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Contact Us

536 South Second Street  
Coos Bay, OR 97420  

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HOG Holler

2015 CB HOG Calendar

Upcoming Events      

        April 7 Eastside Chapter Meeting

        April 11 Southside Chapter Meeting

        April 16 Deadline to sign up/pay for Rider Skills Practice class - see HOG Holler for details

        April 18 Ride 'n' Shoot to Baron's Den time change KSU 8:30 @ Hwy 101 H-D

        April 24 Bonnie & Clyde Ride Eastside  

        May 2 Westside Chapter Meeting 

        May 8 Friday Night Dinner Ride to Crawdad Festival Lakeside

        May 16 RSP Class 12 Noon 


Always check the calendar for event details - where you'll also find additional events



Kickoff to 2015 on the Southside - Read about it On The Road page

We want to read stories about members' road trips, large or small. Please submit your ride stories with photos to  

See the ON The ROAD section 


H-D Ride Planner click here.

    OFFICERS FOR 2015 For a list of current HOG Officers

  Contact information on the HOG Holler page. 



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