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All the parts to keep your FireKegsŪ & PowerPaksŪ up and running.

Custom Tanks and Pumps in all voltages for all your spraying needs.


120 Gallon Tank Setup

120 gallon tanks can be double stacked giving you 240 gallons of water,or will fit between the wheel well of your pickup individually.

30 Gallon FirekegŪ Add 3 bottles 120ml. Fire-Foam concentrate per Keg of water.

Fire prevention
Firekeg - Part # 7269HTCK

Complete FirekegŪ - 50' hose,330 ml.FireFoam, trigger sprayer, foam nozzle, 3.5 gpm. pump @45psi, wiring harness to hook to your 12 volt source, in line time delay fuse,handles on the lid,ratchet strap to secure your Firekeg.

Comes ready to use.

  • Part # 7269HTCK

  • FOB Kamloops,British Columbia,Canada

Price: $823.50 + 5% GST

Box Keg (Fax us the position of the tank and where you want the fittings and the pump positioned). Not all application are the same!

Box Keg - 30 gallon / 51 gallon

Box Keg for those tight spaces. We can mount the pump in any position (flat, horizontal or vertical) you pick where you want the fittings.  The box keg holds 120 litres (30 gallons) comes with 50' hose, Foam Nozzle, Trigger Sprayer, Wiring Harness (hooks to 12 volt source). Tank dimensions 9"x17"x48"

The 51 gallon tank is the same shape the dimension are 13"x24"x48" you can request the lid and position of the pump in any position that suits your needs.  The tank can be vertical, horizontal or flat.


  • 30 Gallon 9"x17"x48" PART#7268HTBK $823.50 CDN.+5%GST

  • FOB Kamloops.B.C,Canada

  • 51 Gallon tank 13"x24"x48" Part #7267HTBK $875.96 CDN+5%GST

These 4 gallon baffled PowerPacksŪ go anywhere with their own 12 volt power. Rechargeable Battery will stay in the ready position for months.

Portable fire prevention
PowerpakŪ (Frame style)-Part #7270HTPP & PowerPakŪ Lite(Harness style)-Part #7271HTPL & PowerPakŪ(Basic)-Part#7272HTPP

Portable PowerpakŪ (Frame style)... This portable unit comes with rechargeable 12 volt battery, built in baffle for even weight distribution, Wilderness Wanderer Frame, hose, foam nozzle, trigger sprayer and spare fittings. (Frame Style)

PowerPakŪ Lite (Bag Style harness type)... This portable unit can be used anywhere and turns 4 gallons of water into 25+ gallons of fire foam on demand.  

PowerPakŪ (Basic)...This portable unit is a bag style without harness and can be carried or hung on a machine.

Fitting instructions for pack and spare parts found in pocket on front of bag.

  • Part # 7270 HTPP PowerPak (Frame Style)$851.28 5% GST

  • FOB Kamloops,British Columbia,Canada

  • PowerPakŪ Lite

  • Part # 7271HTPL $618.08 + 5%GST

  • FOB Kamloops,British Columbia,Canada

  • PowerPakŪ Basic Part#7272HTPP $596.87 + 5%GST

  • FOB Kamloops,B.C.

Replacement bags for PowerPaksŪ (Frame Style - Lite/Basic)


  • PowerPakŪ Frame Style(Bag)Part#1HTRB-FS-$85.58 CDN.+5% GST

  • PowerPakŪ(Harness Style)Replacement Bag-Part#1HTRB-HS-$132.27 CDN.+5% GST

  • PowerPakŪ(Basic Style)Replacement Bag-Part#1HTRF-$70.03 CDN.+5% GST

Price: Portable Fire Prevention

5 Amp.hour battery PowerPakŪ Lite

5 Amp./hour battery PowerPakŪLite Part# 2122HTBT

This is the replacement battery for your PowerPakŪ Lite.  Both these 7.2 Amp./hour and 5 amp./hour batteries will also power your FireKegŪ.  Great for remote locations such as cabins, homeowners and resort operators.  Remember, if you're running a generator, they all have 12 volt charging systems on them that you can run your KegsŪ.

  • Part#2122HTBT

  • FOB Kamloops,B.C

Price: $35.25 CDN. + 5%GST

Portable Charger 12 volt-2 amp. PowerpaksŪ

12 volt-2amp portable charger for your PowerpakŪ batteries.

Part # HTPC-2

Price: $50.49 +5%GST

Foam concentrate / WD 881 Phos-Chec
Fire-Foam-110 ml. Bottles for your FirekegsŪ.-Part #2600HTFF (Blue Barrel) 30 gal.

Foam concentrate for your 120 litre FirekegŪ (Blue Barrel) (30 gallon)

110ml. Bottles 36 to a case.

 330ml.- is to be added to every KegŪ after filling with water.

  • part # 2600 HTFF

  • FOB Kamloops,British Columbia,Canada

Price: CDN $194.68+5%GST

Foam nozzles(Firekeg nozzle(Center)/Wajax nozzle (Right)Brass adapter foam nozzle(Left)

Foam nozzles
Foam nozzles for your FirekegŪ PowerPaksŪ and Wajax cans

The garden thread nozzle is for your KegŪ and the fine thread nozzles are for your Wajax Cans and Pump Cans.  They thread onto the end of the trombone (slide mechanism on the Pump Can).  The nozzle with the Brass Adapter is for Ottawa brand Pump Cans.

  • Garden thread nozzle-Part# 1643HTFN (Keg)Price $19.12 + 5%GST

  • Fine thread pump can nozzle-Part #1642HTFN (Wajax cans)Price $19.12 + 5%GST

  • FOB Kamloops,British Columbia,Canada

  • Foam nozzle(Acklands-Grainger) Pumpcan

  • Part#1641HTFNO Foam nozzle brass adapter/Ottawa brass pumpcan/Acklands

  • Price $23.56 + 5%GST FOB KAMLOOPS

Price: $19.12 CDN.+ 5%GST

Combination trigger sprayer(Pro) and foam nozzle.

Combination trigger sprayer (Pro) with foam nozzle - Part #1647HTCF

Combination trigger sprayer and foam nozzle (needs male brass end to recieve this combination).

  • Part#1647HTCF

  • FOB Kamloops,BC,Canada

Price: $36.26 CDN.+5% GST

Trigger sprayer(Pro)forestry nozzle Econo

Combination trigger sprayer (Pro) forestry nozzle Econo - Part #1646HTCN

The Trigger Sprayer combination with Forestry Nozzle will work great with your KegŪ or with your PowerpackŪ.  This nozzle can adjust right down to a fine mist that will give you maximum water usage.  Whether or not you are using the foam nozzle or brass sprayer, any particular one always have the foam concentrate mixed with your water.  The foam makes water wetter making it that much more absorbent.

  • Part#1646HTCN

  • FOB Kamloops,BC,Canada

Price: $36.26 CDN.+5%GST

Trigger sprayer threaded end /Professional

Trigger Sprayer/Treaded Professional-Part #1648HTTS

Trigger sprayer with threaded end to attach foam nozzle,econo nozzle will accept all garden thread.(Female)

  • Part# 1648HTTS

  • FOB Kamloops,B.C.

Price: $17.13 + CDN 5%GST

Adjustable Forestry Nozzle

Forestry Nozzle-Part #0202HTFS

This adjustable Forestry Nozzle will give you more mileage out of your water source.  It can be adjusted down to a pin spray or up to a full stream 35' - 40'.

  • PART#0202HTFS

  • FOB Kamloops,B.C.,Canada

Price: $18.87 CDN.+ 5% GST

50' Collapsible fire hose

Fire Hose Collapsible 3/4" (Garden Thread) Part# 50HTFHC

This 50' Collapsible Fire Hose attaches to your existing hose on your Keg giving you 100' of fire prevention. (rolls up and easy to store)


  • FOB Kamloops,B.C.,Canada

Price: $61.06 CDN +5%GST

3.5 GPM.10 amp.Replacement pump

Replacement pump
Replacement Pump (12 volt/10amp.) for your KegŪ - Part# 8752HTP

If you need to replace the pump on your KegŪ this is the pump you will need.  It comes with pump cover, in-line fuse (mdl15 ) and mounting hardware to attach to the lid of your KegŪ.

  • Part #8752HTP

  • FOB Kamloops,British Columbia,Canada

Price: $272.89 CDN + 5%GST

12 volt wiring harness.20'

Wiring harness 12 volt
12 volt Wiring Harness for your FirekegŪ - Part#2418HTW

This Wiring Harness is 20' long and should reach the battery on what ever you choose to power your KegŪ.  Comes as seen here with alligator clips and connectors for pump end.

  • Part #2418HTW

  • FOB Kamloops,British Columbia,Canada

Price: $34.27 CDN + %5 GST

ButterflyFittings Straight for Pump - Part# 1872HTF

Straight Butterfly Fittings for Pumps

These are the proper fittings for your Pump (hand tighten).  Do not use substitution.

  • Part# 1872HTF

  • FOB Kamloops,BC,CANADA

Price: $5.57 CDN.+ 5%GST

50'Hose with fittings.

Replacment hose 50' with fittings - Part# 6430HTH

Replacement hose 50' with fittings.  One end to connect to Pump (Butterfly Fitting) and the other end is brass to accept the ball valve and foam nozzle.

  • Part#6430HTH

  • FOB Kamloops,BC,Canada

Price: $ 69.15 CDN.+ 5%GST

Downspout and screen inlet side of pump.(Firekeg)

Downspout and Screen (FirekegŪ) Inlet side of pump - Part# 1620HTDS

Downspout and Screen for inlet side of Pump (Firekeg/Blue Barrell)

  • Part# 1620HTDS

  • FOB Kamloops,BC,Canada

Price: $20.74 CDN.+ 5%GST

Lock ring for KegŪ

Lock ring for FirekegŪ Part# 1908HTR

Locking ring for Firekeg to hold lid to barrell.

  • Part#1908HTR

  • FOB Kamloops,BC,Canada

Price: $16.86 CDN.+ 5%GST

Retractable Hose Reel

Retractable Hose Reel 50' - Part# 2004HTRR

Retractable Hose Reel (Ratchet type) comes with 50' hose trigger sprayer and foam nozzle with 1/2" barb fittings to connect to your pump, rubber stopper.

  • Part #2004HTRR

  • FOB Kamloops ,B.C. CANADA

Price: $725.68 CDN + 5%GST

Wellnuts & Hardware to attach pumps to Box Keg and Powerpaks

Wellnuts & Hardware (Set of Four)
Wellnuts and Hardware(To attach pump) Part# 1012HTWN

Wellnuts and Hardware these are to attach pumps to Box KegsŪ and PowerPaksŪ just slip the wellnut into the 1/2" hole on your tank and insert the bolt and washer to attach pump.These come in a  set of (4)

  • FOB Kamloops B.C. Canada

  • Part # 1012HTWN

Price: $27.77 CDN.+ 5%GST

Inline fuse to protect 12 volt 10 amp. Pump FireKegsŪ.

Fuses (5-Box) MDL-15 BUSS / Part#5HTF

These are the fuses that are to be used with your FireKegsŪ.


Price: $28.45 CDN. + 5%GST

Fuse Holder

Fuse Holder (Water proof) Part#1HTFH

Fuse holder for FireKegsŪ and PowerPaksŪ

Price: $5.39 CDN. + 5%GST

Brass Garden Thread Fittings / FirekegsŪ & PowerPaksŪ

All  of our products have garden thread fittings for easy repair.

  • Male brass fitting(To attach Trigger sprayer)Part#1011HTBM

  • Female brass fitting(To connect ball valve)

Price: $4.50 CDN.+5%GST

24 volt /Diaphram kit 2088

24 volt diaphragm / drive kit /2088

Part # HTD44

Price: $46.86 + GST



Part #HTF5A

Price: $21.15 + GST

90 Degree Butterfly Fitting




Price: $5.56 + 5% GST

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