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 --------------------------------------Custom Tallitot--------------------------------

The following are pictures of custom tallitot created by M. Kaz Designs.  You will notice that some customizing options include personalization of verse on attarah (neckband), corner decoration options such as names, symbols, family tree, etc.   Call 847-732-4716 to discuss questions you have about
commissioning a custom tallit.

Pieced Hand Painted Silk Bat Mitzvah Tallit  
This tallit features an attarah embroidered in silver with the blessing for daughters... 
"May G-d make you as Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah."  The corners below, are designs selected
by the Bat Mitzvah girl:  her name in musical notes, a dove with an olive branch,
her family tree with names embroidered in Hebrew and a hamsa.

                    hp%20ts%20pieced%20ch%20ful.JPG                             hp%20ts%20pieced%20ch%20at.JPG


This Bat Mitzvah tallit is made of shimmery silk charmeuse.  The blessing featured on the
attarah is for the wearing of the tallit. 
The corner designs selected by the Bat Mitzvah girl include her special passion, baby seals!

                           hp%20ts%20se%20ful.JPG                        hp%20ts%20se%20at.JPG     

 hp%20ts%20se%20cor2.JPG           hp%20ts%20se%20cor1.JPG


 Confetti Attarah and Multi-Colored Pieced Tallit

This tallit displays many layers of hand dyed jacquard silk joined by gold embroidery,
a pieced tallit.   The attarah features these same hand dyed fabrics cut into small
squares and stitched onto fabric as a decorative border for the blessing embroidered
on the tallit. 

tallit%20pieced%20multi%20stripe%20ful.JPG attarah%20confti%20multi%20pc%20st.JPG tallit%20multi%20pcd%20st%20clo%20up.JPG

Bat Mitzvah Tallit with Embellishments of Wedding Dress and Groom's Tuxedo

This unusual tallit was designed to include tree appliques created from the fabric of the
Bat Mitzvah's wedding dress and the wedding tuxedo of her husband stitched on a
shimmering background of silk charmeuse.   The trees join together on the back of 
the tallit and there is a single word appliqued on the attarah, "v'ahavtah," ...and you shall

two%20color%20tree%20tallit%20sm.JPG  two%20color%20tallit%20back.JPG  two%20color%20tallit%20attarah%20burn%20sm.JPG

Wedding Dress Tallit - This tallit was created from a wedding dress sent to me by
a most creative customer!  Using her wedding dress exclusively (although adding a lining for a little extra body),
the silk skirt, the beautiful laces, lace motifs and pearls, this tallit was created for her and now is
being put to good use in its new form!

wed%20tal%20ful.JPG     wed%20tal%20att.JPG     wed%20tal%20ba.JPG


Soft Dupioni Bat Mitzvah Tallit - This Bat Mitzvah girl had  a unique vision for her special tallit! 
Colorful, with irregularly shaped stripes, custom corners, and stars on the back of her tallit.  Beautiful!

soft%20dupioni%20full.JPG     soft%20dupioni%20attarah.JPG     soft%20dupioni%20back.JPG


soft%20dupioni%20corner%202.JPG soft%20dupioni%20corner%201.JPG

Handpainted Custom Jacquard Silk Tallit: Attarah features blessing for daughters. 
Corners feature name, hamsa, dove, tree of life. 

 salz.JPG  saltzman%20sasha%20tallit%20corners%20dove%20tree%20four.JPG saltzman%20sasha%20tallit%20corners%20name%20hamsa%20two.JPG


This young man had a wonderful plan for his Bar Mitzvah tallit.  He wanted it generously large so
that he could flip it over his shoulders.  This tallit is made of wool crepe with blue satin stripes
and attarah and gold embroidered accents.

  sa%20tal%20ful.JPG    sa%20tal%20back.JPG    sa%20at%20cr.JPG

 sa%20cor%202%20cr.JPG  sa%20cor%20cir%20cr.JPG  sa%20cor%20name%20cr.JPG

Bar Mitzvah Tallit:  This sophisticated tallit is made of black dupioni silk with silver accents. 
The attarah features  the final words of the tallit blessing appliqued in silver lame, three silver
lame stripes appliqued on lower edges and four embroidered corners displaying the Bar Mitzvah
celebrant's name, a Jewish star, a Torah, and a baseball diamond with the Hebrew word Kadimah
(forward) inside.  A personalized matching zippered tallit bag completes the set.

  pinelessx20scannedx20longred.JPG    pineless%20ben%20baseball%20corners.JPG   pinesless%20star%20torah%20corners.JPG

Another custom Bar Mitzvah Tallit......Embroidered and appliqued on a sueded navy blue silk,
the earthtone colors are a fabulous yet understated contrast to this work of art.  

The full length view shows the appliqued stripes.  The attarah features a custom verse.

tallit%20rsbg.JPG                          rosenbergx20ax20attarahbr%20cr.JPG

The corners below were created for this special tallit.

       Illustration relating to his Haftorah                            Family Tree of Life                  










                                 Jerusalem                                                     Abraham



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