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The Client Feedback Page

Thanks for checking out this Feedback page. Feedback is important to me and to new clients who want to know what other people are thinking about my shows, how well I entertain and if I'm the right type of performer for their event. The few example testimonials below are from a few parents, corporate CEOs, schools, communities, and kids who have seen me perform. Have a read and please send me your feedback on the shows.

You can find more Feedback in my guestbook area - CLICK HERE!

If YOU you found me through Gig Salad - You can write a review through here:

Nov 2010 - Audio & Video Feedback Coming Really Soon!!

Friday Sept 24th 2010

I just wanted to say a big THANKS for adding "magic" to Maddi's 6th Birthday. I believe everyone young and old had a wonderful time and we can't stop talking about those birds. Madison wore her lucky knot in her soccer sock the next day and scored the winning goal. Thanks again and I am sure we will see you again in Annapolis performing soon. Take Care, Michelle Chavis

sunshine and smiles

Birthday Party 3-29-09

I would like to Thank you for this weekend. You made my son very happy and his party was a hit. I had mother calling me Sunday still thanking me for the party. I would like like to say you are great and I am planning my next party and you will hear from me really soon. You rock. Thank you!!! this come from the bottom of my heart. P.S. My daughter believe in magic now.
Pt. 2 Guestbook:


Dee Kendlin from Reisterstown (Enrique Birthday party)

You made a six year old boy very happy this weekend and words can not express my feeling towards you. You are the best and you rock. Today is Sunday, March 29,2009 and my phone is still ringing off the hook with friends and family talking about yesterday. My daughter who did not believe in magic is still talking about you. Just to let you know that I am planning another party and I will hear from me soon. Once again.. from the bottom of my heart Thank You.  

Dee  Kendlin, Baltimore MD

Birthday  11-05-08

Hi Jack Thanks Again for the great show Macy and her friends had a blast and i will be having you back soon to do another party. I have all ready had some many parents ask about you for their partys. Thanks Again and hope to see you soon

Jason from Hurlock, MD (Birthday party)

Birthday 10-17-07

What an awesome party--everyone loved it--kids and adults!! That was, without question, the most fun and entertaining birthday party that I've been too!! We can't wait to see you again on Wednesday nights at Ledos.

Thanks again,
Liz G.

Corporate Reunioun July 2007

Greetings Mr. Julius;

I would like to thank you for your performance during our eighth annual alumni association party. According to all of the feedback that I have been getting, everyone really enjoyed your show, kids and adults alike. We hope that everything went as smoothly for you as it did for us. Thanks again to you and your lovely assistant.

Rick S.
President of the CAA


Birthday 10-4-06
We just wanted to thank you and your wife again for the great show you performed for Sam's party yesterday. Sam and his friends really, really enjoyed it. Sam especially enjoyed being called up to help in some of the magic acts.

We also want to thank you for taking the time after the party to show Sam some magic he can practice on his own. Your performance at St. Mary's spurred him and some of his friends onto a real interest in magic and yesterday's session just reinforced it.

Thanks again and we will be sure to catch you at Lido's and to pass your name around.

-Kevin and Kirstin S.

Corporate 9-27-2006

Just wanted to say thanks again for the great assorted performances Saturday night. Big hit and rave reviews. We will be calling you first next time.


Corporate 9-24-5

I wanted to send you a quick note to say: "Thanks." Nice show, as usual.
It is fair to say that the 38th annual Maryland Seafood Festival was a success and we look forward to working with you again next year.
Thanks again and talk to you soon,

Sean O.
Community 7-01-04

Thanks for a wonderful performance last night at Wynnewood Pool. The crowd was larger than we anticipated. Everyone enjoyed the show.
The transformation was AMAZING!!!!
Thanks again-
Janet S.
Diane P.
School 3-12-04

Hi Jack, your show was absolutely terrific... the kids are still talking about it and so are the adults! Thank you so much. Thanks again for a terrific show!

Regards Karin
German School
Corporate 1/26/2004

Greetings for a charming afternoon to you Jack Julius. I hope all is well and that you're warm and dry away from the snow. It was terrific meeting you and seeing you perform at Ledo's in Edgewater the week before. Sammi was truly amazed with your magic. I am wiring you today to see if we could lock down on a date for my daughters b-day party. Mr. Julius, what other days in February or March might you be available for this event??? Thank you!

Dan Sheffield.
Birthday 10/12/2003

The show was exceptional and definitely memorable. Quan and his peers really enjoyed the show...not to forget to mention that the adults also found themselves amazed. Just the other day, Quan said he ripped a piece of paper and magically put it back together. Sorry that you had a difficult time pronouncing our very unique and extraordinary names but you managed to do a groovy job, just like your performance that day. I passed out all of your cards and I hope that the other parents will take advantage of your unforgettable show for their very special event. I'm glad you brought that lovely dove. It was really the highlight of the show. Take care.

Thanks again, Lea & Quan

Street Performing Sat July 5 2003

Hi Jack, I just caught your show at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore this past week. (The week of July 4th.) You were terrific. Great interaction with the kids, and very entertaining. I happened to be at a show where you had an unexpected guest. I am sure he was a homeless man trying to steal your show every chance he had. You made his interruptions amusing, and were very professional the entire time. I do hope to see another of your shows in the future. Best of luck.
Pittsburgh, PA

Birthday Sun 9 mar 2003

Jack Julius is Great, # 1 Class Act!!, I had gotten Jack for my daughter 16th Birthday and Jack was Great!!
Annapolis Maryland

Festival 9/8/2003

Hi Jack, We really enjoyed your 6:00 show yesterday at the MD Seafood Festival! My daughter Heather and I were thrilled to be able to participate in it(she was the little one who held the keys during your great escape!) I noticed that you taped it and was wondering if you sell copies of the video. I would love to get one for her if you do! Thanks again for a very entertaining evening! Heather hasn't stopped talking about it.

Joanne L.
Corporate Sat 19 may 2001

I saw your performance Saturday at the Northrop Grumman open house and enjoyed it greatly. When I heard you give your web site address, I decided to visit so I could tell you. I'm also writing to the organizers to let them know that they should invite you back for their next event.I heard you mention Red Skelton, and I thought that I could see his influence in your style. You also reminded me of Robin Williams. Thanks for the entertainment!

Gordon Davy

Fan Sat 19 may 2001

Hello Mr. Jack Julius. You don't know me, but i have seen you perfom. You are really good at what you do. You make everything seem so easy and with a smile. i've seen lots of magicians/entertainers and you seem to know exactly what you are doing. It looks like you love to entertain people and I can see that just by watching you. I will let you know my e-mail and address becasue I would love to be on your mailing list when you have a public show i can see. ohhhh! Did i forget something? Yes, YOUR WEB SITE! It's sooooooo damn cool! The photos are clear! You look like a very professional and very hip guy! Not to mention, creative! Like me!

Maria "The Little Princess"

Birthday 9/2/2003

Thank you so much for performing at my son's 8th birthday party. Both the kids and adults at the party enjoyed the magic and mime very much. My son's favorite trick was the floating dollar bill. My 80 year old mother was very impressed with your work and enjoyed being involved in one of your tricks! You were very professional and handled the group of kids extremely well!
I will certainly promote your name in my community. I would love to be able to have you perform at one of our events.
Thanks again-

Administrative Assistant
University of Maryland Baltimore

Birthday 7-27-2003

I justed wanted to drop a note to let you know how much my daugher, Julia, and the kids (as well as the adults), enjoyed your performance today. It combined what one would expect to see in a magic show -- card tricks, gravity defying acts -- but did so in a manner that truly innovative. Needless to say, it was exciting for all!

I also would want you to know that I would highly recommend you to others for birthday parties as well as other occasions at which you might perform. Feel free to have those considering engaging your services to contact me in case they would like to discuss.Again, thanks for a great show!

Best regards,

School 6-10-2003

Stay at home mom
My kids, (Kyle age 6 and Erica age 5), and I, saw you at their school, Patuxent Elem., this past Saturday, June 7, and we thought you were great!  My son was really amazed at the many tricks you performed, especially the one at the end when you were locked inside the crate,,I was trully amazed!  My 5 year old daughter normally would not sit thru a show that lasts an hour long and I have to say, she sat still and was pretty amazed at everything you did..she especially liked the tricks you performed with the dove.  Thanks for such a great show, and hope to see you again.

Laurie G.
School 5-16-2003

We saw your show at orange hunt elementary. We thought it was the best magic show We have ever seen. We even saw it twice it was so funny. Thanks for sharing us how to do your tricks. We would really like to se your show again. Thank You,

Anna and Lindsey
School 5-9-2003

The show at Harman Elementary was really good! The tricks all were great, especially the transformation (it's the one where you were locked in a box and changed places with your assistant) trick! I was the guy who checked the chain to make sure it was real! Everything seemed real enough to the four of us guys who assisted!
Ty A.

Birthday 4-11-2003

Dear Mr. Julius,
I saw you tonight at Luke and Skyler's birthday party. I liked your show alot. My favorite part was when the doves appeared. I also liked it when you poured the pepsi in the glass without holding it! Thank you and goodbye.

Ryan age 6

Birthday 1-1-2003

You performed at my 7 year old boy's birthday party last july (before we returned to the UK), and I promised to write a testimonial for your act. It was nothing short of fantastic - for the adults as well as the kids. You were very funny and really captured the kid's attention and imagination. Six months later my son still performs his own kind of magic based (loosely!) on Jack's. You were also incredibly good at controlling the kids - and at making the birthday boy fell very special in the act. sadly we have moved from the area now but if we had not I would certainly have YOU back again for other parties. Niall MacGinnis

Hope you have a very good New Year,

Festval 11-22-2002

Hi Jack,

Thanks so much for helping to create a night of fun and magic for the volunteers of Kids 'n' Kaboodle. Many are still commenting on your talents. In fact, Kim commented that she had seen David Copperfield in person and that you were every bit as good!

I seriously hope that you will consider performing at Kids 'n' Kaboodle this year on Sunday June 1st. Last year we had over 1200 kids and their families come and this year we are expecting about 2500. Many children who came last year could not have afforded to attend an event like this if they had to pay. EVERYTHING at the fair was free, including the food. If you are committed to children having joy and laughter in their lives, despite their economic means, than come help create another day of fun with Kids 'n' Kaboodle.


Eleanor M.

Birthday 1/8/2002

Jack: We really enjoyed your show on Sunday. Avery, the birthday boy's younger brother has been talking about seeing you again ever since. I'm keeping him out of school to come see you at Kids Club at the mall tomorrow. What are the times again?

Thanks. Jennifer D.

Birthday 3.13.2002

Thanks for a wonderful show. Claire spent all of Monday telling her pre-school teachers all about you. All the children seemed to enjoy the show and you did a good job of controlling the young mob. Your part in her birthday party really helped make it a special event and allowed us the needed time to pull off the other activities.

If you ever need a reference, feel free to use my name.

Joe B

Resturant 2002

Yo Jack, I'm Ryan. I met you at the Red Robin on Wednesday night. How are you ? I'm 9 and go To Davidsonville Elementry. I enjoyed the show. It was great!!! I liked the Coin-through-the-arm trick the best. I'm going to get some books on magic! I hope to see you soon!!!

ryan : )

Birthday 7-23-2002

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful show. My daughter (Claire, age 5) had a super time and really felt like the star for a day. Both Claire and my other daughter Emma still talk about the birds and occassionally they tear up napkins and blow the little pieces of paper around the house.

Your ability to slant the show for the age group was well done and helped tomake her party a great success. Also, I was very impressed with your ability to handle and entertain 23 four/five year old children for over an hour. Just your ability to this was magical in my opinion. Additionally, while watching your show I was truly amazed at the level of your tricks and illusions and am still not sure how you were able to make the birds appear.

If you are ever in need of a reference feel free to use me, it would be my pleasure to expound on your professional show and your true talent in dealing with young audiences. Thanks again for helping to make it a memorable event for Claire!

Joe B.
Urban Institute


We met you last nite at Ledo rest. We would be very interested in having you do one on one sessions "tutor" with me. My parents say it is a good idea. can you let us know if you are available.

jordan s.

Birthday 12/10/2001 9:38:01 AM

Zack's B-day
Thank You for your outstanding performance at my son's birthday party.
Your ability to seamlessly entertain a group of children and adults is a
gift with which you have mastered. Thanks to you Jack, my son had "The best
Birthday ever".

Best Wishes
Susan B.

Community 10/30/2001

Hi! I just wanted to thank you again for the great
job you did at the Piney Orchard Halloween party -
everyone was very pleased.

I also wanted to let you know that I called Chevy's
and ASKED THEM TO GET YOU BACK! Let's see what

Also, if you ever hear of anyone who needs a party
planner, please send them my way! Thanks and I look
forward to working with you again in the future!

Elaine D

Birthday 9/10/2001

I just booked you for my son Ben's 5th birthday party. I wanted to tell
you that my husband took Ben and his little brother to the Annapolis
Seafood Festival and saw your show and Ben LOVED it. It's pretty
impressive when an almost 5 year old stands for that long and hardly

Also, my husband thinks he went to high school with you at Severna
Park. His name is Kevin Davisson. Did you go there?

Ben is really looking forward to his party now. Thank you so much,
Janis D.

Teaching 7/21/2001

Hi Jack, Collin wanted me to email you to tell you thank you very much for teaching him Magic, and Mime, he had a GREAT TIME at Camp last week at ECMA, it is neat watching a 5 year old perform a small Mime Skit, (very cute) and other magic tricks, he is practicing his rope knot trick daily. Thanks for the Certificate he has showed everyone that has come to his house, and he keeps telling me we have to go to Michaels to get a frame to put it in, he has already picked the perfect spot on the wall where he wants his certificate to go!! Thanks alot! We look forward to seeing you on Oct. 13th, at Collin's birthday party!! (Close up photos will soon be mailed to you, for his birthday certificate) I guess I better buy 2 frames!! Take care!!

Diane & Collin P.

Family Party 7/3/2001

Hi Jack everyone was so excited seeing your show. Thank you so much! I told some of my friends at work about your show, too. My mom said I should invite you to come for a show whenever we have friends coming from China to visit us, since back to the old old days in China, when my mom was a child :), only weathy people could afford having people coming in for a show like this, she could not imagin I did it and I can do it almost whenever I want to.

I am planning for the July 28th party now. I probably would like to call you in September, I have an idea to invite you to Bob's school for a show on Chinese moon festival. My little boy is a little young, but next December I would like to invite you to go to his school for a show on his fourth birthday. I am not sure how do you think about these. We will keep an eye on your web side and keep in touch with you. Hopefully my kids can learn some tricks from you when they grow up : )

Let us know when you have show nearby! Thanks again! Have a fun holiday.
Yean W.

Magic Fan 5/13/2000

Hi, Jack,

A very professional website.

I have a 13-yr old who would love to see your magic show. Where and when do you appear in Annapolis? I believe you put on shows at an Italian restaurant frequently?


Kathie L.

Birthday 10/28/2000

Dear Jack,
What a fun party!!!!!!! My name is Samantha. I am 7 years old. I saw your show at Rosie Al-Hamad's birthday party. I want to know how you got that card to stick to the ceiling. It was really cool! I know you probably can't tell me the trick, but I wanted you to know I liked it. I liked your show very very much. I hope I get to see your show again sometime.

Sincerely, Samantha

Well, there are hundreds of notes and letters I have recieved in e-mail and in print, but I hope this gives you an idea of what and how people feel about the shows and entertainment I have performed for their events. YOU too will feel the same!!! Thanks, Jack Julius

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