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Divorce: Links to Women's Resources

This page provides links to sites dedicated to women and women's issues. Most of these sites contain valuable information, bulletin boards and support information regarding parenting, divorce, custody, child support and abuse. If you are aware of other sites that may benefit visitors to this page, please contact us by e-mail at We will review the site for inclusion on this page.  We would also appreciate reciprocal links to our web site.

Minnesota women's divorce advice
Free Divorce Advice for Women
This article provides women with divorce advice and tips on how to take extra precaution during divorce in order to minimize the damages brought by the separation.

Divorce Book Store
Find Books on Winning Custody, Child Support, Do-It-Yourself Divorce. Educate yourself and save on attorney's fees. 

Ask-A-Lawyer your legal Questions online!

Divorce and Legal Forms
Save Money and Do-It-Yourself! Legal Forms for any state online including Do-It-Yourself divorce, parenting agreements, pleadings and Cohabitation Agreements for all states.

Family Law Bulletin Board
Post a message on the bulletin board! Ask a legal question. Discuss your matter with others with similar circumstances.

Minnesota Domestic Violence Centers
A listing of Domestic Violence Centers in Minnesota. These centers will help to obtain necessary restraining orders.

Psychological Effects of Divorce
Ask a psychologist your questions. Review articles regarding the effect of divorce on parties and children.

Divorce Help Line
Articles about divorce and a referral network.

Mediation Links
"Mediate before you litigate." Mediation saves time, money and helps open the lines of communication. See our mediation links.

Minnesota and National Law Related Links
This page includes a listing of Minnesota and Nationally related law links.

Custodial issues
What happens when women lose custody? Is it the end?

Articles on parenting

Womans Divorce Links
Divorce Help for Women
 At  Woman'sDivorce.comwe have one focus - helping women survive divorce and rebuild their lives.

Mother's and Custody
An interesting study regarding mother's and custody

Spousal Abuse and Adultery
This page is one child's horror story involving a Minnesota divorce and 44 court appearances. It clearly demonstrates the devastating impact divorce proceedings may have on a child.

The Ex-wives Club
This site is an exclusive online community for divorced and divorcing women! It includes upbeat articles on parenting, recovering from loss, support groups, bulletin boards and educational material.

State Domestic Violence Coalitions
This site contains an exhaustive listing of State domestic violence organizations across Minnesota.

"Ask the Divorced Woman!"
Maria Costa is not a divorce attorney, expert or professional of any kind. Maria Costa has not received any training in regards to divorce other than she has experienced a divorce. Here you can discuss your experiences, share stories, find support and seek resources.

Women's Rural Advocacy Programs (WRAP)
Women's Rural Advocacy Programs -- WRAP is a collective of six offices serving six counties in southwestern Minnesota. They currently advocate for domestic abuse victims in Cottonwood, Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, Redwood, and Yellow Medicine counties. Each county office's site contains articles and legislative information regarding domestic abuse.

Chrysalis Women's Resources, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Chrysalis in Minnespolis offers educational resources for women regarding divorce, abuse and parenting issues. They have as their motto "Every woman is a whole woman right now; Every woman has her own timing; Every woman has her own answers; Every woman deserves a safe place; Chrysalis values the diversity of women.

Mother's without custody- Self Esteem Issues
A great resource for mother''s who lose custody. ther is hope. Issues of self esteem ar discussed

Mother's without custody
This link has an interesting perspective on children and custodial parents and mother's who lose custody.

National Lawyer-Attorney Directory
Connect with Lawyers the easy way at National Lawyer-Attorney Directory with Exclusive listings.

Law Firm Directory
A directory of law firms in all 50 states.

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