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Brabham Owners : Picture Gallery


Brabham Pictures
Some current and original Brabham photos

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BT24-1 at Eastern Creek

BT24-1 at Eastern Creek

BT24-1 at Eastern Creek
BT24-1 in its first race for 30 years - Eastern Creek near Sydney - 24 July 2000

BT24-1 at Eastern Creek (near Sydney) 24 July 2000

BT24-1 racing - into the sun! - at Eastern Creek near Sydney.

Brabham Family Shot!

BT24-1 at Adelaide

BT24-1 Formula 1
An historic occasion - all the Brabham boys together for the first time at the Adelaide Race of Legends.
L to R (in red shirts) Geoff, David , Jack and Gary (in white shirt). Hangers-on Peter Simms (owner of BT23A) and Brian Wilson (owner of BT24-1). The No. 9 car is Peter Austin's Climax engined BT7A, from the United Kingdom.

Other Brabhams present were BT24-3 (John Dimmer - US), BT22 (Roger Munns - NZ) and BT11A (Mike Ryves - Australia).

What a lineup!!

Here's Repco-Brabham BT24-1 (Jack's 1967 Formula One car)at it's first outing following its rebuild. A few "teething" problems, but shows great potential!

This was Jack's car in 1967. It is the most successful Brabham chassis - scoring 43 World Championship points. It failed to finish in the top five only once during the 1967 Formula 1 season.

Fitted with Repco Brabham 3-litre engine and Hewland DG300 transaxle.

BT24-1 Cockpit

BT20-1 Formula 1

View from the business end of BT24-1. Compare to the graphics in the Grand Prix Legends game!

Jack's car from late 1966 and early 1967, with side exhaust Repco Type 640 engine. Still owned by Automotive Components Ltd (nee Repco) and on display in the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

This is the 1967 BT21X-1 4WD car with Buick V8 engine. Originally driven by Tim Schenken and others. Now in UK.

BT32 Indy Car

BT23A Tasman Car

Brabham BT23C-1 Formula 2
Here's an original 1970 official Indy shot of Jack with the BT32 Offy engined car. He came 13th in the race that year.

BT23A 2.5 litre 1967 Tasman Series car. Based on the BT23 Formula 2 and leading the the BT24 Formula 1 design.

A current picture of the 1967 BT23C Formula 2 car driven by Jack Brabham

BT23C-1 Front View

1963 Brabham BT5 (SC-2-63)

This is the 1967 Factory F2 car driven by Jack Brabham and Frank Gardner. Later loaned to Frank Williams and driven by Piers Courage.

This is the first Brabham sports-racing car. Two were built in 1963 and raced by the Ian Walker team. Drivers were Frank Gardner and Paul Hawkins. Fitted with Cosworth Twin-Cam and Hewland Mk5 box. This car has just finished a complete restoration, and competed for the first time on 30 January, 2000.

SC-63-2 at Wakefield Park near Sydney

Brabham BT5 Front View

First BT8

1965 BT8 (SC-1-65)
The Brabham BT5 was the forerunner of the very successful Brabham BT8 sports cars. It was slightly smaller and fitted with a 1600cc Cosworth Twin-Cam, whereas the BT8 was fitted with Climax engines of 2, 2.5 or 2.7 litre capacity.

The first BT8 built, Phillipe de Lespinay's SC-64-1. Shown at Laguna Seca in 1999. Original Climax engine and Hewland HD-5 gearbox.

Picture of the first 1965 Brabham BT8 Sports/Racer (Chassis SC-1-65) at Coys Historic Festival in May 2000. This was the second year of production for the BT8 (successor to the BT5), with Climax engines of 2 and 2.7 litres. Very successful in the U.S. from 1965 onwards. Photo Robert Pigg.

1965 BT8 (SC-2-65)

Repco Brabham BT20-1 Formula 1

Jack in BT24-1
Current picture of BT8 (Chassis SC-2-65)at Coys Historic Festival in May 2000. This was the second BT8 built in 1965. Picture by Robert Hogg.

A drawing of Jack in the 1966/67 BT20 Formula 1

Jack at Goodwood in BT24-1 (May, 1998)

Black Jack

BT24 Formula 1

BT24 Formula 1 Uncovered
A fine drawing of Jack by Brian Caldersmith

BT15 Formula Junior

The Repco Brabham Badge
Brabham BT15 Formula Junior

A familiar sight to Brabham drivers!

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