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M. Kaz Designs, Inc.  
Arlington Hts., IL   

-----------------------Tallitot/Tallisim for Men --------------------------
Please call 847-732-4716 or email for inquiries or to place your order.

M. Kaz Designs has created a variety of tallit designs for men.  Using silk crepe, silky polyester
and wool fabrics combined with bold embroidery these tallis designs are very popular with
Bar Mitzvah "boys" of all ages!

White Wool Tallit with Medium Blue and Blue Heather Stripes

This beautiful tallit features traditional colors accented with a "hint" of silver metallic thread
striping for a little pizzaz!   The blessing for the wearing of the tallit is embroidered on the
attarah in a most unusual "font."  There is a coordinating tallis bag to complete the set for this 
tallis that measures 19" x 74."    

   tallit%20mwhite%20blues%20cr%20red.JPG    attarah%20m%20wh%20blucrrrr.JPG    tallit%20whitewool%20blues%20silver%20strbr.JPG

White Silk Tallit with Black and Gray Stripes and Silver Accents

This tallit is a classy combination of silk fabrics.   Silk is a fabulous fabric that has
many textures.  This silk crepe has great body and feel, not flimsy or lightweight at all. 
The stripes are made of a textured silk, called dupioni, and are edged in silver thread.  
The contrast of these silks is most striking.  The attarah features the blessing for the
wearing of the tallit with an interesting embroidery pattern framing the words.        
19" x 74"    
Coordinating tallit bag included.       $410.00

tallit%20white%20gray%20black%20sil.JPG    attarah%20white%20black%20gray%20sil.JPG    tallit%20white%20black%20gray%20%20sil%20stri.JPG

Black Silky Tallit with Raw Silk Black/Brown Textured Stripes

This handsome tallit is a beautiful example of neutral colors combined with textural
interest.  The black and brown combination is featured on the striped area of the tallit,
attarah and corners. The letters on the attarah are appliqued, cut out and stitched
to the background fabric.  The words  on the attarah are the last two words of the
blessing recited for wearing the tallit......."l'hitatef bazitzit."     18" x 73"  
Matching tallit bag is included.        $310.00

      Tallit Full View                                      Attarah                            Close up of stripes

tallit%20black%20brown.JPG      attarah%20black%20brown.JPG      tallit%20black%20brown%20stripes.JPG


Black Silky Tallit with Teal, Rust, Black, Gold Raw Silk Stripes

This tallit is very distinguished looking.  The black body of the tallit is the perfect
background for the colorful accents  of the attarah, stripes and corners. 
Comfortable to wear, you will love it and receive many admiring glances!    18"x73"   
Matching tallit bag included.     $250.00


tallit%20blacktealrustgold.JPG   attarah%20blacktealrustgold.JPG   tallit%20blackteal%20rust%20gld%20corners.JPG


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