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Asbestos / FAQ
Here you will find answers to common questions about asbestos.

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Types of asbestos?

What types of asbestos are found in homes?

There are three: Surfacing Materials, Thermal System Materials, and Miscellaneous.

Most common type?

What type of asbestos will most likely be in my home?

Surfacing material. It's most likely on the ceiling of your house. Surfacing material was installed in many dwellings in the late 60's and 70's.

Asbestos recognition?

How can I tell if the material on my ceiling is asbestos?

It the surfacing material has the texture of oatmeal or popcorn, it may contain asbestos. Testing may be appropriate.

Asbestos hazards?

Which type of asbestos creates a hazard?

The key word is "friable". This means the material may be crumbled by hand pressure. Any asbestos that is friable may create a health hazard.

Testing for asbestos?

How can I be sure that a certain material is NOT asbestos?

To be absolutely sure, the material must be tested by a certified laboratory. The most common test is "Polarized Light Microscopy". Sample collection follows special protocol, and should be performed only by a certified Asbestos Inspector.

Asbestos removal?

If friable or hazardous asbestos is found in my home, what are my options?

The two most common remedies are encapsulation and abatement. The first deals with sealing or covering the asbestos, thus eliminating possible exposure. The second is abatement, which deals with complete removal of the asbestos containing material.

Abatement or encapsulation?

If testing confirms that my ceiling contains asbestos, should I encapsulate or abate the material?

Ceilings in good condition should probably be left alone. Keep the ceiling coated with an appropriate sealant. If the ceiling is cracking or crumbling, then abatement is probably the best choice. You should consult with a professional for the best option.


How much does it cost to remove asbestos from my home?

It can be expensive. Depending on the type of material, the area affected and condition of the material, costs may range from several thousand dollars to $25,000 up. You'll need to check with several asbestos abatement companies, since costs vary.

Asbestos diseases?

What diseases are associated with asbestos exposure?

Exposure can lead to "asbestosis", which is similar to emphysema. It can also lead to a rare and incurable form of cancer, called "mesothelioma". It is a slowly progressive disease with a latency period of 15-30 years.

More information?

Where can I get more information?

You can call Cal Grevemberg & Assoc., Inc. at (337) 364 9208. We will be glad to discuss the issue and remediation alternatives. You may also visit this web site's "links page". Click on Asbestos EPA. This site offers a world of information about asbestos.

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