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Have any questions? Need an answer to a questions? You'll find it here, and if it's not here, ask me and them I'll put it here. These FAQ's are bacically the most common questions people ask about me, my shows or the site. I get new questions all the time, so keep checking back for updates. Hopefully all your questions will be answered.  Thank YOU! 

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Bounced Checks!

What happens When I send you a check that bounces?

RUN! No, It can happen to anyone, but I don't like to deal with bounced checks because it is a big hassle! Especially when I deposit your check, then write a few checks to pay bills and come to find the check you wrote me bounced, and then my account is over drawn and I have fees to pay! SO, if you bounce a check, and I have to deal with it, it will cost you an additional $50 added to what you already own! So, don't bounce a check, unless you want to pay me more! I do prefer cash as the final payment to avoid any problems.

Gas and Travel Fees

Why Is There A Gas/Travel Fee?

Okay, this is a pretty big issue that I really need to shed some light on. First, the Gas and Travel Fees are separate from the "Show Cost" and there is a reason. On many occasions, I will perform many shows that are pretty local. Which means, there isn't that much of a distance that I have to travel. So, NO gas/travel fees!  I can perform two or even three shows in the same time is take me to travel further away and perform one show. It has to be cost affective for me to travel a further distance. What is the point in taking five hours to do one show at a further distance, when I can perform two or three shows locally in that same amount of time? Make Sense?

Now, let me break it down even further.  When you a pay for the show, you are not only paying for the 40 min. to 60 min. that I am performing. You are paying for the time it takes to set up, and the time it takes to break down the time it takes to pack up and drive back. Not to mention material costs & supplies for each show.

What about gas and travel? Have you checked the prices lately? What does that include? Well, just that, gas and travel expenses. Which is wear and tear on the truck, gas and time. Not to mention, I also have to eat. Yes, I eat food.  If I have someone helping, it has to cover them as well.  The cost of the shows are what I feel they are worth and their value in today's entertainment market.  Some you may feel charging gas/travel expenses is a rip-off and others may feel it is totally necessary.  I do have to make a living and if I am spending more money on gas, food, and travel expenses and time then I am making on the show, I can't make a living. 

Here is another way to look at it. Say you have family that are over an hour away in driving.  You also have family that is local, a few minutes away.  I'm sure you would visit the local families more often then you would drive an hour away to visit the other family members which are further away, right?. But, if they were covering gas and travel expenses, that would make it easier on your pocket and it would seem more cost effective to you right. Right?

So, there may be a gas, tolls and travel expense, and that is dependent on where you are, how far away and how much time I will spend there. Most of the time, 15 to 20 minutes in driving, I may not charge a gas and travel fee. It's also may depend on which show you choose. It is definitely not cost effective to perform a 30 min. small show that is over an hour away. I have to make up the difference in time and travel. But, if I were to perform an hour show, the gas charge may be minimum because I'm performing a much bigger show. Okay! I hope this has helped you understand it better.

NOTE: For Corporate, Stage and Illusion Shows
I have a trailer with Illusions in it, and that costs a bit of gas and wear on the truck to hull. So there are rates for this!

Payments In Advance-Do I get my Deposit Back?

Why do I have to send my payment in advance?

Why? Deposit's are NON-REFUNDABLE! Generally a deposit or full payment is required in advance to hold your show date so I know you or your company is serious about having me perform for your event. Many times someone will book a show and tell me to hold that spot for them. Once in a while, the child might change his mind, the parent may find they have less funds to spent on entertainment after buying gifts-bad planning!. The company may cancel their event for lack of participants, interest or funds. So, what happens is, when people cancel for whatever reason, I lose money. What if you expected to go into work and your boss says, "Hey, it's slow today, I don't need you!" or "Not enough business today!" or " I found someone who can work for less."  What would you do? In all of 30 plus years, I've even had one person (whom I will be taking to court), cancel a check right after they paid. That is cold and cheap. The show was great, the kids loved it, she said,"It wasn't what I thought it would be." Who cares? How many magic shows has she seen? It's a magic show, what else could you expect? I KNOW it wasn't bad-The Kids LOVED it- birthday child hugged me! To this date I have performed thousands of shows. I can honestly say, people love what I do, I love what I do. It shows in my work that I care, and don't just "do this" for fun! I have never gotten a bad complaint about my performance. Now, don't confuse this with an ego. I am self-confident in what I do because I put smiles on thousands of faces monthly. Their reaction by what they say and do tells me this. If I had only gotten a negative feedback, then I could understand. Not to mention, I've gotten bounced checks more often then you can imagine, especially after they say, "That won't happen."  What if you got a check from work, deposited it, then wrote a few check to pay some bills? But, only to find they bounced, because the check that was given to you was not good? So you end up paying fees on each check you bounced. It sucks!

So, I require payment to be made in advance, because you are serious about having me perform for your party or event, and to clear the check and make sure it is good and won't bounce like a rubber ball.

So, DEPOSITS, for whatever reason, are not refundable and cover me in case that date is canceled or changed or whatever, I'm covered!

Corporate and Stage Shows

Can you perform for large audiences or events?

Yes, I was born on the stage and love anything to do with being on the stage. Any function you may have, no matter how large, I can entertain them. I love large audiences, but also love performing in a more personal atmosphere also. I do many schools, corporate and stage shows a year, so call me and see what I can do your event!

Party Certificates For All Ages

Why Do you make Certificates? Do We need them?

YES, they are better than candy, and last a life time!
Well, the anwser is very simple! I make them because I can, and no one else does. Yes, you need them. But, only if you want the person you are throwing the party for to feel more appreciated for what you have done. The Certificate is my special gift to the Birthday Person. It's a symbol of something to remember the show, party, family and friends. Like a photo, when you look at it, you remember that moment captured in time, and you think about it. It is especially important for kids to feel like they have made an accomplishment. Giving them the Certificate makes them feel special. We all want to be acknowledged for our good deeds. And the "B'Day" Child's "Birthday" is a good day to make him/her feel special.  And it lasts as long as you take care if!

A special note to parents: Some of you, think the world of your children on their special day, and some of you think, "He or she is just a kid, what does it matter?" Let give you a world of advice. I perform several hundred Birthday Partis a year and see many kids from all walks of life and at all ages. On their Birthday, everything matters. We, as adults sometimes forget about what it was like when we were kids, and only think of ouselves when throwing a party. So, when I ask you to send photos for the Certificate, it does matter and it means a lot to me to see that your child has a great show he can remember me for, and thank you for finding me. Keeping your child happy doesn't require a lot of money, as long as you make him/her feel special.

The Show Calendar

I'm Not on the Calendar are you still coming?

YESSSS! Well, because there are the few people who don't read everything like they should, this is for you! I have a note on the Calendar Page just before the calendar that says...
I try to post all shows. If your event or nothing is posted that doesn't mean you aren't booked. Most of the time I only post in the current month. Or It's probably because I'm too busy to post it, or had computer problems. I have never missed a show in my life! Either way please call me to make sure. That is the best way!
Thank YOU!

If I have called you or you called me and we confirmed the show time, price and location etc., it is booked! The Internet, e-mail and computers are not always !00% reliable! I get very busy at times and there are a lot of last minute callers. So, after you fill out the booking form, please call me!

Where do I Travel

How far will you travel to perform?

I travel everywhere! I will drive any distance with in reason. Anything over 2 hours You cover the gas and any other expences or it's included in the price. I live in Annapolis, most areas I travel to regularly take an hour at the most to travel to. There are gas charges or other charges applied beyond an hour of driving. I have driven to Ocean City, up and down the East Coast...anything to the west Coast or out of the country...I'll fly. So, generally, if you are in Maryland (or Tri-state areas)-and live in Fredrick, Bethesda, Rockville, Baltimore, Washington DC, Ocean City, Virginia, etc., and other areas some people will assume too far, it is fine. Just call me and I'll let you know all the details. No! I don't just perform in the Annapolis Area that I live in. Remember, I want your business, and if you can afford me I will travel to you! :o)

Number of people & Price

Does is matter how many people are at my party or event?

Normally it doesn't matter for the Birthday Party Shows, but, there are those "Bigger" parties that I have to be prepared for. The average Birthday Party has about 6 to 15 kids...which is pretty normal for a Birthday Event and not a problem...but when there are 25 to 50 to 100 kids (and again, this depends on the party event and where) then the regular price of the show may change. It's rare that it will happen and if your event is a big one, we can chat about it. If you are having the party at your home...there is no need to worry, unless there is a much larger "audience" instead of a group. Most homes don't have the space, and many parents want to keep the group to a minimum. Adult parties? Well, that's a different story. But, if you have a larger than average home with tons of space for tons of kids...then, on occasion, the price may change depending on the show you choose and location! Please remember the bigger the group the more people I have to deal with!

NOTE!! Some of you may also be thinking, "I have such a small group of kids/adults, but I want to do the 'Medium or Larger Show' don't you think the price is too expensive for such a small group? Can you shrink the price a bit?"
NO! Sorry, the shows are different sizes and prices for many different reasons. Mostly for different investments and different budgets. Also, because as you go up in size and price you get get more of a bigger show with with a lot more magic. But, they DO NOT Depend on the "fewer" amount of people you have at your event. Please remember, I perform "High Quality" professional Magic and Mime. Not the goofy "Kid's" magic that you see the clowns do. So, I can't charge less just because you have a small group or think it's too expensive because you have a small group. What is in the show and the price are the same for all shows. It really comes down to what YOU want to do for your next party or event. If it's in your budget and your want to do the "Big" Party/Event Show for your smaller group, it's up to you. I created each show with a little more bang (magical surprises) as you move up in price and size. So, if you would like to invest in something bigger with a lot of bells and whistles, that is up to you. If your investment only allows you to do the smaller show, then go with what makes you happy.
There is a lot more then me just showing up and performing. You are paying for much more than just the show. There is travel time, set up time, performance time (depending on the show), break down time, and travel again, either to another location or back home. Not to mention, gas, expenses, show supplies, and food to eat when I get hungry. If this is a Birthday Party Show, then there is the time I spend on making the High Quality Certificate for the birthday child/adult, which sometimes can take up to an hour or two depending how intricate I get.

The Prices Page brakes down the length of show, what is in each show and the cost. Check it out if you haven't already. As an example, The small show which is about thirty minutes long doesn't include beautiful white Doves appearing from thin air and many other amazing illusions of magic that you will see in the Medium & Larger shows. It was designed to fit into small time slots, small investments and localized areas where I don't need to spend a lot of time on setting up and travel.

If you have any other questions, just ask. 

Substituting Shows and Prices

Can I Get The Larger Show For The Small Show Price?

Are you Nuts? I will tell you that I would love to be the entertainment for your event and am willing to work with people. But, there are reasons why I have the different show sizes and prices. When booking a show, please try not to ask me to do a show for less then what it costs or to switch it with another. I have those prices and size of shows set for a reason. As much as I would love to, I can't do a larger show for the small show price. It's not cost effective for me. Budget? Well, some families are on a tight budget and I can tell because the first thing they ask is,"How much do you charge." Without asking me about what I do in my show. Yes, I am flexible in many situations because I want them to have quality entertainment-ME! But, just because it's a smaller show, that doesn't mean it would be of less quality. It just doesn't have all the bells and whistles and other magic that the medium and larger shows have. I get that all the time where people would say, "There are gonna be lots of people there, I'm sure you'll get many bookings ... can you do it for $225 instead of $275?" or "Can you do it for free, I'll make sure your name is in the paper, and I'm sure you'll get calls..." There is NO guarentee that I will get business. THAT doesn't pay my bills, or for the props and materials I use and the cost of gas and my time to drive, set up and take down, then drive back home. Remember, you aren't paying for my driving time, set-up time, break-down time. Trust me, the shows I perform, no matter which size, are worth much, much more than what I charge for them. Not to mention what I put into them. The Birthday Party Certificate that I design and give to the child at the end of the show is worth the price of a show. I spend over an hour working on them and they are "FREE" with every show. Jack julius Tee Shirts come free with the large show and are discounted in the small and medium shows. For Birthday Parties, I do not feel I need to give the kids something , like candy,  for them to enjoy what I do. The quality of a great show and entertainment should speak for it's self.. Yes, I may give out candy in my shows  or other things. But, I'd rather people remember me for the show, and not what candy I gave them. I know it's hard for some of you to believe this, and I can understand if you are on a tight budget, as most of us are. But, you do get what you pay for. You want cheap? That's the quality that comes with a Cheap price. You can't buy a Mercedes for the cost of an economy car price. That's why I have the different prices! But, if you do get the small show, you won't be able to see the stuff that's in the Middle or larger show. If that's what your budget will allow you to get, believe me you will be pleased and so will your child. I hear some parents say,"He's only 5, I don't think it will matter." Well, it does! Alot, because it a big deal to a child when it's their birthday. So, please stick to the price and show that comes with it. If I happen to feel like doing other things in the show...I may, but don't expect it.

When I wear the Mime Face

Do you wear a Mime face when you perform at Birthday Parties?

NO! This isn't asked too often, but I want everyone to know, I don't wear a Mime face when I perform at Birthday Parties. Kids (depending on the age performed for) need a certain attention and a voice when performed to. Wearing a Mime face takes away from what and how I perform at Birthday Parties. Not only that they can't relate to you as well when you have a white face on and don't talk back to them. Sometimes it even may scare the younger kids, and they'll comfuse the face with the clown face. If I do Mime or sketches in my show, they are in the tradition of Red Skelton (funny with out a white). Check out his Official Web Site! On Stage or for special events where I am asked to perform "Strolling Mime" then I will wear the "Mime" face.

What do you wear in your shows

Do you wear a special out-fit or costume?

NO!  I wear clothes!
Well, not totally. First, let me point this out, I am not a clown! Got it? Good! Yes, I wear clothes and depending on the show, if it's for kids, adults or on stage I might wear somehting different for each occasion. I try to stick to the basic...ME! Summer time, it's hotter so I wear less, like short sleeves. But, please let me make this clear to all you who will ask about what I wear. I'm a performer, though my clothes may be a part of my show, and how I present myself,  they don't make the show...I do...what I wear shouldn't have any bearing on how good the entertainment will be. What I wear can be quite colorful at time, and plain and simple at others

Balloon Animals!

Do You Do Balloons For The Kids?

No, I don't, at least not in my shows.
Sometimes, but leave that up to the Ballon Specialists and Clowns who do that regularly. Sometimes I may and when I do younger kids I might bring already made Balloon Animals. In general, it's too distracting from the show I perform. It's great to have as an extra walk-a-round thing. Trust me, I do fine in keeping their attention without making them balloons.

What ages I perform for

What ages do you perform for?

This is the most common question! Answer? ALL AGES! I say this all over my site, and I will explain this again. I perform for anyone from 3 to 99 years old. My shows are "non-age" specific, so that anyone with eye site and a smile can enjoy what I perform. I just gear the show towards that age I perform for. As an example, a few weeks ago, on a Friday eve I performed for a 40th (all adult) birthday party, Saturday for a spunky 80 year old party (with kids), a 7 year old later that day and on Sunday an 8 year old. So I hope this answers your question about what "ages" I perform for.
Oh! What about ages 1 and 2? Well, most of the time at these ages it's really for the adults...I've done a lot of 1 year olds...plenty of 2 year olds...but prefer 3 and up. If it's a pretty mixed group of ages, sure.

Show space to perform in

How much space do you need to perform?

Well, this is also under the "Do I need to provide anything..." section. It all depends on the show I perform. Small and med shows can be performed in just about any place provided. The large Birthday Party or Event show I'd recommend in a basement, large living room/dining room combo, hall, community center or stage. There is a lot I bring for that show. But, if you want the large show price of a show I can adjust what I perform to conform to your size of area if it isn't so big. Reason for space? I have a curtain I set up and generally need about ten to fifeteen feet in front to perfrom. If the show is on stage, no worries!

Animals in the show

Do you use animals in your shows?

Yes! Well, I produce beautiful white Doves. Depending on which show you choose, depends on how many. Sometimes, depending on the number of kids there, I may let them have a chance to pet or hold one of the doves at the end of the show, time permitting. Kids love this. I also have a cat named Houdini which I'm trying to add to my shows...keep checking back for a page especially for my cats. Sorry, no rabbits, I stopped using them in high school..

Special gifts for the Birthday kids?

Do you bring goody bags or gifts for the kids?

No, sorry. I feel that should be the parents job. I have enough to deal with. I want the child to remember me and my show, not the candy they got that only lasted one day. I have enough to worry about, especially if I have several shows in one day. Do you really think I want to add "goody bags or gifts" to my already busy day of performing, setting up, taking down and driving? Not a chance. BUT, what I do offer are gifts for the birthday child or adult. I do make and present a specialized Certificate, which is free with all shows and I have an example on my site you can see. I also offer Jack Julius Tee-Shirts, Magic Books and other gifts, depending on which show you choose, some things are added at no additional cost.  Remember, you are not just paying for the show.  You aren't paying for the time it takes me to drive up there, set up, perform, take down, drive home and any additional costs I put into the shows, such as supplies used in the show. Yes, from time to time I will give out candy or free passes to movies or even already made balloon animals. But, Please don't expect more then the quality of a great show unless it's something we have discussed.

Please try not to talk to me while I'm packing up!!

Can I talk to you after a show???

An added note: I'm writing this one because a few years back, someone took it very personally that I could not chat with them right after a show (which I always feel bad about) and they thought I was rude...WHAT?...they were approaching me as I was packing up and I really had to be packed up and out of there in less then 5 min. Which is totally impossible, with illusions, sound system, wires, magic, equipment all having to be packed up in a very low lighted room. I am already very stressed about getting my show packed up, not losing anything, let alone having to worry about someone wanting to chat with me about shows as I'm packing up!

So, below is all about when to chat after a show!

VERY Often, almost after every show someone will try to chat or say hello. MOST people get that I am busy! Some people expect me to stop in the middle of what I'm doing to chat with a total stranger about my shows. Not the best way to get my undivided attention. Others try and ask me questions or tell me they liked the show. If I can I try to be nice, and say "Hi" or "Thank you!"

BUT PLEASE Don't take it personally if I have no time to chat or you feel like I'm not giving you enough attention because you want to ask me a question at the most inopportune time.

NO, I'm NOT being rude to you, I just can't talk at that moment. Especially if I have a time limit to pack up and get out of there. If I came to YOUR work place, and YOU were on a time-limit to get something done and I wanted to just pop in and ask YOU a few questions...HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? I can't stress this enough, that it is RUDE to try and interrupt a performer as he is packing up! Be patient! Wait! Get a card, call him later. ASK IF HE HAS A MOMENT! Don't try to chat as if he had all the free time in the world to chat at that moment he's packing up! Shew!

Right after a show is the hardest time to try and chat with with me about anything. Especially about show, prices and what I offer. Call me about that! My mind is focused on packing up, not losing anything and getting out of there. Especially if I have to get packed up fast.

Okay, Sometimes depending on the event, if you are thinking about hiring me for an event, I may say, "Hey come check my show. If I can I will try to chat afterwords..."

If I'm packed up (Things are off the stage and in my trailer) and have a few minutes to spare, then I will try. BUT really, The most professional and best way and time to chat is to call me or set up a meeting for me to meet you or come by your office.

DO you do Free Shows?

Do you perform free shows or special benefit shows?

NO!! Okay, well, not normally. But maybe under certain circumstance or for for a certain fundraiser, like Kidney or Cancer foundations, I may (cause my mom died from lung cancer, and my dad for kidney failure).

PLEASE NOTE! Free shows when offered are good for one year from the date offered, unless stated or there is a "No expiration" on the certificate or gift.

Below are some of the things I may and may not do or offer when possibly performing a free show!

1). This is my job, how I pay my bills. I really can't afford to do free show and don't have the time. But, on occasion, if it's something I feel may help to benefit others other than just being a free show, I will. Why do free when I can be paid? I have done many special benefit performances for many Groups and Organizations and still do on an occasion.

2). "What if it's for publicity, or if we put your name in the paper?" A publicity stunt, for a show I'm doing? YES! But just to get my name in the paper and do a "free" show for YOU? NO! When I was a kid, sure, did tons of free shows. People will call me up and say, "my church..." or "My Cub Scout group is..." or " will be great exposure..." or "We'll put your name in the newspaper for our picnic function ..." I don't need exposure or my name in a paper for me to perform. Now I have a house, a business, and bills. And like everyone else, I have to work to pay them. And it doesn't always guarantee business or payment.

3). This is my job and what pays the bills. Free shows won't put food on the table or keep the roof over my head.

4). It all depends on the event, and what it is for and when. Weekends are the busiest for me, so it is rare I have "free time to do a "free" show.

5). For Coupons, Auctions, Gifts or I said I'd do a free show? If I offer to do a free show, or it's for an auction, from a coupon or a "free Gift" show, it will not be a med or large show if for private birthdays and small events or a big corporate show for staged events. It will NOT be longer than 30 Min. It doesn't include doves, unless I decide to bring them. It's free and that is my offer. It is only a "show" for the particular event stated on the coupon or gift. Or if for some reason, there was a situation and I offered to do a free show, the same rule applies...SMALL SHOW! PLEASE NOTE: It also dose not include strolling, close up magic, mime or mannequin (unless I agree)!

Strolling and close up magic is for corporate events, large parties and if I offer that (which is rare) in the coupon or auction or gift it is only for one hour, any addition time must be paid.

For ANY FREE show I offer unless otherwise stated, it is a "SMALL SHOW" for about 30 min. And it will ONLY be performed b'day parties, private parties, small groups and small events ONLY!

I will not travel long distances for this show unless gas and travel expenses are covered.

6). I do have to feel I've gain something from it and not waste my time and money with it if it's invaluable. I have to feel good about giving, and know no matter what, people are appreciating me.

7). "Do you barter your skills and talents?" YES! I do! Beside being a performer and entertainer, I'm a graphic designer and a photographer. Sometimes if I feel it's an equal trade of value for what i do and the time I spend I will barter my talent for an exchange of something...that way, you don't actually pay something ... it's just a trade of services. I do this a lot for businesses ... call me about bartering and we'll see what I can do, okay?

8). In the past I have given HOURS and HOURS of my time for events or people and felt totally unappreciated for it. I guess because it was free, they couldn't give me respect enough for spending all of my time, energy, and skill (yes, this takes great skill).

9). Can I exchange the show for other types of entertainment? NO! No! AND NO! Unless I offer that, maybe!

It's so easy for people to ask for free shows without thinking about all the time and effort used for not being paid. I understand YOU may be on a budget or the economy may be bad...but hey, I'm in the same boat. I honestly will try, but if you want a free show, ask a beginner or amateur that can benefit from doing a free show.

Again!PLEASE NOTE! Free shows when offered are good for one year from the date offered, unless stated or there is a "No expiration" on the certificate or gift.

Hey, I'm a nice guy! I will try to do what I can, but please don't take advantage of my offerings.

If you want to see a free show, just check my Calendar and see where I may be so you can come see me perform or just keep an eye out for me. I am on Facebook also and mention any public shows I do.

About my prices in Annapolis

If I'm close to Annapolis Can I still get the discount?

NO! Close to Annapolis, is not in Annapolis.
I am talking about the Annapolis areas. Not Arnold, Bowie, Severna Park, Edgewater or other ares with out the word "Annapolis" in it...but, there are a few exceptions to the rule and I will make exceptions. But, Annapolis prices are for Annapolis only because I live here, I don't have to "travel" and there is less time spent to travel if it's local. You may get me on my nice day and I may make an exception...but, don't push it. I have quite a few expences for the shows which are well woth the prices I charge.

I notice that there are a few people, and the first thing they as, is, "Can you give me a discount?"  If I said yes, to everyone, I'd be broke! That is why I have several different levels and show prices, you are getting a discount when you do the smaller shows.

Discounts for shows

Do you have any special discount for your shows?

Yes, but only in Annapolis!
That's because I live here and it's local. That doesn't mean Riva, or Severna Park, or Edgewater. Because of the quality of my show and what I put into them, I don't offer discounts (rarely), but, if I have performed for you in the past, you have recieved a discount card from me, or someone recommended me...I may do some extra things or give a free Jack Julius Tee-Shirt.. I really can't go into too much detail here, but, if you call me, I'm sure you'll be happy with the end result!

What do you provide for the show

Do I need to provide anything, like tables or sound?

No. The only thing you need to provide is the space where I will perform. If I do need something, which is rare, then I will let you know. Just a cold glass of water is fine. I bring everything I just relax and work on your event. I will arrive about an hour ahead of time to set up and to let you know if anything needs to be moved to provide proper space. I conform to just about anywhere!

For stage shows? Well, lights and sound are the main thing, anything else would depend on the show or if special lighting is needed.

Changing my show

If we have seen you before, can you change your show?

Definately not! There is a reason. I learn many new magic affects or tricks and I will change many things in my show. But, if you or your child has seen be perform before, I can't change my whole show just for that. It's not worth the time and effort I put into it. Almost every show I do someone will have probably seen me somewhere else or at someones party. There have been many occasions where a child has seem me 4 times. I can't help the fact the there will be repeat kids. Most people who hire me hired me because of what they saw. Some have had me perform for their child up to four times. So, ff you see a performer several times, are you going to tell him to change his act just for you? There are many different things performed in the different shows I have, and what you see at one place might not be the same at another depending on which show they chose. Every show is different in many ways because it's for a new group of people...and I improvise quite a bit. There are many things I may do to make someone happy, but some people just don't realized what goes into the process of performing and practicing. It's a lot of work!

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