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RNFA Basic Course NURS2752 Offerings

RNFA course in June and October each year. Please read through each selection in the left column for the details about the course. We accept 18 participants. When the offering is full, the notification will be listed with the date affected.

Please do not use your cell phone during class. Put your device to silent or turn off. The phone must be off your desk at all times. Texting during class is rude and disruptive.

Recording is not permitted at any time. We discuss real patients and situations that would involve legal privacy implications. 

Do not submit any credentialing packets, copies of logs, or case studies via email.

All of the work product must be sent via postal mail. Hard copies are required. Do not send your original logs.

General Information: Scroll down for dates
You will need a Lakeland Student ID number to Register for NURS2752. Please go to and apply for your student number. (Link at left)

Use the major number 9100 not nursing or surgical technology.

***Send an email with your name, mailing address, telephone number, and student ID number to to facilitate your registration.

You must complete the college application to get the student number yourself because of student privacy laws the hospital or secretary should not do this for you.

Use 9100 to designate your major. 

The student number is used to register and access your personal and private files at Lakeland Online

When you are officially registered, You will receive a PDF credentialing packet in your email. Eligibility information link is in the left column.

RNFA (NURS2752) is a nursing elective course for 6 college semester credits. You do not need to send transcripts or apply to the nursing program. You will be registered for lecture and lab when you submit your student number. (see RNFA session offering links at left) You cannot register yourself.

Tuition is based on 6 semester credit hours and your location of residence: in county, out of county, or out of state. International students pay out of state rates. See the tuition chart link in the upper left column. There is a $80.00 lab fee for materials. We provide nonallergic sterile gloves for suture class.

At the conclusion of the course (didactic and internship), the student ID number is used to logon to your account at Lakeland Online to see your grade. This is located on the web at (MyLakeland). Grading is discussed in class on the first day. 
Log and case study processing takes longer in July, August, and December.

June and October RNFA offerings at Lakeland Community College

  • RNFA Offerings at Lakeland Community College

    RNFA offerings at Lakeland Community College. Class size limited to 18 participants

    June 2018 and October 2018 sessions are full. Please email Dr. Phillips to be added to the waiting list)

    June 6-10, 2018 
     (8AM to 530PM) Wed-Sun. Sunday ends at noon. (Registration for Summer session opens in March)

    October 3-7, 2018 (8AM to 530PM) Wed-Sun. Sunday ends at noon. (Registration for Fall session opens in May)

    The RNFA 5-day intensive didactic component starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday for both sessions. This is not a certification course and is not a certificate program. At the conclusion of the requirements you will recieve a grade and a certificate of completion.

    Official grades are posted on at the end of the semester wherein the requiements are met. The curriculum is designed as required by AORN Standards for the Education of the RNFA.

    The new requirement for acceptance into a course as of 2020 will be Bachelors degree (entry level). Proof of degree will be required.

    After your registration name and address officially appears in the roster, you will be sent the official credentialing packet via email (PDF) to confirm eligibility for course entry.

    Please email with cell phone number. Group email will be sent from this address for any updates.

    Part of eligibility is establishing an independent internship at your home facility. Lakeland does not arrange the internship or sign affiliation agreements for this process. RNs must be CNOR certified or eligible to sit for the CNOR exam. Canadian Perioperative Nurse Certification is accepted. Advanced practice registered nurses with advanced practice certification are exempt from the CNOR requirement, but must provide advanced certification documentation with the credentialing packet. Visit the CCI website for more information.

    Participants should obtain one book available through the AORN bookstore ( new RNFA Core 5/e book is an E-book and is available for download through AORN.

    1. AORN Core Curriculum for the Registered Nurse First Assistant, 5th edition  

    Please look over the table of contents before arrival. This is not available in the college bookstore. Those participants planning to take the CNOR exam and Advanced Practice Nurses not experienced in the OR should consider obtaining Berry and Kohn's Operating Room Technique 13th edition (available in the AORN bookstore) for detailed nuts and bolts of perioperative nursing. There is also a chapter on first assisting in the book. Berry and Kohn's 13/e is recommended for those nurses who have less experience in perioperative nursing practice.


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