Ventus B

Serial Number 142, Built 1983
Registration: C-GVRS Contest Letters '26'
B Model has large Cockpit for 6' pilots
1,000 Hours with No Damage History
All AD's (Including Life Extention to 12,000 hours) Done

High Performance Sailplane:
15 meter, 7 Position Flaps (3 down, 3 up plus 0)
45:1 - Excellent High Speed Polar
Automatic Control Hookups
Automatic Water Hookups
Masak Winglets (Thermals great and stall/spin resistant)
Trailing Edge Spoilers/50 Degree Landing Flaps Makes Short Field Landings Easy
Canadian Jim Carpenter flying a Ventus B won the 2001 World Grand Prix in Australia
Certified for Loops, Spins and Wingovers

Fully equiped for Racing and Cross Country Flying:
ASI, Altimeter, Ball Vario with Audio
Ilec SB8 ASR/GPS, LX400 GPS Flight Computer, Slave Meter
Cruise Climb Toggle Switch on Control Stick
Flap position lights
Large Capacity O2 (Panel Mounted Flow Meter)
Spare uncut panel from factory (for future upgrades)
Security Parachute (Seat Type)
Pee Tube for inflight relief
Dittel 760 Radio with Boom Mike Wired for Plantronics Earpiece - Ear Kit Included
Dual Battery (14 Amp) System with Panel Voltage Tester

Excellent Condition:
Ship has Original Gelcoat
Protected by the WxSeal and WxBlock System Since New
No Cracks although some light crazing visible in good light
New Gap Seals Installed in January 2001
Graphics updated to Ventus C - Pure White with Grey Lettering, Orange Nose and Fuse Markings Removed
Great Shape & Race Ready

Cobra clamshell trailer Refinished in 2000 (White Imron)
Rigging Aids, Tow Out Gear, Wing Dolly, Wing and Canopy Covers Included

Recently Sold to Scott Anderson, Atlanta Georgia

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