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Hypoism Issues

Role of Dopamine in Addiction Causation

Theory of Addiction - Hypoism Hypothesis

Why drug use is unconscious and against one's willfulness - not volitional

Misuse of the word choice in addictions



What Am I Angry About? - Don't Ask Me This Again

Disease Concept - A Perspective


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The History of the Proof of Hypoism in the Wake of the P/R Paradigm page 1.

History page 2

Why Addiction Experts and Other People Are Ignoring Hypoism

Strange Brew


The Paradigm Vacuum in Addictions Today


What Does An Addiction Expert Know?

The Hypoism Addiction Hypothesis - An Evolutionary Psychology Perspective

Addiction Questionnaire

Misconceptions of addictions and addicts

What's Hypoism? What's an Addiction?


Why We Need Hypoism: A Comparison of the Principles and Consequences between the two Paradigms

Entitled to Your Opinion? Not Anymore.

HYPOICMAN: A non-recovering, unimpressed Hypoic

The Field of Addictionology: A Golfing Analogy


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Hypoism Treatment Research

The Addiction Treatment Fraud Finally Exposed

Hypoism Treatment Research Proposal



The National Association for the Advancement and Advocacy of Addicts

Make A Contribution To The N4A

Addict Discrimination Documentation

Social Innovations Award 2000 for The N4A

Third Millennium N4A Conference Keynote Address on Hypoism - Pathophysiology in Addictions vs. Superstition

N4A Goes on the Offensive - Suggesting Real Action

The Verdict

Blind Faith?

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Opening Statement

Chapter 1

Vision For The Future

Outcomes of Hypoic's Handbook


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Harm reduction prototype: Swiss PROVE program

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The Phoenix Magazine

Hypoics Not-Anonymous

Hypoics Not-Anonymous

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Addiction Genetics

Recent Genetic Studies on Various Addictions from a Large Twin Registry

Genetic Studies page 2.

Gateway theory finally disproven

Celera Discovers Millions of Tiny Genetic Differences in People

Interesting Addiction Science

Clinically Important Neurotransmitter Deficiencies

Hypoism Magazine-Articles by and for Hypoics


#1 Hatred, #2 The Words: Opinion, Belief, and Knowledge, #3 Hate Addiction

#4 The Drug War War, #5 Evolution vs. Creationism Revisited for Addictions

#6 American Society for Addiction Medicine Statement for Recovering Physicians

#7 Issues Peculiar to the Disease of Addictions

#8 Critique of Alan Lechner's (NIH), "The Hijacked Brain Hypothesis."

#8a. Update!! Dr. Leshner recently makes a change

#9 MY STORY - The Doctor Drug War - Wrong and Wasteful p.1, 1/6/00

The Doctor Drug War p.2

Doctor Drug War p.3

Doctor Drug War p.4

Doctor Drug War p.5

Affidavit for judicial review of NYS Dept. of Ed.

#10 The Superstition Instinct 3/1/00

#11-Conflict of Interest in Addiction Research

#12 - Controlled Drinking Lands On Its Ass

#13 - The Kennedy Curse or Kennedy Hypoism?

#14 - The Lord's Prayer for Hypoics

#15 - Replacing Alan Leshner is the only way to end the Drug War

#16 - The Brain Addiction Mechanism and the COGA Study

#17 - Letter to the director of the National Academy of Medicine's Board on Neurobiology and Behavior Health on Addictions

#18 - Is Addiction Voluntary, A Choice, as Leshner and NIDA Insist?

#19 - Bush's Alcoholism and Lies

#20 - A P/R Paradigm Addict - "Cured?"

#21 - Congress Misled and Lied to by NIAAA

#22 - Special Letter to the Times on Addiction Genetics

#23 - JAMA Editor Publishes According to His Beliefs, Not Science

#24 - Smoking as Gateway Drug. I Don't Think So!


#25 - One Less Heroin Addict. But At What Cost?

#26 - An Open Letter to the Judge who Sentences Robert Downey, Jr.

#27 - Letter To Schools About The Pride Program Against Drugs

#28 - A Letter To Bill Moyers, Close To Home, and PBS


#30 - Brookhaven Labs Provide More Evidence For Hypoism

#31 - Addiction Prevention Revisited


#33 - NIDA Is Close But No Cigar

#34 - Bush's Addict Discrimination and Hypocricy Begins

#35 - Maya Angelou's, "Still I Rise."

#36 - Leshner Lies To Congress

#37 - Addiction Combos

#38 Brain tumor proves Hypoism hypothesis

#39: So-called Availability Debunked as Contributor of Addictions

#40 - Hypoism Reproduced By A Pill



The Hypoism Blog - The Addiction Blog

The Addiction Blog 4/17/11 -

The Addiction Blog 9/14/10 - 4/16/11

The Addiction Blog 11/12/09 - 9/14/10

The Addiction Blog 7/23/09 - 11/09/09

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The Addiction Blog 4/1/07 - 8/3/08

old letters

My NY Times Letters to the Editor page 1.

My NY Times Letters to the Editor page 2.

My NY Times Letters to the Editor page 3.

My NY Times Letters to the Editor page 4.

My NY Times Letters to the Editor page 5.

My New York Times Letters to the Editor page 6.

My Letters to the editor of the NY Times page 7.

My Letters to the Editor of the NY Times page 8.

NY Times Letters Page 9.

New York Times Letters Page 10

My NYT Letters page 11

NY Times Letters page 12.

NY Times letters p. 13

Letters to the NY Times page 14.

Letters to Newsday

Letters To The Los Angeles Times

Creationism/Evolution Letter to BAM 11-25-05


Committee for Physician Health Speech

The Future of Addictions

Addict Discrimination in the News

Mandated Treatment for Welfare Recipients

Anorectic Murdered by Doctors out of Ignorance and "Desperation"(10/20/99)

Six Dead Heroin Addicts-Enough? 10/31/99

American Society of Addiction Medicine Discrimination

Darryl Strawberry Punished Again

South Carolina Forces Pregnant Women to Take Drug Tests

When it comes to drugs, the constitution doesn't apply

Parents of Overweight Girl Will Sue New Mexico



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Hypoics are born, not made.

Dan F. Umanoff, M.D.  
8779 Misty Creek Dr.  
Sarasota, Florida 34241  



"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."----George Bernard Shaw, Maxims for Revolutionists

So, here you are browsing through the addiction books. Let's see if this one is right for you. Before you do anything else, go to the appendix and view the questionnaire. Look through the questions. No, they're not to see if you're an addict or not. That's up to you to decide. The questions are there to give you an idea of your attitudes and knowledge about addictions. Are you able to answer them easily? Are you confident in your answers? Do you honestly feel you have a good grasp on addictions: the different types of addictions, their cause, their treatment, and their morality? Do you know what makes an addict and what your prejudices and biases are regarding addictions? Do you feel our medical, psychiatric, detoxification, rehabilitation, criminal justice, legal, pharmaceutical, social work, academic, political, and drug war communities have a good grasp on addictions? Do you feel that, in our culture, everything regarding addictions is hunky-dory? Do we have addictions under good control? Is the present and prevailing concept of addictions successful in diagnosing, treating, and preventing addictions? Do you think our current concept of addictions is the real story? Do you think that, other than just filling in some biological details, not much more needs to be learned about addictions, and that the treatment and prevention of addictions based on this concept is as effective as it can possibly be? Do you think that our concept of addictions is correct and based on the correct premises, and that all we need to do is work harder (and do more of what we are already doing) to get the residual problems of addictions totally under control?

On the other hand, like me, do you think we are in a big mess concerning addictions, because our entire societies' views on addictions are wrong and that the whole psychological-psychiatric-moralistic-legal premise is wrong?

If you agree that we are in a big mess concerning addictions, then buy this book. If you think all is well, put the book back right now. Don't even look at the next line. This book is not for you. If you think all is well, there is no way in the world that you will get a single thing out of this book. If you think things are a mess, you will get more than you ever hoped out of this book. I detail thoroughly the mess we are in, how we got there, why we got there, why we are staying there, and what forces are making sure we stay there. Yes, there is a conspiracy, not necessarily conscious, but one just the same, to keep addictions all messed up. If your ears just perked up, you're in the right place.

Although you're in the right place, you still may be surprised, angered, and startled by most of what is going to be discovered when reading this book. This book may be the most irreverent and realistic book you will ever see about what asses we are as people, why we are this way, and why we insist on staying this way. Most of your concrete ideas about human nature are going to be shaken by this book. I do not hold anything back in my discussion of addictions, what causes them, where they originate, and what societal delusions are maintaining the present status quo about addictions in such a disastrous mess. Would you believe that the present paradigm on addictions is actually perpetuating this mess and damaging countless addicts and their families right this second? If you said yes, then you are right.

This book attempts, in an organized and straightforward manner, to define a totally new paradigm, a totally new global conception of addictions. This new paradigm is based solely on new information about neurobiology as well as newly invented and hypothesized neurologic mechanisms, whose existence is derived and synthesized from evolutionary biology, neurosciences, genetics and clinical addictionology. It is a paradigm which, for the first time, puts all the vagaries and exceptional occurrences of clinical addictionology (real addictions in real people) into one single and simple picture with one simple cause, one simple diagnosis, and one simple (though not necessarily easy) recovery process. Moreover, it puts all addictions there, not just drugs and booze. It shows how they all come from the same disorder, have a common thinking disorder, cause the same kind of messes in all areas of life, and require the same kind of simple recovery process, all for the same reason. This is why I call it a paradigm -"The HYPOISM PARADIGM" Read the book and find out why.

Hypoic's Handbook is a synthesis on as broad a scale as called for by E. O. Wilson in his recent book, Consilience. He predicted, "When we have unified enough certain knowledge, we will understand who we are and why we are here." I don't agree with "why we are here," but I do agree with "who and what we are." Science, particularly genetics, is the only realistic intellectual force capable of unifying not merely the human race, but all organisms and ecosystems which make up the planet earth. In its largest sense, Hypoic's Handbook is an attempt to enable this outcome. Addiction, via Hypoism, is an unintended consequence of human genetic diversity. This fact should be appreciated and celebrated by science, rather than denigrated, judged, suppressed, and condemned by the psychological/religious (P/R) paradigm, the paradigm that this book replaces. Through the perpetuation of corticolimbic dissociation the (P/R) paradigm insists on maintaining this destructive and murderously superstitious philosophical stance. Hypoic's Handbook puts an end to this damaging superstition, once and for all.

Other reasons to buy the book: If you are an addict, if you think you might be an addict, or might be addicted to something or someone. If you are having a relationship with an addict of some sort. If you are thinking of having one. If there is an addict of some sort in your family. If someone in your family is having a relationship with an addict of some sort, or thinking about it. Or, if you're just interested.

Buy the book, read it thoroughly, and then go out and change the world! This new paradigm, in the right hands, yours, will change the world, yes, one person at a time. Now go out and do it!

I want to thank all the people who helped me refine the ideas in this book and all the people who encouraged me to continue despite being daunted by the publication process. I also want to thank all the hateful people in the field of addictions who kept me angrily focused on completing this task if for only one reason, to shut them up. Some of them are mentioned in the book, most not, but I remember who you are. Thanks to Bert Johnson for his infinite support, experience, and consultations, Karen Lubrano for her acceptance, ear, and loving affection, Jason Lubrano for his killer drawings, John Andracchi and Wayne Wiener for their A.A. experiences and wisdom, Joseph Pennello for his help with graphics, Carlotta Schuster, M.D. of N.Y.C, for her validation of and agreement with me and my ideas, Judi Lynn Lake and Lake Graphics for invaluable graphics assistance, Maureen Clancy of mc2 Associates, and Shellie Hurrle for editing and proofing (shelliehurrle@msn.com), the Rockville Centre Public Library and The State University of New York at Stony Brook for letting me use their libraries and tolerating my dog, Lady, chewing on their book covers. Thanks to WFUV from Fordham University in New York for supplying the hours of music that kept my brain occupied while I worked on this book. And thanks to Compaq, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard for the technology which made it so easy to write the book.

Lastly, I use the word him instead of him/her throughout the book. No offense intended.

You can take the addiction out of the hypoic, but you can't take the Hypoism out of the addict.

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