the "chunky" width of
the panels, and the "stripes" created by this unusual design are vertical.  The letters on the attarah
are hand cut, appliqued and embroidered.  It's all in the
details!   13"x76"
Matching tallit bag included.         


pieced%20handpainted%20tallit%20long.JPG      attarah%20pieced%20handpainted%20tallit.JPG




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