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  Frequent Questions

Our KegsŪ and PowerpaksŪ work year round for spraying Fire- Foam in the summer to De-icing walkway's in the winter.  H.T. KegsŪ are the affordable answer to many solutions.  Our products go the distance year round.

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Helpfull Hint's

  • Your pump won,t prime ?
    • Make sure all the connections are tight (hand tight)
  • Everything is tight but it still won't prime?
    • Remove fitting from pump head pour in a little water and your up and running.
  • The pump keeps running?
    • This is a demand pump when your KegŪ is empty the pump will still run trying to prime the line.  Disconnect the power when the KegŪ runs dry.  This is a fire prevention product so it's best if it is always full and ready to go.
  • How do I fill the KegŪ from a remote source?
    • Disconnect the power.   Take the line from the inlet side and connect it to the outlet side.Take the outlet side and connect it to the inlet side (this is your longer hose) take the hose to your source of water.   Apply the screen provided and re-connect your power.  When your KegŪ is full, disconnect the power, return the lines to their original positions with the screen back on the inlet hose (the one inside the KegŪ), add the Fire-TrolŪ 104 500ml. bottle of foam concentrate and  hook-up your power.  You're ready to go again.
  • Can I fill a backpack or pump can using the Keg?
    • Yes - Disconnect the power and remove the sprayer.  Put the hose in the tank or PowerpakŪ you want to fill.  Reconnect the power.  Removing the sprayer allows a steady flow of foam product without agitation.   Always put the foam concentrate in the water whether it is being used with a foam nozzle or just the sprayer, the concentrate makes water wetter and has an absorption quality that can't be matched using water on it's own.
  • How do I keep my KegŪ from freezing?
    • Don't put your KegŪ away because fire season is over, we use a product called Magnesium Chloride (ICE-STOP) in the winter this will keep the KegŪ spraying into the -30's. 

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