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  Frequent Questions

Our KegsŪ and PowerpaksŪ work year round for spraying Fire- Foam in the summer to De-icing walkway's in the winter.  H.T. KegsŪ are the affordable answer to many solutions.  Our products go the distance year round.

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Yes, your KegsŪ and PowerPaksŪ are capable of filling themselves from a remote source of water.  Disconnect the power, pull the trigger sprayer to release the pressure in the line, disconnect the fittings at the pumphead and switch them around.  (INLET) GOES TO OUTLET/(OUTLET) GOES TO INLET.Put your length of hose into your water source and reconnect the power.  When the KegŪ is full disconnect the power and reverse the hoses, add your foam concentrate and you are ready to go.




The batteries that come with your PowerPaksŪ will stay in the ready position for months.  These batteries were designed for backup lighting systems for office buildings so they can sit idle for very long periods at a time.  For best results you can trickle charge the batteries every two months.  Any regular battery charger will do just remember (5 amp hour battery) at 1 amp charge will take 5 hours to charge.  Always use a low amperage charge when topping up the battery.


Need a different pump?

We can change the pump on your PowerPakŪ or KegŪ to accommodate any spraying need you have.  The standard pump that comes with your KegŪ is 12 volt with 10 amp motor that produces 3.5 gallons per minute @45psi.  We can change that to almost any voltage, volume and pressure.  So whatever your spraying need, our KegsŪ and PowerPaksŪ go beyond just spraying Fire-Foam.


Accept no imitation

Here in Canada we have two very definite seasons: very hot summers and very cold winters.  That's why your H.T. KegŪ can handle both.

In the summer Fire-Foam and in the winter Ice-Stop CI.(Mag-Chloride) Ice-Stop is used for de-icer and will work to minus 30 and is great for keeping crossing clear, mud rails in yards clear of ice and snow, parking lots and anywhere there is a safety concern where icy condition occur.

Accept no imitation    H.T.KEGSŪ  Year round dollar value.

How long will the Fire-Keg run till it's dry?

When the KegŪ is full and the (Fire-Foam-500ml.) is added your KegŪ it will run about 12 to 13 minutes with the foam nozzle and about the same with the brass nozzle. 12 to 13 minutes can buy you some precious time when it comes to putting out a fire. In most cases where you have a volume pump and fire hose to deal with, by the time you prime the pump, get water to the nozzle, you might as well call the forestry people. The KegŪ has proved time and time again that first response is the answer to many expensive problems.

Do you make different sizes of Keg's.

With the success of the original KegŪ, of course there would be the need to come up with tanks and pumps mounted in all different positions for different types of applications. We have met this criteria, meaning whatever limited space you may have to work with, we can come up with the tank and pump combination to get you spraying foam for putting out fires to de-icing walkway's or catwalk's anywhere you have a safety concern. Year round use from one product!

Troubleshooting Your KegŪ

Helpfull Hint's

  • Your pump won,t prime ?
    • Make sure all the connections are tight (hand tight)
  • Everything is tight but it still won't prime?
    • Remove fitting from pump head pour in a little water and your up and running.
  • The pump keeps running?
    • This is a demand pump when your KegŪ is empty the pump will still run trying to prime the line.  Disconnect the power when the KegŪ runs dry.  This is a fire prevention product so it's best if it is always full and ready to go.
  • How do I fill the KegŪ from a remote source?
    • Disconnect the power.   Take the line from the inlet side and connect it to the outlet side.Take the outlet side and connect it to the inlet side (this is your longer hose) take the hose to your source of water.   Apply the screen provided and re-connect your power.  When your KegŪ is full, disconnect the power, return the lines to their original positions with the screen back on the inlet hose (the one inside the KegŪ), add the Fire-TrolŪ 104 500ml. bottle of foam concentrate and  hook-up your power.  You're ready to go again.
  • Can I fill a backpack or pump can using the Keg?
    • Yes - Disconnect the power and remove the sprayer.  Put the hose in the tank or PowerpakŪ you want to fill.  Reconnect the power.  Removing the sprayer allows a steady flow of foam product without agitation.   Always put the foam concentrate in the water whether it is being used with a foam nozzle or just the sprayer, the concentrate makes water wetter and has an absorption quality that can't be matched using water on it's own.
  • How do I keep my KegŪ from freezing?
    • Don't put your KegŪ away because fire season is over, we use a product called Magnesium Chloride (ICE-STOP) in the winter this will keep the KegŪ spraying into the -30's. 

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