Team Leadership:
Building Teams and Teamwork in Law Enforcement

Seminar Overview

The nature of today’s police work requires greater reliance upon teams and group effort than ever before. But despite their promise, police teams often fail to develop to their full potential, and performance is disappointing. Although interpersonal problems contribute to the problem, the root cause is usually traceable to agency and team systems that interfere with team development and operations. To improve performance, law enforcement leaders must address these systems problems, develop a team focus, confront and resolve interpersonal issues, empower team members to achieve maximum results, and create new, exceptional ways of working together. Team Leadership faces these issues head-on, providing hard-hitting techniques for police team leaders working in these challenging times.

Program Highlights

Police Teams and Teamwork

  • The role and need for teams in contemporary policing. Appropriate and inappropriate uses of teams.

Restructuring for Teams

  • Developing the basis for teams by redesigning assignments to create interdependence among team members

Team Excellence

  • The characteristics that differentiate high- and low- performance police teams, and how to bridge the gap.

Confronting the Systems Issue

  • Balancing autonomy and accountability. Identifying & eliminating agency impediments to effective performance.

Developing Effective Teams

  • Techniques for transforming a group of individuals into a cohesive, high-performance team.

Leadership and Power Sharing

  • Participants examine the evolving role of the team leader and the need to share power with team members.

Advanced Skills-Building

  • Video Case Study
  • Leadership Style Assessment Instruments
  • Personal Leadership Profile and Development Plan

Seminar Format

  • 1 -3 days, available in standardized or customized format, and presented by contract or as a sponsored public seminar.

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