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Alcohol concentrations and body fat in minnesota
How Much Alcohol Can You Consume?
Studies have shown that a person's perception of when they are drunk is extremely accurate. In fact, most people indicate that they feel intoxicated long before they reach the legal limit of intoxication. Below, you will find a table which describes levels of intoxication based on blood alcohol content.
Blood alcohol Physical Reactions
0.02 Reaction time and ability to perform complex tasks is reduced.
0.05 Inhibitions start to disappear and you "loosen up."
0.08 Reaction time is greatly reduced and memory is weakened. This is the legal limit in most states.
0.10 Muscle control and balance is greatly reduced. You may react to outside stimulus emotionally.
0.15 At this stage you are very drunk. Memory loss may occur. You may feel nausea and sleepy. You are unable to perform simple tasks and may slur your words
0.20 You are extremely intoxicated and probably cannot spell car let alone drive one. You may experience problems speaking and have a serious loss of balance.
0.30 You are at dangerous levels of intoxication. You are in a black out and are not in control of your behaviors.
0.35 - 0.40 You fall unconsciousness and begin to have breathing difficulties. You are at serious of suffering brain damage or dying.
Over 4.0 YOU ARE DEAD.

To review blood alcohol content with an online calculator, CLICK HERE.

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