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M. Kaz Designs, Inc.  
Arlington Hts., IL   

------------------------Chuppah Designs----------------------------

M. Kaz Designs has fabricated custom chuppot for individuals and synagogues.   Each chuppah is
created  after meetings during which all design elements of the chuppah are discussed.   Included
these elements are: color, fabrics, Judaic symbols, verses and overall feeling to be expressed
in the piece.  After a design is agreed upon, the process of selecting fabrics and other textural
embellishment follows.  The creation of an M. Kaz chuppah often involoves many different fabric
techniques including: applique, reverse applique, couching, soft sculpture, embroidery, trapunto,
quilting, etc.  It is the goal of M. Kaz designs to create the chuppah of your imagination and dreams,
which can become a lasting work of art to be displayed and enjoyed always.

                              Temple Chuppah

This chuppah was created specifically for Temple Beth El in Northbrook, Illinois. 
The chuppah is on permanent display in the library, in a specially designed lucite case. 
You can see the chuppah as it is on display, below left, and on the custom designed
stand for use in the sanctuary.   
Please notice that the chuppah (below at right)
is mounted on poles
of different heights.  The front poles are taller than the rear,
which allows the guests to see the entire design on the underside of the chuppah,
quite an ethereal and elegant display.  


The next chuppah began as a wedding dress!  It was worn by the bride's mother at her own
wedding.  The beautiful lace flower appliques and covered buttons were carefully removed
from the original dress and arranged in a pattern on the chupah.  The chuppah features a
center diamond design medallion edged in lace.  The background of the chupah was quilted
and strewn with more of the flower motifs.  The off-white silk organza layered over
off-white satin was the basis for the original wedding dress, and the same layering of fabric
was used for this chupah.  cahan%20wedding%20dress%20long%20two%20cropped.JPG



This chuppah, a beautiful and colorful design, was created for a family blessed with lovely
daughters, and was used for each of their weddings.   The lighting and mgnificent floral decor
made for a spectacular display.


 chupah%20gldbg%20tablecloth%20crop.JPG A matching tablecloth was commissioned after the first wedding.  What a great idea!








This next chuppah is particuliarly close to my heart.  I made this for my daughter's wedding.  We
had a regular "client" meeting and my daughter, Mara, told me that she wanted to incorporate a
heart and a tree into the design.  I went to work on a sketch......I started the tree with coiled tubular
satin "roots" that begin on the rear flap.  Planted in the roots are two small soft sculptured hands
embroidered with the Hebrew names of the bride and groom.  They are on opposite sides of the roots. 
The roots then join and twist together moving up the main background of the chuppah and burst in
orbit on the heart layered with textured fabrics and embellished with an interior heart, framed by
larger hands, where the names of the bride and groom are formed by folding more fabric tubes. 
It is a beautiful textural art piece which uniquely enhanced the ceremony, was displayed as a
tapestry behind the cake at the wedding reception, and has been installed as a wall hanging in the
bedroom of my daughter and son-in-law and is enjoyed daily.


Close up of chuppah center                                             Sketch used as wedding program cover

levy%20wedding%20chupah%20center%20close%20up.jpg    mara%20wedding%20program72sm.JPG


This chuppah was created for an outdoor wedding.  The couple are lovers of nature and requested
intertwined trees to be incorporated into the design.  I used a sheer fabric background so that the
sunlight could filter through the branches, leaves and flowers sewn onto the chuppah.   There are
365 leaves on this chupah.  Each leaf was made individually, embroidered, and many leaves were hand
beaded and then stitched to the branches on the chupah.  As you can see below, one of the leaves is
embroidered with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.  Two doves and 
50 double layered flowers are also featured on this unusual chuppah which is on now on permanent
display in their dining room.


slmn%20wed%20party%20outside.JPG  slvmn%20chupah%20leaf%20names.jpg





Chupah currently on exhibit in dining room!             






Seven Species Chuppah                           Ritual%20Threads%20jpeg%20crop.JPG

This lovely chupah was a Ritual Threads project, designed by artist, Leah Sosewitz, and fabricated by
Marsha Kasanov, M. Kaz Designs.  It was used twice one summer for a family celebrating the marriages
of two of their children.  The chupah was created and presented to the children with the hope that this
special work of art would become a family heirloom and that future generations would be married
under this chupah, too. 
Both weddings ceremonies were held outside.  What a lovely and serene setting.  

   chupah%20ritual%20threads%20bright.JPG  Img_0009%20cropped.JPG  

  IMG_0022%20cropped.JPG     IMG_0016%20cropped.JPG  


  Floral Chuppah    Ritual%20Threads%20jpeg%20crop.JPG

Below is a very special chuppah for a very special family.   The body of this chuppah was sewn 
using a semi-sheer fabric which allowed the center medallion to "float" in the center.    The
center medallion is elaborately embellished with vines, leaves, flowers, butterflies and 
pomegranates, all hand beaded, which made this gorgeous chuppah twinkle and shine,
reflecting the glowing faces of the couple standing beneath it.                          

r%20chupah%20brred.JPG   r%20chuppah%20flowers.JPG

This Tree of Jewish Life chupah displays a bride and groom
under a tree adorned with symbols of life.  A Torah, a menorah,
a kiddush cup , candlesticks, a shofar, ten commandment tablets...
all meaningful to the couple whose names are appliqued on the 
rear flap of the chupah.  This chupah now hangs in their home.

                   Jewish Symbols Chuppah     chupah%20learn.jpg              


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