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This 30 gallon FireKeg will produce 150 gallons of fire foam on demand,comes ready too use with Demand pump,In-Line fuse,50'- 1/2/hose,Trigger Sprayer&Foam nozzle,330ml.Fire-Foam,Spare fittings,Ratchet strap to secure your Keg.

These 120 gallon tanks will fit between the wheel wells of your pickup they can also be double stacked locking themselves together giving you 240 Gallons.

R.H. McGowan Mobile Welding

4.5 Gallon PowerPak / Fire Foam on demand.

Fire Prevention worth a pound of cure!

Every welding truck needs one!


14.5 Gallon Tank/Fire Prevention (Foam)
Tigercat 870-c.JPG

14.5 Gallon(Poly) Tank and Aluminium bracket installed in Tigercat 870-C

Parker -Pacific Kamloops, 24 volt pump, 25' hose, Trigger Sprayer,  Foam nozzle, 330ml. (Phos Chek 883) Fire-Foam.


Thermite Truck/PowerPak

This portable PowerPak ® turns 4.5 gallons of water into 25+gallons of fire foam on demand it can be hung on just about any type of machine or can be worn as a pack to chase down a fire.



Section truck Alberta/C.N.Rail
This portable Fire-Keg® provides fire foam on demand and is capable of refilling it's self from a remote  source.

C.N.Rail Frog Truck.(Kamloops)

This Frog truck (Pacific Division) C.N.Rail has been setup with tank, pump and retractable hose reel.Fire foam on demand.Affordable Solutions  H.T. KEGS®


Fire foam & Grass fires & H.T.…
Our portable Kegs along with Phos-Chek 883(FIRE-FOAM) are a step in the right direction.


PowerPak® Fire foam on demand.

This PowerPak is easily hung on any equipment and is always in the ready position,$3.50 and 4.5 gallons of water will create 25 to 30 gallons of fire foam a lot cheaper than blowing of a 20 pound fire extinguisher-cost $85.00 a shot not to mention your time and effort to deliver it to your dealer to have it refilled and inspected every year.


PowerPak® Truck Rack.
This portable PowerPak® can be easily removed, has it's own harness so you can chase down a fire if need be, will produce 25+gallons of  Fire-Foam for as little as $3.50.These batteries will stay in the ready position for months on end.

B.C.Rapid transit ( Railgrinder)
Powerpack® Lite
This Powerpack Lite can be hung just about anywhere and provides fire foam on demand there is no need to send it out for costly re-charge you just fill it up with water add your foam concentrate and your ready to go again.

Portable fire prevention (51 gallon Keg®)
Springhouse Community

This community outside the fire district in Williams Lake B.C. has setup our 51 gallon tanks in trailers so they have portable Fire-Foam Prevention on demand.


Powerpack®(Frame style)
Comes complete with it's own rechageable 12 volt battery turns 4 gallons of water into 25+ plus gallons of foam on demand.

PowerPak (Frame Style)PowerPak…

   PowerPak® frame style and PowerPak® Lite both will turn 4 gallons of water into 25+ gallons of fire foam on demand they come complete with rechargable 12 volt battery.These batteries will stay in the ready position for months.



Portable fire prevention
B.C. Rapid transit

When space is an issue our Power-paks® are the answer to portable fire prevention.



Skytrain BCRT

Our portable Power-paks® make great space saving fire prevention.


Getting on small fires right a…

Getting on small fires right away is the first step in preventing expensive problems.



Matenance Welders
This Keg goes everywhere with these Railway Matenance Welders. It takes up very little room and let's the welders relax and concentrate on the job at hand.

B.C. Parks(B.C. Interior) has implemented our Kegs into there trucks for fire prevention,also great for putting out camp fires.

Foam nozzles & concentrate.

From foam concentrate to nozzles we carry all the parts and accesories to keep your Kegs® and PowerPaks® up and running.


Work truck (Keg)
This Keg® fits into just about any nook or cranny,and packs a  lot of fire prevention come the Fire Season!!

Soaking down ties after cuttin…
Fire foam and wood ties a good combination for less chance of expensive problems.


Firekegs® on rail saw.
Our portable Firekegs® along with Phos-Chek 883® make fire prevention a simple task.


Putting out burning ties!.
This Keg® along with  Phos-Chek 883 (foam concentrate) is an excellent product for putting out burning ties and small grass fires!And making sure they dont start again.

Arsco rail saw -Joint elimanat…

An H.T. Keg setup on this Rail saw is a good preventitive measure to have working for you.

Fire foam will go a lot further than water alone!


360 Speedswing-(Railway Eqp.)
360 Speedswing railroad!With this operation on the railroad there is a lot of cutting rail going on,so with the Keg mounted on the machine and the machine capable of turning 360 degrees the boy's just quick connect the fire hose and foam on demand.

Top view 26 gallon Box Keg wit…

Box Kegs with mounting hardware for those tight spaces.This tank can be mounted in any position flat, vertical,or on edge we will mount the pump and put the lid and vent in any position you request.Check our brochure catalog page for dimensions and our 51 Gallon tank.


Wash Station/Glue-Gang/C.N. Ra…

Portable wash down station.


No Pictures

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