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Minnesota Calculate your Blood Alcohol Content for DWI or DUI
  Blood Alcohol and Blood Alcohol Calculators

"Computers can figure out all kinds of problems,
except the things in the world that just don't add up."
-- James Magary


The ticket you will receive may be called a DWI or a DUI or even an OWI. If charge that leads to a conviction, you'll probably get socked with much higher insurance premiums — if they let you drive at all. There are a number of Java based programs available online to help estimate of Blood Alcohol Concentrations (BAC). These calculators use general mathematical formulas to approximate the absorption rate of alcohol into the blood stream.


Since drink sizes and metabolism's may vary, these calculators represent 'one drink' as .54 oz of alcohol, which is based on a 12 oz beer containing 4.5% alcohol by volume.


There is considerable variation in the rate that each person's body burns off the alcohol. Medical science estimates that the range of metabolism rates for alcohol in the population can go above .040 per hour decline in BAC level and below .010. Some of the BAC calculators listed on this page use one standard metabolism rate. Others use two or three different metabolism rates based on gender or user input.


Other factor that affect blood alcohol content included:

  • weight (the more you weigh, the more you'd have to drink before you'd be considered drunk).
  • gender (different genders have different metabolic rates)
  • last consumption of food and size of the meal. (If you eat while you drink, the alcohol is absorbed more slowly into your bloodstream.)
  • number of drinks consumed and the time from when drinking was initiated until the present. (The slower you drink, the more time your body has to metabolize the alcohol. Each hour you add takes 0.012 off your blood-alcohol content).

It is important to recognize that the calculators listed below may address only some of the necessary factors for calculating blood alcohol content.

Coolmath4kids - Blood Alcohol Level Calculator

Calculate your Blood Alcohol Concentration with Last Call

National Designated Drivers Association BAC Calculator

Univ. of Oklahoma Police BAC Calculator

Drink Wheel


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