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536 South Second Street  
Coos Bay, OR 97420  

St. Patrick's Day Ride 2016 Brookings to Coos Bay (more on HOG Holler page)


HOG Holler

2016 CB HOG Calendar

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Dear Coos Bay Member,

            A few months back we made you aware of a decision to suspend chapter operations in the Coos Bay area. Our reasoning was to take a little time to regroup and reorganize, rather than jumping in to the New Year business as usual. I’d like to take an opportunity to let you know what we have been doing since that time and our plans for the next few months.

First-we’ve been fairly active during the holiday season. Christmas Party, Hosting at Shore Acres, setting up and tearing down our tree at Shore Acres, participating in the Annual South Coast Bykes for Tykes, and most recently, the Annual Polar Bear Run on January 1. Over 20 folks from Coos Bay met up with a group of 12 bikes from our Brookings units for food and celebration at Agates Bistro in Port Orford. We’ve hardly been inactive.

Now-What are our plans for the immediate future? Easiest is to list functions separately

·        Meetings-there will be no scheduled meetings in the Coos Bay area in the immediate future. The Eastside and Brookings group are holding meetings on their regular scheduled. Click on the calendar link for all upcoming events.

·        Rides-as the weather permits, we will schedule rides on short notice most likely staying on the coast. As the weather gets more predictable, longer rides will be scheduled. Chapter members will be notified via email, website, and ride board at the dealership. Rides will be open to all but, as usual, waivers will be required for those folks not enrolled as a member of Coos Bay Oregon Chapter.

·        Chapter Membership-We are now accepting chapter enrollment forms for 2016 from any qualified Harley owner wishing to be a member of Coos Bay Oregon Chapter #2137. Annual dues will remain $18.00. Members will still receive a 10% discount on Genuine Harley-Davidson® Parts and Accessories at Highway 101 Harley-Davidson. Members will also receive notification of local activities. Enrollment forms are available at the dealership, on the Membership page link and can be submitted to the dealership by mail or in person.

·        Chapter Officers-all required chapter officer positions are being filled by current chapter members. In Coos Bay, we will have an organizational meeting later in the spring. At that time, elections will be held to take leadership positions in Coos Bay.

As usual-the months have been speeding by and it will soon be time to hit the road. Hopefully, by April/May, chapter leadership in the Coos Bay area will be set and meeting schedules will be set. Anyone with questions or comments, please address them to Al Pettit at the dealership,, 541-266-7051,  or George Woolcock,, 541-290-5241.  

Thanks—Ride Safe and Have Fun                                              

            George W.  

Kite Festival - Southside


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    OFFICERS FOR 2016 For a list of current HOG Officers

  Contact information on the HOG Holler page. 



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